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Dawn McCutcheon

Lovely helpful guys. Told us best way to airport when we arrived as lift was broken. On way back it was pelting down at Luton. Our car arrived as we did at the pick up point. The driver got out and insisted we got in out of the rain whilst he put our bags in the car for us. Luton airport is such a mess at the minute. The meet and greet area is poor, but the team there were just getting on and doing the best they could. They couldn't have been nicer or more helpful.
June 5, 2017

C Allen

Have used service twice but times staff were very polite. And both times my car was waiting for me which was great as I didn't land till 9:30pm, second time was traveling with my two small granddaughters, the staff were very helpful and didn't rush me. Would use again.
May 28, 2017

Hilary Withers

Second time I have used this company and both times have been seamless, especially the second time when I got the times wrong by many hours for the pick up and they were incredibly gracious. signs to where you have to drop off are pretty clear, hand over nice and quick and then a 5 minute walk to the terminal. Thank you!
May 23, 2017

R Smith

Exactly as it said in the advert. Quick, easy efficient. Will definitely use again.
April 23, 2017

A Wilson

I would NOT recommend this service to anyone. When I collected my car from Luton Airport on 3 April 201, the attendant brought it back with a puncture on the rear wheel. The warning lights in the car clearly showed a flat tyre warning but the attendant chose to drive the car ignoring this. The cause of the puncture was a screw embedded in the tyre. Another attendant was kind enough to confirm the puncture must have happened when the car was being looked after by Swift Parking and signed my return receipt accepting responsibility. Despite several emails asking for contribution to the replacement tyre the only response I get is a �bounce back� message saying the customer service email inbox is full. What a joke!! Where is the customer service in that? Worse still, if you look at the small print of the contract, the company will NOT accept liability for any damage to your vehicle - even if they cause it! No way would I ever use this service again and I strongly suggest that you don�t either.
April 9, 2017

Peter Weston

Have used Swift Meet & Greet at Luton several times, and found service is always very good, happy to recommend to others - a special mention to Captain and also another gentleman over at the Luton hub who helped me enormously after I left a piece of luggage at Luton Short Term Car Park - they were extremely helpful in helping me retrieve said case, particularly given the late hour, thanks very much!
March 31, 2017

Margaret O'Brien

This is the best Meet and Greet we have used. Someone was there to collect the car, and the car was already there when we arrived back. Completely hassle-free and a good price too. Would recommend.
March 29, 2017


Dropping off the car was easy and staff were available. On returning to the airport to collect the car, we rang the number provided and were told the car would be at bay 11 in 15mins. We stood in the cold for 40 minutes. The car park was in chaos. The team in the car park were doing the best they could but cars weren't arriving and there were around 25 people standing around in the cold. After 30mins I rang the number and was told helpfully "the car will get there when it gets there, I don't know what the problem is". We won't be using them again.
March 12, 2017

P Watkins

Really good experience! Quick and easy, no waiting time at all. Pleasant professional staff.
February 26, 2017

Phil F

Dropping off not too bad albeit chaotic but still a long walk to the terminal! Car not ready on return and had to wait which defeats the objective of the meet & greet service. May as well have used the long stay car park and the shuttle bus. Overall not the service expected and whilst the building work is on-going at Luton the meet & greet service is not worth paying for.
February 19, 2017

Joel Sawyer

Exceptional service by Kaz and his team. Really polite and efficient. Great work guys!
January 31, 2017

David Chatterton

Have used Swift meet and greet twice now. never had any problems. Drop off & pick up were simple and straight forward. Staff always polite and friendly, special mention to Alex.
January 29, 2017

G Riches

Good overall service although a tad more complicated than meet and greet at other airports. Avs was very professional and polite when we picked the car up.
January 19, 2017

B Adam

The parking is a shambles, it's not clear where to go. We ended up parking in a disabled zone. On our return we had to wait for our car in the rain and then were asked to pay �7 at the boom. The price you see is NOT the price you pay. Buyer beware. car
January 16, 2017

Asif Mohammed

Having read the reviews I was very sceptical about leaving my pride and joy with these so called 'joy riding cowboys'. I wasn't eager to park but did so anyway as I had a flight to catch. I made the booking on line which was simple enough -so far so good. I received drop off instructions via email, explaining what I need to do. On the day of travel I called, as instructed, and was greeted with a cheerful good morning. I confirmed a few details and proceeded to the meeting point where I was met by a uniformed driver. May I also mention that Luton Airport is undergoing major redevelopment at the moment so slightly resembles a construction yard as opposed to an airport. That aside, the service lived up to it's name and was very SWIFT. The driver very efficiently checked in the vehicle doing the relevant checks and handed me a receipt with my return instructions. On my return, I followed the instructions on the receipt, calling the number once I'd collected my luggage. I was asked very politely to go back to the meet and greet area. Although the weather was cold it wasn't raining and the professional and courteous service received by myself through Swift Airport Parking was a credit to the company and they made up for the poor state of the airport at the moment. Credit where it is due those guys are doing a tough job out there at all hours in all weathers. I don't write reviews but having read prior ones and receiving a first class service I felt that I should post this one. I'm confident having first hand experience that I am not alone, and will certainly be using you again in the near future
January 14, 2017

Steve tatem

Used them this week. If I had read the reviews I would have not used them. Service was poor. No signs or indication of who swift staff were.Met a guy there who had waited 30 mins for car. This isnt how meet and greet should work.Booked it through Holidays extra site. They were not interested either. BE WARNED.
January 12, 2017

Maurice Davies

We just used them and they were absolutely fine. The main problem was the complete mess of Luton Airport's carparks during the rebuilding
January 7, 2017

R Keep

pick up and drop off was very quick and simple.
January 4, 2017

Tony Clampin

We have just used the Swift Airport Parking Meet & Greet service at Luton airport and would not recommend it to anyone. Despite the poor reviews we still booked on cost grounds but clearly paying a bit more and even walking now seems to be worth it so if I ever fly from Luton again I will use another provider. When we dropped off the car there did not appear to be any real system of control which left us a bit uneasy about leaving our keys with a bloke in a yellow coat and clip board. So when we returned yesterday we followed the instructions and phoned when we had retrieved our baggage. Having then to wait for another 40 minutes for the car to arrive and then paying another �5 to get out of the car park was the icing on the cake. Some other bloke had been waiting an hour. No systems, no customer service with their staff happy to be sat around texting on their phones when there are clearly people wanting them to fulfill the service they offer - very, very poor - DON'T USE THEM
October 18, 2016

Michelle Willsher

Appalling service from start to finish. Called as instructed on way to the air port, arrived to the short stay car park to a bunch of grumpy men in high vis jackets that mumble at you to point out your car then take your keys. Arrive back, called again as instructed. Got to the car park, waited 30 minutes until the car turned up, another moody worker got out the car asked for the �5.00 exit fee and walked off. We drove to the exit got to the barrier and had to press for assistance as then realized you need a ticket to get through the barrier, the lady who answered the intercom sighed as soon as we explained that we had given the �5.00 to the swift driver. She advised us that they had pocketed our money and this had happened before. She kindly let us out. What a great welcome back to England, getting robbed by the Swift team at Luton airport!! Needless to say I would NEVER use them again.
October 17, 2016

Marius Picu

Good service. We got out car back in 20 minutes. Staff friendly and professional. Would recomand it and come back in future.
October 16, 2016

C Dina

Very good service provided by Swift Park. Everything went accordingly to the schedule, I even got 30 minutes early on my return and they brought the car. Definitely recommend them.
October 13, 2016

S Robinson

Staff friendly and helpful. Annoying you have to pay a further �5 to exit the car park, this wasn't made clear and not sure why this is necessary.?? This should be included in the charge...
October 4, 2016

I Porter

They did what they said they would do, were courteous and professional when I asked to drop off early having beaten the anticipated traffic, and were within five minutes of promised collection time.
September 29, 2016

Mr M Pavlovic

Simply plain sailing. Staff pleasant. Efficient service although really busy.
September 22, 2016


This was a stressful service to use-there were no clear directions as to where to park the car or any free spaces initially. when we returned and rang as directed we were told the cars were parking in a layby past the roundabout-we had no idea where to go. The phone was not answered after this for TWENTY TRIES. We walked to short term parking and found a harassed staff member, no apology. We waited a further hour for the car to arrive with two cold tired children and eventually spotted it arriving. We then had to pay extra �5 CAR PARK FEE-NO its not included, to finally get home.Use the medium stay carpark -its far quicker.
September 20, 2016

Gaynor Collier

I will never use this company again. Utter chaos when dropping off my car - took 40 mins to leave car. On my return they forgot to collect it at after calling at 2:07 am. Car eventually turned up just before 3 am! We were fed up, cold and tired - not great service at all. Do NOT use this company.
September 19, 2016

C Darby

Would not use again, not only did I have to wait to drop the car off due to a lack of staff but also a long wait when I returned, despite calling ahead. My car had also had the milometer reset, which makes me very suspicious about how much it had been used whilst I was away and the stereo changed to another random radio station.
September 18, 2016

K Scudder

Brilliant service provided by this car park, easy directions for car drop off, met by friendly staff, very quick handover before making my way to departure. Clear instructions for pickup on return. Returned to uk, called number provided on paper in baggage area, when back to pickup point car was waiting, easy and smooth handover by staff and made my way home. Would recommend this option of parking to others and would use this service again. Thankyou for a great service.
September 7, 2016

Sandra Lawson

On our return I phoned as requested after I had picked up my luggage and was told my car would not be at the meet and greet for 20 to 30 minutes. After 45 minutes standing outside waiting I enquired where my car was and was told it was already in the car park - somewhere!!!! I found it but would NEVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN.
August 21, 2016