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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Luton Paige Airport Parking Ltd

Renata Smith

Amazing customer service. Arrived earlier than expected but they sorted us out no problem. On the way back we have been running late but yet again it was no problem and within 10 minutes we were sitting in our car driving home. I absolutely cannot fault them for anything. It was so easy to find it. I will definitely use them again.
August 7, 2019

Karen Watson

It was cheap. My first problem was one of my own making. I booked it twice in error, but despite much correspondence and only being given one space they would not help or refund the second. Second problem was the delay, after walking half a mile to a bus stop there was a queue of around 30 people for a minibus, which took 3 trips to satisfy us all. One and a half hours after getting off our short haul flight without luggage we finally got to our car. If you can use on airport parking or an operator with a full sized coach.
May 12, 2019

Peter Harnden

Easy to sort out and Park and Go were good.
May 8, 2019

Alan Smith

Easy, very reasonable & friendly helpful staff. Would recommend
April 23, 2019

H Lloyd

Dreadful. I would recommend anyone pays a few extra pounds to get a reliable, professional service from an alternative company. After ringing the company at 9pm at night to advise we had landed (in spite of fact Paige have the flight number) a bus did not arrive. Other passengers waiting at the allocated bus stop (the furthest one/a long walk from the terminals) had tried to ring and hadn't got through. One passenger rang a second time and left a voice message asking where the bus was, saying this was not good enough. There was a wait of over 40 minutes before a miserable driver, who offered no greeting, arrived. We then had to wait for other passengers to reach the bus stop. The transfer from phoning to getting back in the car was one hour - even though the parking was 10 minutes away and there was no traffic. The outward journey was no better - Paige only have 15 seater mini buses and when they’re full - they’re full. You have no idea how long it could take you to arrive as you are in the hands of company who are only interested in the money. There are so many negative reviews - these speak volumes.
March 30, 2019


Arrived at Luton Airport to be told the bus was less than 5 minutes away. Got to the stop to then be told we couldn't fit on the bus and another was on its way. We waited 25 minutes in the cold at 11:30pm at night. Once I finally picked my car up the lights had been left on by whoever moved it which lead to my battery failing and not being able to make my full journey back to Manchester. Definitely will not be using again.
February 27, 2019


They're good when you take your car on time. I did my holiday longer, then I payed for another two weeks and Page staff told is no good and I have pay 10£ a day. If you don’t know when you're back, don’t buy PAGE parking. Other parking facilities are happy when you stay longer and pay online.
February 9, 2019

James Kenny

Booked my Toyota Hilux through a price comparison site for 2 weeks parking before Christmas. I turned up only to be told that they wouldn't accept the vehicle as it's a commercial vehicle although all vehicle details were provided at time of booking. I had to park in Airparks close by. They then refused to refund any money. The worst customer service I have experienced.
February 6, 2019

John Jepson

Booked 7 days parking on the Multi-storey Car Park Luton Airport commencing 20th January and returnining to vehicle by 6pm on the 27th. Unfortunately due to our plane being cancelled, we unable to make this time slot so we didn't arrive at Luton till 8pm on the 28th January, so I was prepared for an overstay charge being 26 hours overdue. The charge that the car park people imposed on me was £116. That's because the first 24 hours the charge goes up in increments which is fair enough but after that the charge is on a daily basis so because I was 2 hours beyond the first day charge of £58 they then took another £58, hence the overall charge of £116. I personally think this is both disgusting and shameful and is indicative of how people can RIP you off so beware if you are in a similar position as we were, you know what to expect. I myself will no longer be using airport car parks in future. I will pay more and go by taxi to the airport, it's a pity it's come to this because I have been booking with Holiday Extras for several years and I've no complaints whatsoever with them but now the greedy fat cat brigade has taken over the airports, they will not be getting a penny off me for their so called services.
February 5, 2019


Only thing to complain is a bus driver who came to pick us from airport. What a horrible attitude! I was struggling to load my heavy lounge to the vehicle and I didn't receive any help at all from him. He was standing there watching people with hands in his pocket. I've never seen anything like this before. Very rude for people ask to leave a vehicle. I think he was from Poland when heard his accent, tall guy with sunglasses on. He also was gesticulating about another people driving and showing up his frustration in front of everyone. I wouldn't park there in the near future because of this person working there.
November 12, 2018

Antonio Ferreira

No fuss, no hassles. Highly recommend. Thanks
November 6, 2018

Nikolas Stanislavov

Was refused a refund for a duplicate booking! Would rather benefit from customers misfortune, double charge you when you have two bookings for the same day, same name, same car reg. Absolutely disgusting choice of words from the Operational Director ‘as the advisor told you we will not be refunding you for the same reason she already told you’ when I asked to escalate it to a manager. The reason being that's a non-refundable booking when I messaged them minutes after realising what had happened. Keep the extra money and buy yourselves some business and customer service training.
November 5, 2018


Absolute garbage. Customer service is non-existent. Just keep getting passed from pillar to post. Waste of time.
September 28, 2018


The cheapest quote from other sites. Excellent service. Not waiting around to get dropped off or getting picked up at 4 in the morning. Would use them again.
September 2, 2018


The worst experience I have ever had. By mistake I bought a parking for 1 day early than I needed it. When I called the parking I explained that I needed to arrive on Sunday, not on Saturday so I paid for 1day extra, so my place would be free for 1 night. The operator refused to give up, he could not do anything. He told me that I had to make a new booking for the day that I needed, and that my money was going away, and if I did come on another day, he would not let me in. I tried to explain that I had made a mistake and immediately tried to contact them, but I could not make a call because it was evening and I did not interact with the phone lines, but it was completely unacceptable to me. I am very disappointed, this is very unprofessional. Never come back.
August 24, 2018

Piotr Stefanczyk

Good and reliable service, I can recommend it to anyone :)
August 23, 2018


Really surprised at how efficient the whole process was. Staff great and car well cared for. Will definitely use again.
August 21, 2018

Sue Wood

I have had the unfortunate experience of coming into contact with the blonde??? receptionist, whom I found to be rude, inconsiderate, obnoxious and extremely unprofessional. Her attitude was couldn't careless about the customers. I can't recommend this company.
August 14, 2018

Ian G Pattie

A little hidden away at Slip End but still just off the Motorway. Transfer to the Airport was within a few minutes likewise the collection on return with the car already parked handily waiting. All in all a smooth process and the price was more than reasonable. Only downside is the longish walk to and from the terminal from the drop of/ collection point. Recommended.
August 9, 2018


Very bad service, read carefully what they give you to sign. I've had to come back earlier from my holidays and they charged me 25£ for my car collection because I did not call them 24 hours before. I got a scratched car but I saw this on my driveway then I can't do nothing now! I was waiting 45 min there to get my car back and I saw that no one read this, just sign and go and off course they use this fact. I will never park there!
July 27, 2018