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"Excellent, after booking I read on-line reviews of this type of company and they were all awful, so I was expecting a really lousy service.

BUT I was delighted with the experience, got to reception all very quick and efficient, nice clean mini-bus took us to the airport within 15 minutes and collected us on our return within 10 minutes of my call to them. I also left my Tom Tom stuck to the windscreen instead of removing it, so did not expect it to be there when I got back. There it was still there, and the driver had even turned it off so the battery didn't go flat.

I don't know if my good experience was just a 'fluke' but I would use them again without hesitation."

July 17, 2018

"If you have a mobility vehicle they will not take it. This is not mentioned on their website. They were unapologetic."

June 25, 2018

"It is the second time we use this.If you get a gold card don't bother to get that 10%discount,you won't find any free spaces.If you paying full price you'll be surprised to book 10 cars straight away.So that card it's useless.In my second book we just lost the flight...on a busy day expect to spend more Tha one hour to arrive to the terminal,so that 15 minutes travel time advertised it's again....wrong.We had to get the car out and find a next day flight.Unfortunately once you're out you're loosing your booking.We tried to get a sort out by the phone,to pay any extra ...that space was already paid for two weeks..but nothing.The person on the phone didn't even bother to listen,I could here himon the background how he put the phone down,speaking with other people which is a big lack of professionalism.Customer service again....useless.So in the end we lost the flight...we buy other tickets...we lost 100£ parking booking for to weeks...we couldn't find other free spaces...and we are gold card members Paige parking."

June 4, 2018

"On picking up my car the drivers side was covered in mud, so much so that I didn't spot the damage over the rear wheel arch! It had been scraped against something, causing a dent and some distortion. Needless to say that Paige refused to acknowledge their part in the damage as I hadn't reported it to them before leaving the parking. There is no way the person who caused the damage would not have known about it. And was the mud splatter an attempt to hide the damage? If you use this parking then make sure you check every inch before you drive away. I for one will not be using them again."

May 24, 2018

"Three times this happened to me and my family- we are waiting outside in the cold for 40-50 min. Every time the driver says - oh I am just a driver, call the manager. The manager says - oh I just came, no idea. Come on guys, just hire more drivers.
Ps - the manager even told me, that the drivers are courtesy and we should be happy that they are coming at all for us?!!?!?! Really?!????!!!?!?"

May 22, 2018

"the worse car parking experience ever. The parking is quite a way from the airport its self. Their customer service is non-existent. On arrival it looks rather shabby and given instructions on what to do on return by a rather officious receptionist. We arrived back and after the flight being delayed phoned to be told it will at least 30 minutes at 1.30am it's not what you want to here, I said oh really. the reply came "well your late"!!! and the bus has gone and then she hung up. its dark and you collect your keys from the "happy" receptionist you are told "your cars up there somewhere". DO NOT USE at any cost"

May 15, 2018

"If the woman that mans reception has not learned anything about customer service in 60+ years it is unlikely that she will now. However, the drivers were polite and punctual."

May 9, 2018

"Had a terrible experience with this company, would advise to avoid at all costs. After arriving and finding out I had stated my arrival time was the night before (I arrived the next morning) I was turned away by a very rude and unprofessional attendant even though my booking was still to run for the next three days. Rather than admit me for the remainder of my booking I was told there was nothing they could do and only a new booking for the whole three days would be permit entry. I even offered to pay for one days parking to cover the late arrival but no luck. Thankfully I had booked through a third party comparison website who refunded me in full. I was force to make a new booking with the company next to this Airpark, who were just as cheap but had cleaner offices and friendly and understanding staff. I would recommend anybody to avoid Paige at all costs and use Airparks next door for a much more professional service."

April 20, 2018

"Its a shame as up until the return of my car I was thinking that this was a really good service. However my car was returned with a lot mud on the drivers side floor. Not good as I had valeted before hand."

April 8, 2018

"The worst customer service I've ever seen!!! Very rude employees, switching off the phone without giving any explanations, people with children waiting to be picked up more then 50 mins!!@ When the driver came explain that it's not their responsibility to pick up peoples from airport!!! If you want bad experiences book this cap parking!!!"

April 5, 2018

"DO NOT USE AT ANY COST. This is the worst parking experience I have ever witnessed. The receptionist was atrocious and was verbally abusive to our party."

March 18, 2018

"Pick up at airport an absolute shambles. Rude driver arrived, we were first in line but he parked and started loading from the rear of the line. 3 of our party took seats and 2 of us loaded the cases by which time there was no seat on the bus. We all were made to disembark and unload cases again. Left in rain with a disabled man 45 mins, rubbish"

March 12, 2018

"Arrived no problem, Returned no problem until the following morning. When I collected the car it was dark so didn't notice anything, when I woke the next morning I saw that the whole front of the car and down the sides was covered in mud, it looked like someone had been driving it through a mud track or where it was parked another car had been driven at speed and possibly wheel spinning splashing mud up onto my car. I had only had a full valet the day before I left it and it was in pristeen condition.
I haven't contacted Paige yet but depending on their response will decide whether I use them again or not, needless to say I am not very happy."

February 23, 2018

"Veryou good easy access without delays. Iam happy"

February 6, 2018

"Good service all round was pleased .....could do with a few more signs though to get you there ..turning into the wrong car park just before you get there it seems , is a common problem..a sign saying "Paige Parking straight ahead" right next to the previous car park..would be a help!... Good service though."

February 4, 2018

"All good, so very pleased with the service and staff polite and friendly."

January 27, 2018

"Avoid We had to wait 25 minutes before driver appeared from temporary building to take us and 2 others to airport No help with any baggage Drop off point the furthest from terminal. On return there was a gale with heavy rain Phoned as requested from baggage hall to be told 20 minutes for pick up Struggled through the torrential rain to furthest pick up point 40 minutes after call no pick up. Huddled with others waiting in a partial shelter in freezing rain soddened gale Another passenger phoned to be told 10 minutes 12 minutes later minibus arrives Surly driver when asked if weather was responsible for his lateness replied with a grunted no No help with baggage for anyone This all took place late at night. Actual parking site very basic Reception looks temporary Avoid the pain look elsewhere there has to better Yes it was the cheapest on offer Not worth the minimal saving"

January 22, 2018

"Easy and great!"

January 15, 2018

"The parking is fine and the trip to and fro to the airport is very good.

January 4, 2018

"Hassle free experience :)"

January 1, 2018

"Terrible service. We had to wait 25mins when we arrived for the minibus to take us to the airport. Likewise upon out return we spent 1hour in total (the duration of our flight) waiting again for the minibus and despite calling them twice when we landed we had to wait 25mins for our car."

December 31, 2017


December 30, 2017

"Quick and easy will definitely use again if heading to Luton airport."

December 23, 2017


December 9, 2017

"No issues at all. The service was prompt and efficient. Good value for money."

December 8, 2017

"Avoid at all costs.
Booked via Purple Parking who go into administration whilst we are away. Get both an email and a phone call from Purple Parking saying we should not be charged again.
Return to Luton last night at midnight and of course told to pay again so charged £46.95 to get car back when purple parking original payment was only £39.91.....
Now doing a chargeback via credit card on this payment so there was no point them taking it anyway.
Lack of signage, lack of security and poor customer service, I would not recommend to anyone."

December 7, 2017

"Not recommended to use"

November 30, 2017

"Good value, easy to deal with, and they are a professional outfit. Booking was easy and straightforward, no nasty surprises. The parking site is clearly secure, well-constructed and well-run. There's a nice, welcoming office with a small waiting area and complimentary tea/coffee. It's not too far from the airport so it really doesn't add any significant time to the overall journey time compared with parking on-site at the airport. The staff are friendly and pleasant. There wasn't too long to wait for a pick-up when arriving back at the airport: about 10 minutes. I would certainly use them again.

Reasons for only 4 stars:

1. The directions to get there are very poor. They say to exit the M1northbound at J9 and take the "A5" towards Dunstable - it's actually the A5108. They say to continue to the traffic lights without giving any indication that this is a long way: around 2.5 miles down a poorly lit country road. They say to then turn right at the lights following directions to Slip End - but there is no signpost at those lights for Slip End. In the dark and drizzle this is particularly challenging. So trying to follow the directions, you end up on a long, narrow and unlit country road, wondering if you've gone wrong, and then turning on the GPS to check or go back. Besides which, it would anyway actually be far quicker and straighter to exit the M1 at J10 > B4540 to Slip End and then turn right.

2. The drop-off and pick-up point at the airport is not a particularly long walk from the terminal - about 250 yards - but in the rain and wind and with luggage it's pretty unforgiving. It would be nice to have the option of closer drop-off in poor weather."

November 23, 2017

"It was all absolutely fine until I got halfway home on the M1 and there was a loud noise coming from my tyres, similar to that of a puncture.

Pulled into a services to check, and someone had very nicely loosened all of my wheel nuts. Must have been someone from the car park because my wheel locking nut key was in the boot of my car and all of these were loose too, to the point where I could turn them with my fingers.

Don't park with these. They either tried to steal my wheels, or just thought it'd be hilarious if my wheel flew off on the motorway"

November 16, 2017

"Arrived back on 3rd November to find Purple parking who we had booked through had gone into administration. Despite a text and an email confirming that Paige should not charge again, they did and not just the original £39.91 that we had already paid but £46.95.....
Currently applying for a charge back through credit card company.
Very little signage to site and lack of security with no barriers, park at your peril."

November 16, 2017