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"Unfortunately due to the volcanic ash, my flight was cancelled yesterday, but I had to park and go into the Airport to find out, because Easyjet sent me an E-Mail telling me the flight was cancelled an hour after I left the house.
Whilst Easyjet are offering a full credit, Luton Mid term car park are not. i parked for about 3/4 hour and have paid £14 for the day!
I find their attitude discraceful."

April 16, 2010

"I got to the barrier, put in my ticket and was charged the full amount again plus handling fee of £1.50. I was within the times booked. So much for paying online in advance. Perhaps you could refund this extra payment? I do have the receipt."

February 18, 2010

"rough and ready car park.cars park on muddy ground.be prepared to get your shoes dirty .exiting was a nightmare!barriers didn't recognise pre-paid tickets so we joined a queue that took 20 mins to get through.would have expected someone from car park operator to come and assist but no one on site."

January 25, 2010

"No, a bad experience. I want £80.00 back, please. I went to the GREEN car park at Luton last Thursday, but clocked in about 1/2 hour earlier than scheduled, because we set off earlier, due to the worries about bad snow. The ticket printed at the gate machine did NOT have my car reg number on it, though you had promised it would. Upon my return on Monday 11th, some 3 hours EARLIER than planned, due to a return flight alteration, I put the ticket, mistakenly, into the pay machine inside the terminal building, but it did not recognise that I had already paid by credit card weeks ago: instead it charged me £80.00 to get out of the mid-term (Green) car park that I had used four days earlier. I paid £80.00 cash to get my ticket back, which a few minutes later of course, went into the car park exit machine without any problem, releasing the car. So I ended up paying twice, because your computer system cannot really cope with online bookings and car registration plate cameras."

January 12, 2010

"Arrival and parking were fine, (I had booked on-line and pre-paid for my 4 day stay), however upon return the instruction was to drive up to the barrier, insert the ticket issued on arrival, and it would open.
This I did, but instead of opening the screen showed that I still needed to pay, (something more than £60).

I was in a queue of traffic, all of whom were getting more impatient, it was after 11pm and I now needed my original booking confirmation voucher number, which was in the boot of the car, in order to assure the man on the telephone "buzzer" at the barrier that I had indeed already paid.

After yet another 18 hour day this was NOT appreciated.

The car parking ticket issued on arrival clearly had my registration number printed on it so Optical Character Recognition is being used both at entry and exit.
My parking was fully paid in advance.
The instructions issued clearly state the exit procedure.

Why then did the barrier not open ? Why did your system want to charge me again ? Why is a system which uses OCR not able to correlate the registration details given in an on-line booking, with the vehicle presented, and with the fact that parking fees for this vehicle have been fully pre-paid ?"

December 14, 2009

"Not bad, but on leaving the car park the system said we still owed £64 pounds despite paying up front. Was quickly sorted at customer services, luckily we had the print out of the booking with us. Good value overall."

December 7, 2009

"Very handy - close to airport and easy to find if you just follow the airport's green 'mid-term' parking signs.
Once in, there was plenty of space to park.
Only the exit experience slightly spoilt an otherwise excellent facility: having put my ticket into machine at exit gate it then displayed a very scary price! I ignored this and pressed for help, recited my booking code to the remote attendant and...
the barrier stayed closed...
until the remote attendant told me to press the stop button to get my ticket back - meanwhile traffic was building up behind me - once my ticket was returned, the barrier opened and I had an easy journey out of the airport.
So, overall, straightforward once you know the process but the instructions should be clearer for people who book by Internet.
I will definitely use it again."

December 4, 2009

"Parking roads could be in better condition - several road holes and dispersed stones were noticed, which is a risk of damage to your car. Also, the waiting time for the bus (especially for the return) was too long for a mid-term parking, especially taking into account the distance to the airport (walkable). Overal the price is to high for the quality offered, specially when compared with other airports. However, in Luton there is probably no better option."

November 30, 2009

"Excellent service. Very close to the airport so the transfer was only 5 minutes. Bus was there on our arrival and we only waited 5 minutes for the bus when we returned. Would definitely use this service again."

November 30, 2009

"The car park is fine and well connected to the terminal. The only thing I was unhappy with was the conflicting information regarding the procedure at the exit for pre-booked customers. Whereas in the confirmation paper we were told to insert the ticket in the machine at the exit, at the bus stop (bus stop 3) we could read that we were not supposed to insert the ticket in the machine, but press the intercom button and tell our voucher number when asked. I was not sure what to do at the barrier and finally, since nothing had happened when I pressed the only button that I could find, I inserted the ticket in the machine and luckily everything worked fine. However it took me sometimes to figure that out and I had a car behind that had to wait for me. Please remove the conflicting information at the bus stop."

November 26, 2009

"Verry easy to book but on leaving the car park when i put in my ticket it came up that i owed £48 on calling for assistance they had no record of me booking but they did let me out"

November 23, 2009

"Process worked well and support staff were helpful and responsive.

My only issue was that my car was driven for 30 miles between my dropping it off and picking it up. I appreciate that car is taken off site but a 30 mile round trip seems a little far to me."

October 23, 2009

"Quick and efficient service. Absolutely no problems at all."

October 18, 2009

"Bus needs to be more frequent. But it is close enough to walk"

October 6, 2009

"Great!Easy to book.When we arrived there were plenty of spaces.We didnt need to wait for a bus long.
One thing,when we were leaving we had to give a reference number and we had to wait for assistance,it took quite a long time as the phone was engaged.
thank you"

September 28, 2009

"My flight was delayed by an hour and they wanted to charge me £15 extra, i fly all over europe with easyjet and the last flights back are always delayed and have never had this problem before even when i have stayed at carparks off airport and at other airports so i would not book this car park again,"

September 16, 2009

"The parking was fine - I was able to park very close to the bus pick-up point. The bus arrived very promptly (no more than 5 minutes wait), and there was one waiting when I returned. The car was also undamaged when I picked it up. One irritating feature however is the of the two exit barriers, only one is equipped with a call button to give my reference number to.... If this was fixed, it would be a 5 star!"

September 11, 2009

"Good bus service to terminal. Car park surface a little worn and probably not good for your tyres. Also a problem getting out of the car park as there was no one on the other end of the intercom to give my booking reference number to. All in all a good place to park, mainly hassle free"

September 1, 2009

"Having changed the duration of my holidays, i overstayed my pre-booked car park by two days which complicated a bit my return. Extra payment got finally sorted but staff were rather short tempered / rude due to a problem with one of their card payment system at the barrier. Not impressed considering it was their problem!"

August 17, 2009

"Booked in advance for airport parking in the mid term green car park at Luton.
Booking process was straight forward, you drive straight in on arrival and on departure just drive to barriers and use intercom to give reference number to exit. Very fast and troublefree."

June 5, 2009

"The car park was very easy to find and only a few minutes drive from the terminal. The coach arrived in less than 5 minutes on the journey there and back. The instructions were on return that we were to use the intercom to quote our booking number to release the car park barrier, but a man was waiting there who took our e-mail reference, which was even easier."

June 2, 2009

"Very good. Only issue was the queue on the road before I could get into the car park on Wednesday morning (6 May). Not the fault of the car park! Bus arrived quickly. On return, bus even quicker. Even when I didn't follow the intructions - not phoning to validate my ticket, the assistant whom I phoned quickly let me through - without lecturing me on what I should have done! Will use you again."

May 13, 2009

"The only cricism I have is that when we went to leave the midterm parking we had problem getting an answer from the speaker phone as it was engaged at the other end. This caused a delay to get the gate opened and caused a queue.

It would be better if the phone call was done away from the gate to avoid this problem"

May 12, 2009

"All good -one minor problem when collecting car upon return to Luton. Drove to automated barrier and tried to use intercom - however got an engaged signal. Cars at the central barrier (who arrived well after me) got through fine and were continuously let out of the car park. In the end we (and others) had to reverse up and all queu at the central barrier. Please ask staff to answer the intercom from ALL barriers"

May 11, 2009

"I prepaid and the barrier machine still asked for £91.00 when leaving the car park.

Your staff very friendly and helpful but not great that it was prepaid and booked. The parking ticket even had my car reg on so I'm not sure why your ticket machine barrier on leaving doesn't know that I had already paid."

May 1, 2009

"Very easy to find. Only 5 mins in airport bus and max 10 min wait both ends.

Excellent value for money"

April 28, 2009

"Despite the camera installed at the barrier we have to inform the operator our booking code to leave the parking. To do that we have to call the operator and dictate the code. Here we have some problems:
First - We are close to the tarmac with the airplanes roling all the time hence a quite noisy place difficulting the communication;
Second - If we have to talk to an operator, why it takes a lot of time to be answered. For instance, yesterday was raining and I have to wait almost 2 minutes to inform my code and be freed under heavy rain.
That's it"

April 28, 2009

"Easy access to car park and excellent location to airport. We only had to wait 5 minutes for a bus and we were at the aiport within 4 minutes. Drivers both ways were nice & friendly. At the exit barier we had to give our reference number to staff via intercom and we were on our way.
I would recommend this car park unless you want a perfect road surface as there are holes and gravel everywhere."

April 28, 2009

"It was very easy. An assistant was a the gate to open the barrier. He kept my print out details which I had some personal details on it; I am not sure that lots of your clients would like to leave their personal information to your staff.

April 25, 2009

"Booking process OK, but initially did not receive confirmation email, had to phone.
Surprised that there was no number-plate recognition on exit, to allow me to exit automaticslly. Seems inefficient to need human intervention to get out. Heathrow and Gatwick both have such systems."

April 23, 2009