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yoti ndumbe

didn't take long to find a parking space within a small distance of bus stops. bus drivers are courteous and (so early in the morning) waiting for any customers within their sight. bus comes every 10mins... couldn't complain....
April 12, 2007


good. not used it before, no problem finding it, unlike people trying to find the long term park. easy to sort on return. bus regular.
April 11, 2007


efficient, easy to use, no issues. The only downside is the transport, if you are a frequent user parking near C4 means that you can wait for the arrival of the bus in the warmth of your car. The return to the carpark is however a different matter, and waiting 10+ minutes in the UK wet and windy weather is not good, so maybe more buses on the route - at projected peak times?
April 5, 2007

Randle Turner

Efficient, easy to use, no issues.
April 5, 2007

Geoffrey Stokes

Parking location is nice and close to airport, parking and bus rides all run well, my only negative was going home to a dirty car as their are building works very near the car park cousing lots of dust, i think they should have special rates until this is finished.
April 3, 2007

Margaret F.

Found the carpark location to be excellent - as I only had one bag I walked to the terminal building. One comment would be maybe to keep it a bit cleaner - where I parked there was broken glass on the ground (car window glass) and there was take away wrappers being blown around the place.
April 2, 2007

John Ridout

The car park is very convenient for the terminal at Luton. Road signs and directions are easy to follow. The appearance of the car park and parking surface is very scruffy. The bus shelter was adequate and gave me some useful information on procedure, times etc. However, the 10 minutes I was promised for a pick-up ended up over 15 minutes, which was frustrating when I was so close to the terminal that could almost have walked quicker.
March 31, 2007

Philip Appleton

Just about satisfactory. Obviously I would like buses to appear more often and I'm not particularly impressed with the gravel/stone surface of the parking area.
March 30, 2007

Lilian Flanagan

Finding car park / parking the car - no problem. However could not believe I had to QUEUE to validate my ticket at the airport before returning to car park. At Gatwick there are cameras reading the number plates and there is no hassle at all exiting the car park. Considering your daily charge is considerably higher than at Gatwick, I consider this poor value for money. Queuing at nearly 1 in the morning is not my idea of fun.
March 28, 2007

M A Cockerill

Booking online was straightforward and directions received were ok - I suppose they could have made mention of the roadworks currently engulfing Luton! On arrival (04.40 on Monday morning!) the indicator boards for finding a space worked fine - useful at that time on a cool, misty morning when you're not fully awake! Transport to the terminal was the weak point. Basically the coach was too full - you need to review your frequencies at what - surprisingly - seemed to be a peak period. Presume you have good info on numbers of and timings of people using the car park? On the return - delayed by Squeezyjet - getting the internet rate at your counter was fine - again suggest you slightly reword location of the counter on your instructions. It isn't actually next to the main car hire desks, it's past them and around the corner. Reason for 4 star rather than 5 star is that I think Stansted medium term is a bit better on the shuttle to and from the airport.
March 28, 2007