LTN Meet and Greet - Wash and Vac reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about LTN Meet and Greet - Wash and Vac

Helen Nicholson

I arrived at the airport at the time booked and having given the operator the half hour notice they requested. There was no one from that operator there (there was someone from a different company). I phoned the number and was told to leave my car with man from he other company who following a brief discussion between them agreed to this. Mileage wasn’t taken, damage wasn’t recorded. On my return, the vehicle was returned promptly when I called the office however the driver was in a rush and simply paid the barrier fee, handed me the key and left. Again no inspection of the vehicle took place. He simply dumped it and ran. As for the cleaning; I wouldn’t rate it at all. It was a cursory vacuum, nothing more and the boot wasn’t touched at all. I wouldn’t waste my money on this company in the future. I only chose this one as I wanted my car cleaning, there are far cheaper parking options available.
January 8, 2018

Miss Inga Litvinoviciute

I'm giving a 2 star because basis of any services should be trust. And trust is something I did not find with LTN meet and greet wash and vac. We never received wash and vac. The lady over the phone said theye couldn't do it as the machine was broken and the gentleman who handed our car said they couldn't do it as they were really busy! Expecting a refund, as promised, soon.
September 19, 2016

Mike Summerfield

Great service, operator waiting for us both going out and coming back and the wash and vac was very well done and such a bonus.
October 9, 2013


We used the meet & greet wash & vac, found it difficult judging 30 minutes prior to arrival phoning them, however, can understand why as cars have to be moved off site quickly. We only waited a few minutes to be met and a few minutes assessing the car for any damage, then walked the shortish distance to departures. Staff were helpful and on time, received the text message when we landed, rang them when we had our bags and the car was waiting spick and span when we reached the car park. Would definitely recommend and use again. Thank you.
August 1, 2013