Luton E-Park Meet & Greet Non-Flexible reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Luton E-Park Meet & Greet Non-Flexible

Stefan Nycz

Drop off was fine, collection was not. We had phoned in advance of collection, and were told to be at the drop-off point in 15 minutes. We did just this, and waited as no-one acknowledged us. I then asked the guy at the desk in the car park if we had to advise him of our arrival - he assured me that as long as I had phoned my arrival, then I had to simply wait for my car to arrive. After a few minutes I walked through the drop-off area to see if my car was there - it was not. I then spotted it parked in the section adjoining the drop-off point, and when I made this known to the guy at the desk, he stated that it was not one of his, and that several companies operated from the same area. I eventually spotted the same chap that took the car when we dropped-off, and he provided our keys. Better organisation and communication of the collection process is needed.
April 10, 2017