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Melanie Thrower

Excellent service. Friendly drivers and very efficient. Absolutely no hassle at all.
June 17, 2008

Hannah Penney

This was an absolutely brilliant service. We have never used meet and greet parking before but we are absolutely converted to it now. Not only does it save a lot of effort and hassle on the courtesy bus to the car park but also saves a lot of time. We literally called as we left the motorway and the driver was there to meet us as we pulled up at the terminal. The reverse was true on the way out of the airport on returning from holiday (we called after picking up our luggage). The staff were polite and friendly and the service runs very smoothly.
June 15, 2008

jane garrard

very good service at both ends - works like clockwork.
May 31, 2008

Penny Woodhead

Fantastic Service... all as you hope it would be... Many thanks
May 27, 2008

David Sandison

Great service. Courteous drivers and couldn't have been easier. Thanks.
May 19, 2008

martyn dick

Very good Only thing slightly wrong was that the driver picking us up atthe end of the holiday scampered off without helping 2 oldies with their luggage . he also missed a tip because of his speed Martyn dick
May 9, 2008


Prompt and courteous service. Does what is says on the tin!
May 1, 2008

Mick Young

Excellent service. Punctual and courteous so made the transfer in and out of the airport very easy
April 21, 2008

Andrew Bullock

absolutley brilliant, no complaints, really nice guy from the company. Only downside was had to pay!
April 14, 2008


Was very effective. Very impressed with service.
April 9, 2008


the service was excellent. Any misapprehensions about whether they would turn up or whether I would get through were quickly laid to rest
April 7, 2008

Lynda Cornwell

Excellent prompt service
April 1, 2008

june assenheim

very pleased with the service.. will definately use this company again..
March 27, 2008

Ben Martin-Gammon

The only service I will use from now on. When you take the first flight out or last one in there is nothing better than having a driver deliver your car to you without all the hassle of a bus transfer and walking in the cold
March 27, 2008

Danny Derrig

It did exactly what it said on the tin. Very good would use again.
March 24, 2008

Ian Ferguson

The service was excellent and I could not fault it. They were at the airport to pick up the car as I arrived and after only a short wait the car was returned to me at the agreed location. Very professional, would definitely use again.
March 15, 2008

Julie Greenwood

As I was travelling on my own and arriving very late back, I didn't want to be a single girlie on my own in the long term park at midnight so I decided to use Car Storage on the basis they'd come and get me with my car. Its more expensive but for me at that time of night worth it. I called to say that I'd cleared customs ie so they could bring car over but car was already there and waiting- great service
February 17, 2008

Donald M.

The service was very good... worked out perfectly for me. Thanks!
January 31, 2008

Roger Chamberlain

The parking experience could not be any easier. It made the arrival at, and departure from, the airport hassle free and fast. I recommend it.
January 21, 2008

David Tennant

The drop off was very efficient. However we made the mistake on our return of calling for the car before passport control. Because we had gone hand luggage only we answered yes to their question "Have you got all your bags?". As soon as we saw the queue for passport control we phoned again to say we would be delayed another 15 minutes. We got out to the car to be met by the driver saying "Where have you been?" and scolding us for misbehaving like young offenders. Not the sort of greeting we expected after a long journey with two young children.
January 10, 2008


Trip fine and would recommend.
January 10, 2008


This meet and greet service works just fine, we were met on arrival and they took our car to secure storage, on return we telephoned as we cleared customs and within five minutes our car was returned.
January 5, 2008

danielle trim

Couldn't be more pleased. Friendly and courteous service. Even changed our tyre which had punctured en route which was a great relief as we were travelling with children. Would definitely recommend.
January 1, 2008

R. Sibson

On arrival the service was perfect, cordial polite and effeciient On our return we were left too long waiting in the rain, the driver made no check as to who we were, offered no help with bags, and left hurriedly, allowing parking ticket to blow away Rating arrival 5 return 2
December 29, 2007

Simone Gold

Excellent service. Courteous staff both on the phone and on-site. We were met outbound within a few minutes of parking our car and the car was brought to us on our return and was waiting for us as we exited the terminal building. Would definitely use again.
December 26, 2007

Ann Wilson

Excellent. Did not have to wait more than 2 mins before they collected our car and when we called on the return journey, they were on their way already and we only had to wait 3 mins. Would highly recommend them.
December 10, 2007

Colin Rosen

We were delighted with the efficency and courtesy of the service. We will certainly use you again.
December 7, 2007

Linda Ann Bracken

Outward journey fine. Waited about 5 minutes for car to be taken from us. Kept on hold on phone for quite a while on return journey, which was annoying, then waited about 15 minutes for them to bring car to us, which is acceptable. Drivers both way were very polite.
November 29, 2007

Ewan Beaumont

Perfect in every way - quick and hassel free and very good value for money when compared to the alternatives.
November 28, 2007

Julian Holmes

An excellent service. We were met on time in both directions, the staff were highly professional, and I can't recoemmend them more. Well worth the additional cost, especially with two young children in tow.
November 21, 2007