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shilpa radia

Hi not very happy on the way there.It was pouring with rain as I was running late called the mobile number given but nobody answered.rang a dozen times apparently not the correct number!!!Got there waiting nobody bothered with us.My husband left vehicle to talk to girl with clipboard.She took another 5/10 mins to come to us!!it was chaos and not really meet and greet!!!On the way back it was fine.
July 20, 2011

Keith Payne-Jones

Excellent Professional Service. Met by rep. and had a quick handover (at 5.30AM - Phoned 10mins prior and had to leave message but still handover was easy). Returned with 2 hour delay by airline and met by rep. with another easy handover despite airport being very busy and was 1.30AM. Overall very satisfied - will use again and recommend this service.
July 18, 2011

Emily Dana

I have had valet parking at all other London airports and this is the best service I have encountered. Prompt, helpful and polite. I would definitely recommend.
July 17, 2011

R N Bowes

Excellent service. Particularly helpful agreement to deliver car to airport hotel instead of set-down area.
July 14, 2011

Chris Marsden

Excellent service. Car delivered to drop off less than 5 mins after phoning on arrival. Would definitely use again.
July 11, 2011

Ian Martin

There was a breakdown between the company I had an agreement with and the Meet & Greet provider in which nobody was available to meet me at the airport, or even reply to my telephone calls. This went on for nearly an hour before I had to park in the long stay car park, costing me an extra £15.00. Added to this I had to wait, despite you being aware that my car had not been met, until I returned prior to you refunding my money.
July 5, 2011

sally rochford

Awful! We arrived back slightly delayed and then waited over an hour for our car! During that time we were told we had not rung in on arrival, that the car would be with us in 5 minutes at least 5 times and at one stage that the car had been given to someone else! I phoned the main office today to complain & am still waiting for them to get back to me.
July 4, 2011

Jim Knight

All went well. The slight hiccup on arrival which caused a short delay was my fault. We were pleased with the service.
July 3, 2011

Chris Field

On the whole the meet & greet service worked well. I had a mini valet as part of my booking which did not happen as the machine was broken so a little disapointed. Car was collected and returned within the times discussed with the representative on the phone.
June 28, 2011

Julia Weaver

Brilliant! Really efficient,especially on return when flight was delayed. Would definitely recommend, and will definitely be using again.
June 19, 2011

Mark Thackeray

The service provided was exemplary, exactly what it said on the can. After making the call ten minutes out, we were met very close to the departure hall, and within minutes of calling in our arrival the car was in the same place that we left it
June 10, 2011

Andrew Ball

drop off great, but there was a mistake on the pick up on the way back. I did clarify with the guy when we dropped off theat the flight arrival date was wrong, he confirmed he knew the rearrangement and the flight number, HOWEVER!, it did not get translated through to the person who should have picked me up at 0200h. Therefore we were left waiting for 45-50 minutes. Very unhappy with the last bit, but happy with the the drop off. The website has 2345h, and 0015h as time options, what happens if your flight comes in at 0005?, this is where the confusion started!
June 10, 2011

liz steward

excellent service-particularly on the return journey - 2 hour delay at bodrum, pouring with rain when we arrived but a phone call and we had our car literally driven to us as as we were walking to the set down area - would definitely recommend and use again ourselves - many thanks
June 7, 2011

Jane Cross

Excellent service. Very quick to meet us at both drop off and pick up.
May 27, 2011

Debra Barnes

The service was excellent for both journeys. On the outward journey we arrived one hour before the time we had booked for but called 10 mins before arriving as told to do and the polite driver was waiting for us as promised. On the way back the driver was also waiting for us with the engine running and the heating on! Highly recommended
May 23, 2011

r gabel

Pretty good: very speedy in picking up and delivering our car,but unfortunately the online people we booked through hadnt passed our details onto them so they didnt know we were coming. that said when i phoned them they came to collect the car straights away no qestions asked. My only quibble is the guy who's job it was to give us our car back tried to get us to pay the £1 drop off fee t let us out the car park- cheeky, as clearly this wasnt the deal when we booked!
May 22, 2011

Kay Bennett

An excellent service - they driver was waiting for us when we got there and handover was very smooth. Collection was equally good - I was delayed, which they were aware of and were waiting for me outside the terminal. Definitely recommend to all
May 19, 2011

kenneth wolfson

i am always nervous when i book these services through an internet site but here i was pleasantly surprised .an informative website , competitive price followed by an efficient , friendly and punctual service . i'll certainly use again. i'm a luton regular so perhaps trhey'll introduce a loyalty arrangement ?
May 18, 2011

Denise Davis

To book the meet and greet was really easy online. I arrived at the Airport earlier than anticipated yet I was still able to use the car parking service without any problems. The only problem I had was when I gave my car key over I was not given any paperwork which was great with one hand as I didn't have to worry about losing the paperwork whilst on holiday but on the other hand I had nothing to confirm that I had given my car to anyone. Perhaps a quick text message to me to confirm the car had been transferred to the Meet and Greet service would have felt more reassuring (just a thought)? When I arrived back in the UK the service was exemplary and will definitely recommend to friends and family.
April 23, 2011


April 16, 2011

Glenn Thompson

Excellent service thankyou very much, every aspect of this service was very good, from the people manning the phones, to the courteous driver who collected and delivered our car. Many thanks and i will definitely use your service again. Regards Glenn Thompson
April 13, 2011

G Wrench

The greeter arrived within a few minutes of us arriving - we'd phoned to say we were early and I think they were grateful! All very easy and polite. Our return flight landed early and the bags came through quickly so they suggested we stayed in the terminal building until the car was ready, so we could keep warm. We waited about 10 mins before we were called and the lady was very friendly and helpful. My only complaint is that they used identification stickers on the leather keyfob and I can't get the glue off now, so they've effectively ruined my keyring.
April 12, 2011

Paul Rebbeck

Found meet and greet very professional and helpful, would definately use them again, and would recommed to family and friends.
April 11, 2011

S Osborn

Excellent both collecting and receiving the car.
April 9, 2011

A Viljoen

Our flight arrived a few minutes early and we called the helpline after collecting our luggage as requested. The person I spoke to had no idea our flight had landed and had to phone a driver to find out where our car was and how long it would take to be delivered. She called back a few minutes later to tell me it would be 15 minutes. After 20 minutes and no sign of our car, I called back - I only got through on the 2 helpline after a number of attempts as the call kept going to voicemail - and was promised the driver was "just coming up the hill" and would be no more than "2 minutes". 10 minutes later he finally arrived, a full 35 minutes after I called for the first time. Meet and greet services charge a premium so that customers don't have to be kept waiting - it would have been as quick, if not quicker, for us to park off-site and caught a bus - and about half the price. Very disappointing.
March 29, 2011

Michaela Howard

Excellent service. We were a bit early, but control room directed us to circle round and arrive at appointed time. The pick up was very good, altough the driver did not have ID, he had our details. The return was equally fast, wiith good directions. Will definitely use this service again!
March 21, 2011

Ross MacFarlane

An excellent service which I can recommend. It certainly takes the stress out of airport parking with no long waits for buses to and from the airport. The driver was there to meet the car for the flight out and again within minutes of arrival on my return. Overall my best airport parking experience so far - many thanks!
March 21, 2011

Mrs Helen Parry

I found the whole experience very efficient and worthwhile.I will certainly use the service again. Thank you
March 13, 2011

Maroussia Bermann

Very easy to book. Although I actually never received an email confirmation from Park and Go, they were helpful over the phone. I was disappointed though to have to pay the £1 myself to get out of the drop-off zone at Luton. I would have thought that this would be included in the Meet and Greet price.
March 8, 2011

Marc Coulon

An all round excellent service.
February 28, 2011