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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Luton Airparks Services

Vierka Hiscock

I would like to complain about the service I have received from your company. I have called for over 1 week to amend my information. I even called the 03000 number from a car as i have not been able to look up the number whilst driving. They were not able to amend my phone number for 1 week which resulted in them not waiting for me on the carpark. Nearly missed my plane to see my dying uncle. The driver was shouting from start on me, his explanation, later on, was that he was on hands-free - he coined me into paying for parking my car, despite me waiting there for them and the company reassuring me that the driver will be there despite me being late. Took £10 as he refused to park my car if I don't pay extra. First, he wanted £2.60 and then he walked out with my iPhone away until I threatened him that I will contact Police for stealing my phone. Shouted at me that he is not my servant?! He spoke to another company driver in their language and making laughing comments at me which I didn't understand too. The woman who rang me to check if I have missed my plane wasn't better either, shouting on the phone-i left her to explain her version of the story but she wasn't interested in my side of the story. My car came back to me filthy and I could see the driver who was dropping it off to driving around the narrow lane in at least 50 miles per hour, the heating was up to 24 degrees plus I got something sticky on my console (i would rather not know what it was as I have paid for fully validating my car elsewhere). It came with a massive scratch on my lower side of the car. I was thinking to get a solicitor involved in this but, to be honest, they are covering and lying so much that at the present I have chosen to use competitive and never this company. BTW I'm forcing myself so i don't have a problem with foreign person !
January 9, 2019

Andrew Greig

Returned to find vehicle damaged. Photographs show vehicle undamaged when it entered. Apparently the burden of proof is for the customer to prove that it was a member of staff who damaged the vehicle and not a 3rd party. Customer services dismissive and not willing to provide the evidence they used in their investigation apart from stating “we can’t find any evidence your vehicle was damaged by a member of staff”. Very poor
December 14, 2018

Sonia Rylance

Being disabled it took me some time to to book my car in but one of your staff helped me in the end because I kept dropping everything. On return someone had parked a car too close to mine i got help immediately to get it out for me. Bus service was great.
November 27, 2018

Claire Pegg

Good service apart from one thing, on arrival all paperwork and the app/website gives you an incorrect bay number to wait for the bus at. Not what you want after a long day travelling, after wondering around Luton carpark we eventually rang airparks who knew straight away which letter (not number like advertised) we should catch the bus back to airparks from.
October 24, 2018

Nicholas Bailey

Very poor. Got back to car park as expected on 9 October but key was not ready for collection at check out. Had to wait over 30 minutes with no information until car was brought to me. No member of staff apologized or offered any information in explanation at all.
October 10, 2018

Nathan Jeganathan

Easy quick parking and friendly staff.
October 7, 2018

Alin Rizea

Airparks are ok, but I had a bad experience with the blue bus driver who was very impolite. I ask him if he can wait 30 seconds, I forgot my phone charger in my rental car and he starts shouting at me. The next bus was in 20 minutes, so I left my charger being afraid to lose my flight.
September 15, 2018

Liz Senator

Really well organised, easy to use and very helpful,staff. Would definitely use again.
September 15, 2018

Elspeth Hannen

No consideration for disabled drivers. I told them I was a disabled driver and that I have a Blue Badge at the time of booking, and requested that my car be left near the bus stop for collection. I mentioned it again when I dropped the car off. When I returned, my car was in the furthest possible place from the bus stop. I spoke to a member of staff as I struggled towards my car and asked why it was so far away. He said I'd have to raise it with management, and didn't offer to help me. I emailed them to complain and ten days later I have yet to receive a response. If you have mobility issues and don't have someone to fetch your car for you, park somewhere else. These people clearly don't care, and don't deserve your custom.
August 7, 2018

M Poole

Very easy. Very efficient. Buses regilar with airport fairly close by. Easy to find being Close to M1 motorway. Definitely recommend.
June 12, 2018

D Gray

Experience was generally OK but I am very disappointed about extra charges. We had to extend the length of a 2 week booking by approx 10 hours because flight changes. This occurred some weeks before we were due to fly. The cost of the extra 10 hours was very significant compared with the original cost of parking. This will certainly make me think about using this company again
June 9, 2018

D Magda

Easy and fast
June 8, 2018

Mr Jeffrey Keating

Run very professionally with all requirements completed electronically, human assistance is available if required Very impressed
May 29, 2018

J Bruton

Ticket machine not working Staff manual entry incorrect meaning 2hr wait to get car when arrived back
May 29, 2018

S Pcola

Easy to use, convenient ant usually at good price.
May 29, 2018

Karolina Konieczko

Car wasn’t ready on arrival.
May 28, 2018

Johnathan Clitheroe

Great thanks
May 13, 2018

richard johnson

Reasonable price. However, on my return I waited 13 minutes until the bus arrived It then became full and so I had to wait a further 20 minutes This was unacceptable and unfair. They know exactly what capacity is required and when so they should have enough buses on
April 30, 2018

I Szymanska

Im very pleased with your car park. Was very easy to drop off car and keys, waited only 5 mins for the bus to get to the airport. On return due to my flight delay been late by half an hour to pick up my car. Thought would need to pay extra but was wrong. Looks like there is free of charge allowance. My car was ready for me, took me less than 5 mins to wait in a que to take keys out of the secure box. Very happy and can recommend.
April 23, 2018

R Kusmierz

Whenever I travel from Luton airport I am confident my car will be safe. Recommended experience and a bit of fun too. Professional service. Many thanks.
April 14, 2018