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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Liverpool Long Stay Parking

Stephen Mcbain

Parked in disabled bay with badge in hold in windscreen...unfortunately it dropped onto dash ... though still visible from outside... got £100 fine... so submitted appeal A letter has just arrived this morning threatening legal action and increased penalty and debt collection charges ... so they now want £160 and threatening me with court....seems extremely harsh ... as I did expect response from my appeal and didn't get one...they sent picture of my car where there was obviously sight of badge... I also sent then full copy of both sides of it in appeal... asked feel from this experience disabled better use another airport or taxi if it's not too expensive
April 27, 2019

Karen Brown

BE CAREFUL. Punitive charges that in no way reflect the extra hours if you overrun the time you book. No goodwill for regular customers.
March 15, 2019

Cheryl Boyers

I use the airport to fly to Ireland several times a year. Most times I get a lift but on occasion use the long stay. I am a blue badge holder. My father was terminally ill so I was having to fly more than usual. I paid for parking for a full week and parked in the disabled bay. I decided to take my blue badge with me to use. Unfortunately during my visit my fathers health deteriorated. So I booked my car in long term parking for an extra week and decided I had to stay which meant not turning up for flight home. My father died the day after. I booked a flight home 2 days later which happened to be Christmas eve. I spoke to the guy in parking to explain my dad had died and I needed to take my car out of the airport earlier than planned. I was sent a £100 fine for failure to display my blue badge in a disability bay. I had left the blue timer sign when I took my badge with me, not thinking of the consequences. I paid over £100 for parking for 2 weeks, 10 days of which I used - and get a further charge £100 I had to pay for another flight home...... Beware disabled drivers.. Don't take your badge to Eu .. There was no sympathy for my situation
January 15, 2019

Arnold Jones

We like Liverpool Airport for the friendly customer service, but we have some reservations about the Long Stay car Park, that we used. My wife and I are currently over 80 years oi age, and we prefer a no fuss and easy to use system for leaving our car, without too great an expense. Sadly the long stay car park does not fulfill those requirements. Our mid afternoon arrival was easy, but if the weather had been inclement the walk to the terminal would have been very difficult, with cases and hand luggage. Our return however was a different matter. Our fight from Lanzarote was delayed by 3 hours and we arrived at 03:30 on a windy, showery and cold night. The walk to the car was not an enjoyable experience. Our main complaint however is the signposting to the EXIT. We spent some time trying to find the way out, and after many wrong turnings we did manage to find the exit. The signposting needs to be improved. It was a very stressful experience.
December 1, 2018


Easy distance to the terminal and great for getting off home quickly. Only prob we found was that with it being dark there could have been a few more exit signs as the directions painted on the floor had been mostly worn away making it easy to miss them and we went around the car park a few times until we’d found the exit by elimination.
October 20, 2018

Stuart Gahan

I will never fly from Liverpool Airport again purely because of VCS. Liverpool Airport itself was quite good just let down by the car park con men. The car park management company VCS issue parking charge notices for the slightest misdemeanour. Even when you have booked and paid and there are no spaces left in Long Stay. I was in a bay but not completely within the white lines. I was parked between 2 cars that were already present but they were parked over my bay. I caused no obstruction and was in a designated bay. No other space was affected by my parking. No loss to LJLA. £100 PCN. Wake up LJLA you can't keep treating your customers like dirt and expect them to return. There is another slightly bigger Airport in Manchester which I will now use. LJLA probably end up like Blackpool Airport.
August 15, 2018

Lorraine Baxendale

Paid £42 to park for a 5 night stay. Arrived at the car park at 345am (very dark) ... parked inbetween 2 cars. Arrived back to find a PCN for £100 (reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days). Absolutely fuming. No signs in front of where we parked saying no parking. Apparently there was marking on the floor but these couldn't be seen at the time we parked. Put me off flying from there again
June 30, 2018

Christine Carter

Good location and decent prices 6
May 22, 2018

Mark Pedersen

Pre booked and the system worked well to gain entry. Exit is a nightmare. Whoever decided on the locations of the exit signage was clearly on drugs as you end up going round and round and round (magic roundabout...?). Had to guess in the end and eventually found 2 signs pointing at each other!
January 17, 2018

Jackie B

Paid and prebooked online for the week. Turned up early Sat morning, barrier no problem. Told to park in certain zones, Drove round for 20 minutes along with a dozen others all hunting for spaces. None at all. Due to miss our flight we, along with many others, were forced to park on verge (no obstruction). Came back to find a parking ticket - as did at least another 30 cars who had been forced to do same thing. Complaints were replied to saying there were 1000 plus spare spaces on that day. Absolute lie. Fuming.
September 19, 2017

K Grzyb

Perfect. Will use it again with, no doubts.
September 10, 2017

Mr Alan Pennington

We had a problem on leaving when the ticket machine flagged we owed £144 Had to ring for assistance and once we produced paperwork the barrier was lifted.
September 9, 2017

Sharon Martin

Please be aware that prebooking, and prepaying for this car park does not guarantee you a parking space. We witnessed many, many people having to abandon their cars literally anywhere, all of which recieved £60 parking ticket !! On our return the exit barrier would not open as apparently we owed £95 !!
August 29, 2017

Gerard Martin Walsh

I prebooked my space and on arrival found the car park was completely full. I drove round for about 20 minutes and then decided to park on a kerb at the end of a row as many others had had to resort to. I was not blocking anybody in or causing any obstruction or hazard. When I came back from holiday I had incurred a fine of £60, sorry they call it a parking charge notice, not a fine! I have appealed but heard nothing yet and I emailed Liverpool Airport and they told me that at the time I was searching to park there were 609 available spaces - what a whopper that seems to be! If that were the case why were almost all of the kerb spaces taken up, who incidentally all received the same fine? Also, how come I couldn't find one of the spaces? I rang Airparks too to complain but have heard nothing back from them either yet. The treatment of the public here is a disgrace and I would recommend that people find alternative parking in future. It seems that they are out to fleece us as much as possible - I am disgusted by them!
August 22, 2017

Andrew Wheatstone

Booked 7 months ahead. Easy to find the car park, but we were directed to an area with no parking spaces. There were several other cars unable to find a space and eventually we all resorted to parking on raised areas at the edge of the parking bays, which were not obstructing any other vehicles. It seemed like the only thing to do as there were no staff to assist and no signage pointing to overspill car parking. Returned from holiday to a parking ticket. We weren't alone as several other cars nearby also had tickets. I complained to the airport, but they couldn't have been less interested. They say there were 800+ spaces in a different parking zone, though they didn't explain how we were supposed to know that or how we were to get there without exiting the car park we were in. The airport itself is very good, but we will never use it again because of the parking situation. It feels as if we were lured into parking outside a prescribed space and then heavily punished for doing so.
August 8, 2017

Thomas barnes

Could not have gone better short distance to airport front door easy parking and collection made mistake on arrival back one phone call resolved and new instructions arrived within the hour would recommend to anybody first class service 9
July 31, 2017

Keith prothero

They overbook the car park at the airport. Paid £40 for a week. On arrival no spaces at all, after driving around for an hour had to park at end of a bay, as did lots and lots of other cars. I wasn't obstructing anyone. On return had a parking ticket as did about 30 other cars. If the car park is over booked they should tell you so you can park in different car park like park and ride! Will never use that car park again, so be careful you don't miss your flight looking for space, think this is how they make more money by not having any spaces then giving you a parking ticket. Totally disgusting!!
July 12, 2017

Nick Bentley

Purchased a ticket for £28 prior to travel. The car park was full after driving around for 15 minutes had to park on the grass verge, causing no obstruction. Returned to find an additional £60 fine. Not a good service.
July 11, 2017

A Rogers

We never normally fly from Liverpool but this car park was recommended to us. It was a bit confusing when we arrived didn't know what barrier to go to but then after taking the correct guess we found a parking space easily. I would recommend myself now.
June 1, 2017

G Lovett

Straight in - straight out - no hassle.
April 2, 2017