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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Heathrow Purple Parking Park and Ride T5

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"Generally good. My car was not ready when I returned and I had to wait 10 minutes in the waiting area for it to appear"

October 8, 2016

"Excellent experience, all very smooth, the check in was easy, the busses are very comfortable and the bus was waiting for us at the designated bus stop as we left terminal 5 on our return. Thank you."

October 4, 2016

"Excellent service.
It is a pity that Purple Parking does not develop a !Loyalty Scheme! to encourage regular return customers.
However an excellent reliable service, at a very competitive price.
Many thanks."

October 3, 2016

"Every was very smooth and quick from the drop off at Purple parking lot to the pick up at T5. Would definitely recommend this and use again."

September 25, 2016

"I followed the instructions given in my parking receipt to the letter....that is, when using satnav, include postcode and full address.

Well, this took me to the centre of Hounslow (not an area I know) and despite leaving 2 hours leeway to get parked etc., before check-in, I ended up missing my flight. Which was also the last flight of the night so not a great position to be in! So, if you are flying from an area you don't know and cant build in more than half- a-day to accommodate roadworks, lots of traffic etc, do not, repeat, do not rely on the "10 minute transfer to terminal" as being an indication of closeness to airport - this is not a fair representation. 4 miles in this area of congested London, is a lot.

I'm a frequent flyer and will not use offsite purple parking ever again. Better to pay more but be on-site and closer."

September 1, 2016

"Would highly recommend purple parking. When arrived vehicle recognition so no mucking about with paperwork. Car was where we left it and picked up as soon as we left plane. Booked with AHP highly recommend. No hassel and very easy to find on A4 Bath Rd."

August 30, 2016

"It all seemed very smooth and worked fine for me."

August 24, 2016

"Beware!!! if you need to cancel as the need 24 hours notice and the only keep normal office hours so depending on your flight time you may need 36 hours to cancel and once you are in the 24 hour loop and you are not allowed to amend or postpone so they cost me £42 in cold blood..Won't use them again"

August 15, 2016

"Very good. Cheap and efficient."

July 3, 2016

"Very convenient and economical
Shuttle service from parking to terminal and back was quick and timely
Overall experience was excellent"

June 27, 2016

"It was ok. Not great. I watched a fantastic video about the service but, believe me, the friendly blonde hair must have taken a days holiday today. I just saw loads of rather miserable looking blokes who grunted at you about "what terminal?". However, the biggest disappointment was from the time of entering the "lounge" to the moment the bus actually left for the Terminal was 28 minutes - I don;t think that's a business service. I was frustrating. Upon arriving back, and calling as requested, for some reason my bus did NOT wait for me, I saw him driving off, waved him to stop but was ignored. So i had to call again and wait another 6 minutes for another bus to arrive. Not a disaster but not really as described in the promotions. Rest of service (ie location, key drops/collection etc) all ok"

March 11, 2016

"Excellent in every respect"

February 22, 2016

"Very good and simple service."

February 19, 2016

"Booked purple parking as recommended - arriving to drop our car off the service was prompt and reliable.
On arriving back just missed one bus but waited for another for approx 10 mins
Driver drove us to very close to were the car was situated.
Would use them again"

February 15, 2016


February 10, 2016

"The directions to find the parking were clear and worked well. Checking in was quick and easy, in fact everything was good - both transfers were quick, courteous and efficient. I will certainly use the same parking next time I need it."

February 4, 2016

"Hello I am really disappointed because I booked business parking for terminal 3. When I got to heathrow I parked in business parking terminal 3. When leaving carpark they charged me 200 pound and said I was in wrong car park, can't believe there is 2 different car parks for business parking terminal 3. The whole trip for parking cost £250 which is ridiculous."

January 28, 2016

"It was quick, easy to park and collect the car. The drive to airport was only about 6-7 mins and convenient. thanks for your service, will recommend it and also use this as i travel often

January 26, 2016

"It was ok. I thought it would be an rapid service, and dropping the car off was very efficient and I did not have to wait more than 5-10 mins for the coach to take me to the terminal and was there 10 mins or so later. On the return I called as I walked off the plane - but in spite of delays in passport control - had to call again and then wait 15 mins for a combination of the lift to arrive and for the bus to fill up. Ended up getting back to the car park 70 mins after flight had landed and 30 mins after leaving the terminus. Which is OK - but not brilliant. Then when we got there the ticket system was efficient, but the driver then had to hand out the keys to the ?8 couples and was struggling to do that. So I had to get into the van to empty all the bags, otherwise we would have been there for ever! If this was normal parking place - fine - but I had expected a little more as this was signposted as a premium business service. It would have been quicker for me to have got on the normal purple bus shuttle that pulled up when we arrived at the stop and left about 5 mins later!"

January 25, 2016

"following the postcode i got to the wrong place. bath road was ok but on the other end with number 17 mentioned. i lost 30min seraching at night hour early in the morning. did not like that so much! once there all went ok. also coming back was ok, making tel call shuttel arrives. purple shuttle NOT Business was laready there?! maybe next time i tak the cheaper purple instead of purple Business?"

January 18, 2016

"I had a fantastic experience using Purple Parking at Heathrow. The staff were helpful and attentive. I didn't have to wait for the courtesy bus to pick me up from

I have used them in the past and will definitely use them again in the future."

January 17, 2016

"Really close to the terminal, excellent value, fast transfer and pick up. Recommended."

January 15, 2016

"No problems with finding the location, but the staff weren't terribly talkative & definitely not in a rush to get anywhere: good job I had plenty of time for my flight. On return, they instruct you to ring them as soon as you get off the plane -- which is all very well, unless you're waiting for baggage. I emerged from the airport to see my return transfer driving off. It took another half an hour to get back to the car-park.
Cheap, but not hassle free, nor the speediest option."

January 3, 2016

"Great service"

December 13, 2015

"Generally good but wait for pickup Was lengthy."

December 5, 2015

"My flight was cancelled at short notice by Lufthansa and Purple parking would not cancel my booking. So they charged me for three days parking even though I never left the country and it was not my fault. I probably will not use Purple Parking ever again. Which is a shame because the reason for my trip was to organise a football tour for 120 players, most of whom will be leaving their cars at the Airport."

November 16, 2015

"The advert is misleading. It is 5 minutes from Heathrow but more like 15 minutes to T5
Had to wait in the bus at the depot for 15 minutes when it was pretty much full going, and at the pick up point for a good 20 minutes coming back - so you are looking at a minimum 30 minutes each way.
Staff really grumpy - didn't even bother closing and opening the door on the return journey.
Bags just slung into the trailer - even hand baggage - a "I don't care attitude"
When I got to my car I couldn't drive away because one of their vans was blocking me in.
I will not be using again"

October 27, 2015

"Being disabled, I found the staff very helpful and courteous at all times. I would recommend this service, especially those of limited mobility."

October 25, 2015

"Very good location. Good service with prompt transfers."

October 18, 2015

"Efficient, undercover, dry service - both leaving and returning"

September 14, 2015