Heathrow Premier Park and Stroll - Terminal 4 reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Heathrow Premier Park and Stroll - Terminal 4

Clare Hudson

Did what it said on the can. Slight delay in dropping car off. We'd booked it from 6am but arrived 5.30am and there was no one on the counter. We had to go up to Premier Inn reception and they called someone who then arrived about 20 minutes later. Other than that it was all like clockwork and I'd be happy to use again :)
April 11, 2019

Sue Greenwood

Initially l was very pleased with this, being a 10min walk to terminal 4 . On arrival we wrote down my mileage in note book which was then placed in the side pocket of the passenger door. On returning to the car and leaving the carpark my husband went to get the note book out, only to find the page torn out with our mileage on. I also have a wired-in dashcam so thought all the movements of the car would be recorded so would double check this when l got home. When we checked the recordings we found that the dashcam has been disconnected. I have been in touch with the parking company who have no answers, other than saying the dashcam could have been unplugged in case it drained my battery, which of course it would not do as its hard wired in . Regarding the notebook with the mileage torn out they could not give me an answer ! So my advice is photograph your mileage with your mobile phone then you have a copy dated as proof. They did offer me a photo dated that they had taken , but as l pointed out this was no good as l had no record of my mileage , so they could tell me anything. So please beware .
March 22, 2019