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The experience was good. Your driver was there when I arrived and I only waited 10 minutes or so on my return. I would not have any reluctance to use your services again.

Peter Garland."

January 10, 2008

"we were met by a friendly rep who took possession of the car and gave us a number to call on our return.
again we were met by a friendly member of staff.
would have no reservations about booking again or recommending the service."

January 7, 2008

"I was researching car parking at Heathrow (T4) for a week's parking over last Christmas. I was quite surprised when I found this Meet & Greet service priced at only £82 for 8 days! This was cheaper than most of the off-site car parks that require bus transfer from the car park to the terminal. I was travelling with 2 young children so the convenience of dropping off and picking up my car at the terminal was a major selling point.

My only concern with this kind of service is what happens to your car when you hand over the keys? There have been a few investigations recently by the media into off-site airport car parking, where cars have not been securely parked or even worse (criminal), they were driven by the car parking employees for their own use whilst their owners were out of the country.

A bit sneaky I know, but I have a GPS tracking device in my car and I am quite happy to report that my car was taken directly to the off-site car park. Also, the Meet & Greet driver abided by the speed limits. My car was not moved during the week and returned directly to me within 15 minutes (20 is quoted for a T4 return). There was no damage to my vehicle and it was no dirtier than when I had handed over the keys.

Overall, I was very impressed by the service, the convenience and the price.

I will definitely use this service again and no I don't work for Meet & Greet so I am quite happy to provide a reference to anyone that needs it."

January 5, 2008

"You offer a fantastic service. We were really impressed, especially when we landed from Paris-your service was really speedy."

December 24, 2007

"The pick up was great - very prompt and very friendly. However, coming back was not goog. I phoned as soon as our lugguge arrived and was told 20 mins. I phoned again after 30 and was told 'any time now - but it is very busy' The car eventually arrived just over 40 mins later. When I said to the driver ' this was a long 20 mins' he said 'is that what they told you' - implying that it was never going to be 20 mins. It was freezing cold and we were not very happy.

Heather Sutton"

December 22, 2007

"Excellent service. Driver was waiting for us on our outbound leg and was at the airport within 5 minutes of us clearing customs when we returned. Would use them again and recommend them to others."

December 21, 2007

"The drop off at terminal 2 took longer than I would have liked (15 mins) as, apparently, there was a shortage of drivers and it was very busy. The pickup was much better - our car was ready and waiting for us. So, top marks for the return service but something clearly delayed things on the drop off."

December 19, 2007

"We had a terrible experience with Park & Go.
When we called the number given to us, the office was closed and an answer machine gave another number for Gatwick - thankfully they were very helpful and found our booking and gave us a mobile number to call. The woman on the end of this call was rude and very unhelpful. You would think that a company like this would be slick and helpful to people who are catching flights but they were completely incompetent.
I have been with Purple Parking before, who were so professional and courteous - we got none of this with park and go.
Pay peanuts, get monkeys!!"

December 17, 2007

"On the whole was OK, however, Monday mornings is very business at airport the person was was 15 mins late to meet me. It also does not help to identify driver if they wear 'normal' coat, they should have a logo on the coat to easily identify them especially during winter when days are short."

December 15, 2007

"excellent service. I turned up earlier than expected and they were there 5 minutes after I phoned. On return I phoned after picking up bags and the driver was already outside waiting for me ! Very impressed, good value for money"

December 15, 2007

"OK, but not very flexible. We arrived early and despite ringing quickly, had to wait almost an hour for our car."

December 13, 2007

"Excellent service particularly as we had the change cars at 5 in morning and all we had to do was phone through with new car details

Excelletn and will use again"

December 11, 2007

"Very quickly.the service was fine all in all but I did have trouble making phone contact on both outbound and inbound legs. Had to try quite a few times, leaving messages etc. Alright in the end though!"

December 10, 2007

"Unfortunately Park and Go did were not informed about my arrival at Heathrow so there was some delay whilst this was sorted out. Coming back there were no problems at all. Service - when it arrived - was efficient and courteous."

November 29, 2007

"Excellent service. We arrived at Heathrow slightly early so called the company to let them know when we were about 10 minutes away. When we arrived somebody was waiting with a smile. Then we experienced a delay getting back but when we called to let them know they were polite and by the time we got out, somebody was waiting with a smile (and my car)!

Wonderful way to park and not even the most expensive. We will definitely use them again."

November 26, 2007

"The service was excellent and would certainly use them again."

November 19, 2007

"Both the collection and drop off were prompt and quick. I would recommend to any of my friends"

November 19, 2007

"Terminal 3 is a nightmare with traffic congestion and difficult drop off and collection. Therefore my first experience of meet and greet service was possibly tainted by these factors.

Despite me arriving at Terminal 3 drop off at exactly the stated time I waited 2 minutes and then had to drive around the block again before repeating and pick up driver identified himeslef to me.
Return pick up was however not what I expected, Instructed to call a number after baggage collection, This I did to be told Ok driver would then be sent with the car and would be 15 minutes. It states to meet at the outside lane of DEPARTURES. This area is completely open to the elements and due to the traffic chaos you have to be standing there to identify your car being delivered back to you as just stopping and waiting almost impossible. Luckily it wasn't raining.
It actualy took 35 minutes from my call for the car to appear, I could have parked at parking express and got the bus transfer and been down the M25 before my car was returned. So terminal 3 meet and greet I will not do again. Improvement has to be made to advance arrival and return notification."

November 8, 2007

"We were pleased with the experience. Turned up to time to collect car and we waited at T4 just 15 minutes on return"

November 7, 2007

"Very happy with service - Meet & Greet"

November 6, 2007


November 5, 2007

"Service was not so good this time. Car took a long tiem to arrive on my return and I especially needed a quick exit. I wanted to watch a football match but missed the whole game."

November 1, 2007

"Very good service. The lady was particularly helpful as we arrived half an hour prior to our notified time and she helped to get a driver to us early. Would use the service again."

October 31, 2007

"The service was good and I have no complaints. It was the best value around!"

October 30, 2007

"Very polite people met us and delivered the car back to us.

Steve was there to pick up the car when we arrived, and although there was a slight delay when picking up the car due to very bad traffic I was very pleased with the service I received.

No doubts I will use this service again in the future."

October 29, 2007

"Hi there, they seemed to be a very good outfit, very polite when picking and dropping the car up and off. Excellent manner on the phones, i just had to wait around a while when i arrived back in the UK. But all good in the end.
Roy Hoffman."

October 29, 2007

"We used the meet and greet and when we arrived at Heathrow the guy was there as planned to take the car away, no probs. However, when we got back from our holiday we rang the company as soon as we got out luggage (as per instructed) and it was another 30 mins before they turned up with my car. To get back from holiday then spend 20 mins waiting in the cold was rubbish. We could have used one of the cheaper options and been on the road quicker. The guy did apologise and blame the traffic, but we were stood there waiting a good 15 mins longer than anybody else, so either other people were phoning before they'd got their baggage, or for some reason they just didn't bother to come as soon as we phoned. Either way, I definitely don't intend using this service again and wouldn't recommend it to anybody - it put a real dampner on the end of a nice holiday."

October 28, 2007

"Took a long time to reach us both on the outward and return journies. Very pleasant man (same one) delivered and took the car. Very courteous. Would probably use this service again, in the hope that they managed to speed their timings up a little."

October 18, 2007


Just to say that we used Park & Go meet and greet services from heathrow and i must say that the service was faultless. When you arrive at the airport the only thing you want to do is leave your car and check in and when i arrived there was someone waiting for me, what more could you ask for. On pickup it was also excellent, when calling from the baggage reclaim i went to the car park and waited no longer than 5 mins whereby i was ready to go.

This is an important service for me as i had a 3 hour drive to Plymouth ahead of me and thanks again for your service. I will definetly use you again when flying from Heathrow."

October 15, 2007

"Using this service makes everything so much easier. They were waiting for us when we arrived and our car was there upon our return so we had no waiting around.
We would definately use this service again and again."

October 11, 2007