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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Heathrow NCP Flightpath - Terminals 2 and 3

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"Vicinity, customer service and tranfere was excellent. Signage was pretty poor and I used a long time to locate it, despite using the post code suggested through the NCP Flightpath website for SatNav. Overall 3 out of 5."

December 3, 2010

"Very quick to park and get to the terminal. Could be better signposted around the hotel, especially for arriving after dark. Short wait for bus on return."

November 28, 2010

"A very good service. Close to the terminal with a regular bus service. We were picked up within 6 minutes and the checkout was fast. Good value and will use again on our next visit to Heathrow."

November 16, 2010

"Reasonably priced, quick service to the Terminals. A bit tricky to find first time nestling behind the Park Inn Hotel. I'd certainly use it again if flying from Terminal 1 or 3. The BMI crews use it so it must be OK."

November 9, 2010

"Shuttle bus ignored us and gone. Except, OK."

November 7, 2010

"I was very content with this facility and will definitely use it again. Having heard all the stories about pikeys dispersing cars on industrial estates, or hiring them out in the absence of their owners, I had been a little concerned. In this case I retained my keys, parked on a decent surface (not under trees), and noted that no car was very far from the reception point. Lighting was also good on my night time return. Shuttle bus very quick and good. Compared with other shuttles seen at the same Terminal collection point, the bus was large and easy to get on. [Some others were modest minibuses towing baggage trailers] Transit time from car to Terminal 1 was negligible. All told, just the job!"

November 3, 2010

"This is an excellent set up for the central terminals.

The location was easy
The coach was prompt 5 minutes wait and 6 minutes to Terminal 3
This was the cheapest on-airport parking.

Return wait for coach: 4 minutes, 7 minute journey, out of carpark within 3 minutes of return to car.

Will use again."

October 31, 2010

"the car park was easy to find and it only takes a few minutes to get to the airport from the car park. There seems to be alot of air line personnel that use the car park when was dropped to car off and when picking it up. easy to use just drive in barrier.good rates aswell taking into consideration how close to the airport it is."

October 23, 2010

"I found the car park to be well signposted and pretty straight forward to find. The staff were polite and helpful. The shuttle service to the airport was quick and on time. Security at the car park seemed excellent also."

October 21, 2010

"We have just used NCP Flightpath Terminals 1& 3 for the first time.Our experience was positive, we did find a parking space, although it was quite full and close to the pickup point, we had only a short wait for a bus which took us to Terminal 3 .One possible criticism is that the drop off bustop is slightly away from the departure point,other buses seem to stop closer.
On our return we were after 21.45 so had to request a bus but this came within 10 mins and we were quickly back to the car park. Again Bus Stop 5 at terminal 1 is less well signposted than 1-4 and we took a while to find it and missed a bus in the process.

We would use this car park again."

October 20, 2010

"Booking on line was straightforward. Sunday 26 Oct 2010 - The postcode for the Park Inn Hotel was a distraction as we initially turned into their car park istead of going round the back of the hotel to the Flightpath parking area. Transit to Terminal 1 was poor because there was no announcement of our arrival at the bus stop outside the terminal concourse that served Terminal 1. Consequently we did not get off there and found ourselves at Terminal 3 with a driver unwilling to return us to Terminal 1. We had therefor to make our way on foot back to Terminal 1. Return was ok with reception courteous and helpful.

Drivers MUST give clear announcements on arriving at drop off points and I suggest have the willingness and capacity to more sympathetic and helpful when such ommissions cause considerable inconvenience to customers."

October 3, 2010