Heathrow Long Stay Terminal 5 reviews

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Juatyna Zdrojkowska

Best experience, nice and qualified service and great food
April 29, 2018

Melissa Trahan

My partner and I were flying out of Heathrow for a 2 week holiday. We tried to book long stay parking the morning of our flight through Heathrow's parking website, but after going through all the motions our request was denied, as apparently there is an arbitrary cut-off time for when you can book online. They don't make this timeline clear anywhere on the site. Through this process we were quoted £184. We couldn't find anything about pricing for drive-up long stay parking, so we decided it must be a similar price and made our way there. There were no indicators of how much our stay would cost when we pulled up to the gates, or anywhere in the lot. Two weeks later, we picked up our car and when we got to the exit gate, we were told we needed to pay £373 - nearly twice what we had been quoted online. Our choices were to either pay, or leave our car in the garage, undoubtedly racking up more fees. We felt pretty trapped, and decided to pay so we could leave and hopefully have a reasonable conversation with a Heathrow employee about what had happened, and being able to get a small discount. Several calls and emails later, we are still out £373, nearly twice what we planned to spend. The best product would have been to book online without the arbitrary time cutoff that prevented us from booking online. The next best product would be to know what the price was going to be before we get to the barrier, and for that price to be reasonable. But the worst possible product, and quite frankly unacceptable product, is to find the charges are doubled with no recourse to challenge them. Their practices are unethical, and they should be forced to be more transparent in their pricing scheme.
December 27, 2017

R Archer

Overall very convenient. Two problems though: 1. Navigation from the M4 was explained. From the M25 it wasn't. I had to work out where the car park was from the M4 description using Google Earth (mistake in the description incidentally) and then find the best route to it from the M25 myself. 2. The car park areas were not announced by the shuttle driver on return. Coupled with the area display boards not being illuminated this caused difficulties in getting off at the right location.
May 1, 2015