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Keith Root

An Excellent & efficient service. Just what you want after flying home
October 10, 2012

Joseph Collins

Firstly, this service is good value for money for a meet and greet service, however this is probably because it does not offer anything else special and was a little amateur... We arrived at Heathrow and had to wait quite a while for someone to turn up to take the car (despite calling ahead), only to be greeted by someone who wasn't wearing a uniform (just looked like a random bloke wondering around. Other suppliers of this service were clearly visible in uniforms) and didn't really provide a sense of reassurance about who we were giving our car to. He managed to up-sell us to having the car cleaned inside and outside for £20 (which was no problem), only to find upon our return the attendant asked for the payment but the car had not been cleaned. Obviously, they didn't charge us and it was a mistake but it was a disappointing service and having managed to up sell us, you would have thought they would have actually done the work. I'm not sure I would use the service again as the premium paid for this type of parking is also for a bit of 'special' treatment and I didn't get that feeling, just nervousness and amateurism.
October 8, 2012

Botan Hourami

Absolutely disgraceful company. arrived 25 mins late even after being given 15 minute arrival warning. Different excuses given for lateness every time i called. Manager refused to compensate for delays and was very rude in his email responses and call. On arrival driver was on time and waiting however I did not appreciate my cigarette lighter in the car being used nor a box of cigarettes left in there on collection I have used numerous valet services before through airport parking shop but this is the worst by a mile and I would never use this service again.
October 1, 2012


The whole process was smooth and easy. We only had to wait a few moments forthe return delivery of our car. Will use you again soon
September 17, 2012

Patrick Willard

Overall the service was OK but not great. On drop-off no-one picked up my call so I had to leave a message and did get a call back and the driver was there when I arrived. On my return it took 25 minutes for my car to arrive from the time I called them so not the quickest service. I could have got to an offsite car park and driven away inside that time. But overall the service was convenient and the operators were polite and professional.
July 19, 2012

Amanda Haigh

Arriving back into LHR, we contacted Happy Days as requested. We were reminded where to wait outside the terminal. We waited and waited and waited. I telephoned on several occasions and was only able to leave messages. Nobody returned my call. I kept phoning and eventually got to speak to someone who was extremely rude. There was no apology for the fact that we had been waiting over an hour and a half - and I was told that the car was not even on its way and he could give me no indication when it would appear. The weather was blamed. Having waited 2 hours the car suddenly appeared and from the driver it transpired that they were actually short staffed. We will never use this company again and neither will the other couples that were waiting with us for the same company to return their vehicles. There is no point in using a meet and greet service when you have to wait 2 hours for your vehicle be brought back to you.
June 26, 2012


Good efficient service better than the others I have used before. Recommended. Please do not sen me and fu mails or other 3rd party junks. BR
June 10, 2012

Dr Sireesha Vaka

The waiting time on return was too long . We did not have this problem with other companies.it would be useful not to repeat this again . Rest all ok
June 8, 2012

Mrs Jennifer Anne Smith

When we arrived at Heathrow on our outward bound journey we were late arriving due to traffic problems along the way. The Happy Days Meet and Greet people responded well in order to ensure we were delayed no further. On our return to Heathrow we were somewhat disappointed to discover there was no meet and greet service at the designated spot we had signed up to. We expected to be met in the middle lane just outside departure/arrival, terminal 3. in the event we were told to make our way to level 5 of the car park which in the event negated the benefit of the meet and greet service. When I telephoned to make arrangements to pick up our car no explanation was given as to why we had to go to level 5 of the car park, this felt very odd. When we did arrive at level 5 of the car park our car was ready and waiting. When we asked about why level 5 of the car park we were told that BA are changing their policy and that cars are being stopped from meeting and greeting in the middle lane and that in the future level 5 of the car park had to be used. Disappointing news for us as customers and also I would imagine for the company. The BA decision if this is the case is detrimental to business. Regards Mrs Smith
May 29, 2012

Steven mead

April 18, 2012

Helen Hammond

This is the fifth time we have used Happy days and we were once again very happy with the prompt service. There was only one slight issue this time with the pick up time that I had two days previously called to make slightly earlier. Apparently this time change had not been logged properly and there was no record. However, Happy days did their best to get to us as soon as they could and they we only had a short wait on our departure from Heathrow. We will certainly book again with Happy Days.
April 3, 2012

isabelle chretien

Fine overall but I was ahead of schedule on the way in so I rang an hour earlier to let Happy Days know. The phone rang but with no answer for a good 10 minutes, when someone finally answered she wasn't very happy about it and said the car could not be picked up earlier; in actual fact my car was collected 15 minutes later than the originally scheduled time (So I ended up waiting for 45 minutes at heathrow's departure car park) Person answering the phone on the return journey wasn't particularly friendly either when she explained directions to new pick up point but car got delivered reasonably quickly (only 5 minutes wait this time) I might use their services again but this time schedule dropping off & picking up times so that they wait for me instead of the other way around.
February 20, 2012

Hilary Bloomfield

excellent meet and greet service, no waiting at all, the driver was at the pre-arranged meeting point when we arrived at the terminal for both departure and arrival. will definitely use again.
February 20, 2012

darren topp

excellent service.
February 13, 2012

Caroline Davies

Pleasant company to deal with, efficient and on time drivers, and so reasonably priced, especially compared to some of the exorbitant prices charged for valet pricing by some of it's competitors. Definitely recommended.
January 27, 2012

Catriona Nicholson

First Class service. Due to adverse weather in Glasgow our return flight was delayed six hours but the 'Happy Days Meet and Greet' chauffeur was there waiting late at night and in good spirits. Recommend and would use the company again.
January 4, 2012

Jackie merritt

Brilliant parking company. Punctual, no fuss and excellent service. I have now used them twice and will be using them again in the near future. I used to be a fan of the park up and catch a bus to the airport companies but am now a total convert to the meet and greet chaps. This has got to be the best and least stressful way of getting to the airport on time. Happy Days Meet and Greet is great value for money and give an excellent service.
December 21, 2011

H Lloyd

no problems. bit of a wait but were there when they said they would be
December 12, 2011

Tony Simister

Valet Parking often works out as cheap for a long weekend, and it's a lot more convenient, so it's always worth checking the price. I've used the Meet + Greet service a few times now, and it's always worked well. Just one issue - it is important to ring when you're about 20 minutes away, to ensure someone is there to meet you. This can pose a problem if you're travelling alone.
November 30, 2011

Rory Robertson

first time i've used a meet & greet. found it easy & hassle free. Would recomend this service.
November 22, 2011

jenny messenger

Great service, no problems. Fantastic value
November 7, 2011

Nicki Buckland

No problems with the collection other than there was no procedure to check and confirm any damage to the car. When the car was delivered back to us, it had a large scrape on the rear bumper. Having pointed this out to the owner (who had delivered the car to us but not collected it), he showed us a scrappy piece of paper with biro markings around the picture of a car thereon. He tried to say that he had checked the car before it was parked and that was the damage he had noted. This was not done in our presence and on trying to tell him this was new damage, he was rude and obnoxious and would not accept that the fault was his. Shocking customer service, would NEVER EVER use again as they damaged our car and refused to take responsibility. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY IF YOU WANT AN UNDAMAGED CAR!!!
November 1, 2011

Nige H

Fantastic fantastic fantastic. Easy, on time, cheap and good service. Will use again. NH
October 17, 2011

Colin Keywood

Happy Days Meet & Greet worked very well. Great value, good service & the kids really liked the name!!?
October 4, 2011

Peggy Van Nieuwenhove

Collecting the car was perfect. I arrived 30 min before booked meeting time and within 10 min someone was there to meet me. Return was a different story. I had to wait for 25 minutes before my car was returned and the driver was a very arrogant individual. Not a nice experience!
September 22, 2011

Anuj Bahl

After searching prices of airport parking we came across Happy Days Meet and Greet. We'd never used this type of service before but we thought the value was fantastic. Having heard horror stories about some meet and greet services, I have to say, we were slightly apprehensive. On meeting us they were very polite and quick to deal with necessities. We told them about a problem with the car and they were completely fine with it. On returning back, we telephoned after picking up our luggage, we walked out of Heathrow to the pick up point and within 2 minutes our car was back. Quick, simple and hassle free. I will definitely be using this service again and would 100% recommend Heathrow Happy Days Meet and Greet to anyone. A fantastic service and very good value. Thank you.
September 22, 2011

William Jackson

Rapid collection and instant return. Very convenient. Slightly un-nerving to find a car-park ticket for a public car-park in Hillingdon in the car on its return - this had been issued later in the morning on the day we dropped the car off. Presumably this car-park was used as a staging-post on the way to a more permanent parking place?
September 4, 2011

Annette Spindler

The overall service was good if a little amateur (tatty slips of paper) the staff were very polite and pleasant (best bit). The major issue was that we were early(we did phone ahead) but due to number of staff they were unable to meet on time. Also on our return we had to wait at least 25mins for the car.
August 30, 2011

Karen Peacock

It couldn't have been simpler. Left the car at departures where it was picked and then returned and within 10 minutes it was dropped. The Happy Days people were polite and friendly would recommend and use this service again.
August 29, 2011

Dr Graeme Baldwin

This is the first tiem I have used this service and was absolutely delighted with it. Not only is it cheaper than taking your car to an off- airport park and being bussed in and back, but the guy was there to take the car off us as we left and the car was back within 15 minutes of ringing when we were got back. Finally, hard any miles had been clocked up whilst in their care! Brilliant service which I'll use again and highly recommend.
August 23, 2011