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Mrs B osborne

Very good I had to change my return flight and it was not any problem, many thanks i would use your services again.
October 22, 2008

Chris Adams

The service was excellent in terms of the efficiency of the meeting both before and after our trip. Unfortunately, however, some loose change that we had left in the ashtray to pay for the Severn bridge had been removed. This left a slightly bad taste for us.
October 3, 2008

Alison Curtis

Happy Days was great. First time I've paid extra for this 'meet and greet' service and I will emphatically do so again. On time for collection and delivery, no problems at all, very friendly service, easily contactable by phone for both ends of the journey. The only slight 'iffy' was that the member of staff delivering the car at the end was stood smoking next to the car with my window open whilst waiting for us. We noticed when we drove off that some of the smoke had obviously drifted in. I am very strict about people smoking in my car (they don't!). If he had shut the window first it wouldn't have happened and I probably wouldn't have also wondered if he'd actually smoked whilst driving. I thought it worth a mention so the drivers can be reminded that we non smokers have noses like bloodhounds! A very small detraction from an overall excellent service.
September 22, 2008

Dr Remington Norman

Happy Days Meet and Greet - 29 August to 10 September Comments: On arriving at LHR T4 no one appeared to meet me despite having called them 20 minutes before to advise ETA. I had to call them twice before someone finally turned up. This caused difficulties with parking wardens at the terminal drop-off point. On return I telephoned as instructed after luggage pick-up. From then, it took Happy Days nearly 25 minutes to get the car back to T4 and I had to call twice more to ask why it had not arrived. There was no significant traffic delays at 1000 that day, so this is not a credible excuse. There is not much point paying a premium for a 'meet and greet' service if it takes so long to pick up and deliver the car. With the delay experienced at pick-up on my return, it would probably have been quicker (and certainly cheaper) to take a shuttle to a remote parking. Happy Days could improve their service if they called the customer's mobile to advise on delays. All in all, this was a very poor service indeed.
September 11, 2008

Nigel Bayliff

Well organised and good value valet parking firm. Easy pick-up at T5 and then vehicle dropped back within 10 mins of call from customs. Will use again
September 3, 2008

Jane Hargrave

Good service, waited 20mins for car, longer than normal, but ok.
September 2, 2008

Alan Lattimer

Everything worked to plan, no hold ups which made transferring from car to airport a pleasure rather than a timely bore!
August 26, 2008

Anthony Miller

Drop off and pick up were smooth enough though it took a little longer in both cases then I would have liked, but Heathrow is a difficult place I know.
August 25, 2008

Matthew Squibb

Drop off and collection of car was easy and efficient. Staff were pleasant and helpfull. Price difference for meet and greet was well worth the convienience.
August 22, 2008

Christopher Gray Girling

Excellent service and very convenient would recommend
August 5, 2008

Frederick W Dumbleton

Great service
July 29, 2008

James Vyvyan-Robinson

The employee who met me at the airport was cheerful, courteous, helpful, timely and professional. However my car was returned with a large dent in the boot door (estate car). This was presumably done without being reported and therefore was a shock to me when I checked the vehicle. On this basis, although the service was good, I can not recommned 'Happy Days' and will not use them again in the future. I have now got to make contact and go through all sorts of hassle to get the car repaired and try to get hold of your insurance details etc. Not good!!
July 28, 2008

Steve Cornish

Very good service. We rang about 15 mins before arrival and the driver was waiting for us when we arrived at Heathrow. When we returned we phoned from the baggage collection hall and only had to wait about 10 mins for our car to be delivered. I will definately use this again.
July 17, 2008

Elaine Willis

Arrival at airport: instructions were unclear - phone always or only phone if you are going to be delayed? We phoned when we arrived' circulated Term 4 about 20 times and waited 25 mins to be met. Departure: waited 20 mins from phone call (were told 10 mins). Not very impressed. Probably would not recommend.
July 14, 2008

Catherine Borel-Saladin

This was the first time we had used a meet and greet service and were a little disappointed. When we got to the airport (exactly at the time agreed) they were not there to "meet us", we called and that was when they set off. When we returned, we called when they said (once had baggage) but again waited about 20 mins for them to arrive so in the end for the extra cost might as well have used the bus service (when we initially called they told us to go and get the bus!!! this was after being cut off from them 3 times to call to say we had our luggage and were ready to "greet" them). We would try again but probably with a different company.
June 1, 2008

David Tom

The 'Meet' was very poor. We turned up 5 minutes early expecting to be met but noone was there. We telephoned 'Happy Days' and received an ear full from a lady, advising that we should have called 15 minutes before scheduled arrival. We did not think this necessary and subsequently had to wait 35 minutes to be meet. Not a 'Happy Day'. The 'Greet' was good and was surprised that the driver would not accept my customary tip to 'Meet and Greet' drivers. Strange really as I thought the drivers survive on the tips. I am though not complaining as i am a bit wealthier.
June 1, 2008


Really friendly and great meet and greet man. The girl in the office was a bit vague and not very concerned........
May 24, 2008

Kay Jones

Excellent overall, would recommend them. On departure we were looking like arriving at Terminal 5 LHR some 30 minutes or more before we had booked collection so we called them any a very friendly operative said they would get the guy to us earlier - he was there within a few minutes of our arrival. On return a call after we'd collected luggage and again they were there within 10 minutes. Both drivers (going out and return) were very friendly and helpful, and their phone based people were equally pleasant. Definite 5 stars here!!
May 21, 2008

D M Rendell

This was the first time I had used such a service instead of taking a taxi to the airport. It was efficient, easy, and I would certainly use them again.
May 17, 2008

A Gait

Very good service, would use them again.
May 14, 2008

sarah cowen

Very promtual - good communication and flexibility for changes with times.
May 7, 2008

Simon Bane

The car collection was perfect and the driver arrived at the pre-arranged time. The company gave a courtesy call approximately 1/2 hour before we arrived to check that we were arriving at the airport as per our scheduled time. The return drop off was also very prompt (within 20 minutes of my call after having collected luggage). All in all a great service which I would definitely use again.
May 6, 2008

Alan Speight

I used the valet service as I was flying from LHR T4 and returning to LHR T2. On the day I found I was going to arrive about 15 mins early, so I rang the number for "on the day" changes as advised about 15 mins earlier than that. I was told that the driver was currently at T1 and would try to get over to T4 in time. In the event he didn't arrive until 10 minutes after the original time booked! So I found it fairly frustrating driving round in circles at T4 for 25 minutes until the dirver showed up. Perhaps they need more drivers to allow for greater flexibility. On the return the driver returned with the car within the 10 to 15 minutes advised. The car was in good condition, with just 15 miles on the clock which seemed reasonable to me. Driver was cheerful and friendly. I would give a higher rating were it not for the late appearance of the driver at the start of my outward journey.
May 2, 2008

kerry winder

we rung the meet & greet 30 minutes before arriving at airport, my husband sat in the car waiting for them for 2 hours ! ! he rung them and they said the traffic was bad !Terrible start to our holiday, when returning to uk we rung them and waiting 30 minutes Not good. I have used Meet and Greet on several times and have always been very pleased we will never use this company again
April 25, 2008

Jeremy Ide

Some slight confusion at the start as the instructions appear to imply that do should only ring if you cannot make the agreed drop-off time when the reality is that you should ring when you are 20 mins away regardless. Apart from that the service was exactly what I hoped for. The staff were both polite and compatent and the car was delivered in exactly the same condition as when dropped off. I can recommend using the 'meet and greet' concept and using 'Happy Days' for it.
April 17, 2008

Wendy Cowell

Would recommend using this company to friends and family. We arrived early and telephoned the company and were pleasantly surprised to be met at the airport on our return we followed instructions and again were immediately met outside with our luggage. If you can maintain this service then there should be no negative reviews. Thank you very much.
March 31, 2008

jamie macdonald

Good experience on my meet and greet with FHR parking. No name board hoewever, with the guy collecting my car, kinda met by chance. Coming back on Good Friday the airport and traffic were horrendous.
March 31, 2008

margaret goodison

Arrived at Terminal 3 and collection driver was there to meet us. (contacted them earlier to advise of earlier arrival than booked) Everything was smooth and so easy with the meet and greet service. We had a short wait for our vehicle on our return landing, but nothing to worry about. I have to say this proved to be excellent value for money. So much easier to do meet and greet. First class service
March 29, 2008

d m george

worked very well even though I put the wrong landing terminal - soon sorted. Great service
March 19, 2008

David Neill

Excellent service. We arrived early for departure but a driver was there within minutes to pick up the car. On return we were 3 hours late but again we had our car within minutes of walking out of the terminal. Well worth paying the extra cost of meet and greet to avoid the hassle of the transfer buses to and from the car parks.
March 16, 2008