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"Firstly DriveFly Luton were 30 minutes late picking us up at 10.30pm on a Thursday so traffic wasn't an issue. Also strongly believe they used our car whilst we were away. Our dash cam had been unplugged and tampered with. Mileage when we left was 18 and 244 when we arrived. Will NEVER use them again. THINK TWICE BEFORE USING THEM! Always take pictures of mileage before and after as well as the condition of the car as proof."

February 17, 2018

"Arrived back 15th feb 2018 , Having a confused converstaion on where to collect the car, And waiting longer than told, Car had much less fuel and was dirty, inside full of sludge and outside also dirty. We really have no idea where they actually kept our car, Had to stop and fuel up at services knowing we should have got home on the fuel in the car !!!!!"

February 16, 2018


I left my car with these people for three days and when it was returned there was mud splattered up the sides and my RoadHawk Dash Camera was disconnected!!! This suggests that the cars are not parked securely and/or they are driven badly between the airport and the place of storage. They clearly have something to hide as all information from the Dash Cam had been deleted from the SD card from the point I dropped the car off. I also noticed as I was leaving the car park at Heathrow one of the drivers in a customer's car (that I had just seen being dropped off) squaling away from the exit at high speed. Clearly these people do not respect the cars that customers leave in their care and thus to not deserve our business.

Read the other reviews before chosing this company to take care of your car"

February 7, 2018

"Good service car was waiting for us on our return would use them again and recommend them"

February 1, 2018

"Worst company in the parking industry. They smashed my car and when they returned it back to me asked if i brought the car in to me like this. Very unhelpful. They denied any responsibility. Very unprofessional. I would avoid this company completely. Their agreement with heathrow should be cancelled."

January 31, 2018

The process of dropping off & picking up your car is chaotic and time consuming - not as described.
The staff we dealt with were rude and unhelpful.
The car was damaged but I have merely been referred to their T&Cs where they refuse to accept any liability.
The fuel warning light came on as soon as we started the car - we left it with a quarter of a tank.
We booked through a third party offering a hotel & parking package so we didn't check reviews or T&Cs beforehand - learn from our expensive mistake and avoid this company."

January 22, 2018

Used this service at Heathrow, on collection of my vehicle I found my radio locked out and my manual sitting on the seat where someone had tried to reconfigure it. The interior was mud stained and my boot was damp and smelt of oil. I then noticed my windscreen was scratched all over the surface and it looked as if it had been scrapped with abrasive materials. Will need replacing.
Staff denied knowledge of any incidents and damage and company refused to take liability. Staff are clearly dishonest and will not care for your vehicle!"

January 21, 2018


Negligent company, terrible service! Our car arrived with all scratches along the side & damage to the wheel arch. Whilst the driver denied knowledge he did accept it wasn’t there before, but the company have denied it & won’t accept responsibility for the damage they caused. Joke of a company, I would never use again. They should be shut down."

January 17, 2018

"Car was returned to me on Wednesday 10/1/18 on my return from abroad. The state of the car both inside and out was in a disgustingly untidy condition with chunks of mud around the mudguards, wheels and inside the car, particularly on the passenger side evidencing the car was driven with passengers on board with dirty footwear. I am also absolutely certain that my car was driven in dirty muddy tracks and I have no idea where it was parked by the company in my absence. I have given 1 star for the driver's good timekeeping and phone communication.
If you like your car and want it to be returned in the clean condition you left it I urge you not to use this company. I have taken pictures of the state of my car, which I am happy to share (please contact me)."

January 11, 2018


All was well for the day we arrived at Heathrow Airport and dropped the car off on 20th December 2017. The process all ran smoothly and took all of 5 minutes which was excellent. However the return pick up was not as smooth.

Our flight landed early so we phoned the number as soon as we were collecting our bags to give the team time to get our car and bring it to us. They said it would be 20 minutes.

20 minutes passed we got to level 3 to pick our car up but it was not there. It was fine as we understood that it is a busy time of year but then 1 hour passed. I asked for an update from the attendant as to where our car was, they phoned the office/controller and said that our car would be another 20 minutes. We waited and still no sign of our car.

Another hour has passed by I am asking for updates. The staff have changed twice and each time I am being told a different story.
1st person – said our car had 20 cars in front and will take 45 minutes then on second update said there are 40 cars in front and it will be 1hr 30 mins.
2nd person – said they phoned the office and our car was in a long stay car park and would only be 20 minutes

By this point it was becoming very frustrating as we were being told all different scenarios.

3 hours later and still no sign of our car. I phoned the customer service number who said they would get our car to us in 30 minutes. Waited for 45 minutes and still no car.

I am now so frustrated that I am calling the dispatch number myself as none of your attendants were willing to help (they were pretending to call the number when I asked them to). The dispatch then decide to tell me that they have been lying about the situation and really what has happened is that there are 2 cars in front of our car which the staff have lost the keys to and therefore they can’t move them to dispatch our car out to the terminal. Each time I phoned to get an update (which I shouldn’t have to do your staff should have assisted and been more helpful) the person on the phone would laugh at me when I got annoyed. In the end we sat there for 5 HOURS before our car finally arrived. I have never felt so helpless, frustrated and disappointed. Every time a new attendant appeared they could not believe how long we had been sitting there for and told us to complain as it is simply unacceptable.

When the car arrived it was absolutely filthy dirty covered in mud and also there was no petrol in the tank even though we had a near on full tank when we arrived.

I have never had such a bad experience before with any meet and greet company and was left frustrated and quite frankly disgusted with the customer neglect and lack of help. There was one attendant who was with us for the last hour before we got our car and he was the only one who was willing to help and when our car finally came he helped with our bags and apologized which was appreciated.

All of our radio stations had also been altered to a completely different channel."

January 8, 2018

"Car scratched. Should have read reviews. Avoid and use someone reputable. It's cheaper in the long run"

January 3, 2018

"Truly awful experience. Waited an hour for car to be returned, during several phone calls during that hour was told 'car was just around the corner'. Clearly being fobbed off. When complained to the staff, told well it is the holiday period. Terrible service from all involved at this company."

January 3, 2018

"Waited over an hour for car to be returned. Lied to three times by the guy at the desk saying car was on the way. Car arrived - not ours. Then said our car had been sent back because it had alredy been there for over an hour but couldn’t explain why we were then standing waiting for the car???!!!! Never again."

December 15, 2017

"This is not a real Meet & Greet Service!!!
Because they have to pay Heathrow to enter the car park they wait until you call to retrieve the car from their remote location, which is 15-20 minutes away. Even if they know your flight number and can see it has arrived on time, they require you to call when you have your luggage (3 mins from pickup), so you never get your car faster than 12 minutes late. Mine took 20 minutes and after complaining, I got the following reply (including misspellings!) offering me £5 back and explaining that they run a 45 minute (Yes, you read that right 45 minute!) service. I told them to donate it to charity and I would never use them again but I bet they just kept the money!

This is what they said....
Please be advised under our terms and conditions that you singed and agreed to when you dropped your vehicle at London Heathrow Airport. I would like to refer you to the following point:
5.5 We endeavour to deliver your vehicle back to you within 45 mins depending on traffic, weather conditions."

November 20, 2017

"Easy drop off but waited 20 minutes for my car on pickup. Never had problems with other providers of having to call. Totally missed the point of meet and greet."

November 16, 2017

"Last 2 times I have had to wait for car when picking it up - over half an hour last night. Would have been quicker to catch bus to airport car-park. Never had damage although chewing gum box and car park ticket left in footwell last time. Not sure I will use again. Note the Google reviews give 1* vs 4.4 on this site..."

November 9, 2017

"Very poor customer service. Incorrect information regarding drop off location on receipt. No one manning phones when collecting. I waited over half an hour and staff at collection were not helpful."

November 8, 2017

"Ok, so there can be problems. But Drivefly don't care and they fob you off with excuses. 20 minutes I was told on arrival... which is longer than normal anyway.....
Now 45 minutes later and I'm still waiting, others have waited more than an hour!! Prices were also 40% higher than usual as they cash in on half term
Disgusted and am now an ex customer"

October 25, 2017

"My car was returned with a cracked windscreen. Drivefly has refused to replace it, and thus far has not responded to follow emails and declined to speak to me on the phone. Not exactly great customer service!"

October 13, 2017

"Meet and greet at Terminal 5 very smooth. On return, we landed at Terminal 3, so phoned to confirm this. Collection was slow (around 40 minutes) but the change of Terminal was not a problem. No damage to car or extra mileage. Will use again."

October 13, 2017

"This is an appalling company. Not only did they damage my daughters new car but they denied it happened . Just getting a response from their appalling customer service was bad enough. Now we are left with a repair bill. Please stay well clear of this company"

September 24, 2017

"Waited 55 minutes from contact phone call to picking up my car.
Will not use again.
Other customers were also waiting, very disappointing service"

September 18, 2017

"BEWARE! DO NOT USE IF YOU VALUE YOUR VEHICLE. Car returned with freshly kerbed alloy wheel and they made a proper job of it as well. The attendant was very apologetic but Head Office deny any responsibility and refer you to the small print in the terms you sign on drop off, section 4.4 if you are interested. In short they will not accept liability for any damage they inflict. Rank amateurs. Pay a bit more any use a reputable customer focused service provider."

September 11, 2017

"Car was picked up and returned without issue. However the exterior of the car was filthy as if it had been kept under a tree. I'd be interested to know if all the cars are kept in a secure compound? I wouldn't use again."

September 8, 2017

"Used the service at Heathrow terminal 3 and took precautions after reading all the negative feedback on here, when I returned from holiday my car wasn't ready and delivered over an hour after collecting my luggage despite me calling. Once I received my car I noticed it had ben damaged, rear bumper clearly been driven into a post, when I raised it with the attendant he said that he could do nothing and I would have to raise the complaint online with the people I had booked with (British Airways) as with so many on here I have received a complete denial and unwillingness to accept any responsibility for the damage despite having photo evidence before and after. I will be taking this further, but a note of CAUTION to all potential users DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE unless you want your car damaging."

August 29, 2017

"My 2 month old car had a dent in the bumper on collection - looks like a tow bar reversed into it to me. Obviously they are denying all responsibility. Not sure why they think customers would invent damage - it is too much hassle to do that. Avoid, avoid, avoid!!!!!"

August 25, 2017

"Terrible Company!

Upon my car being returned to me, I noticed that the rear tyre was partly flat and had clearly being driven that way, as a result of this, that tyre was dangerous and could not be used, I pointed this out to the driver, who seemed very unaware and uninterested in it, I asked him why he had driven my car with a flat tyre, he did not have a answer to this question. I rang the office who, after a long conversation where they also seemed uninterested, advised me to issue a complaint, I was now left with no other alternative to drive a 45 mile journey home late at night without a spare wheel
I did pursue a complaint with the company and after a few emails a person called Rishi emailed me denying all responsibility, I had to follow up the emails with phone calls as I was being ignored, each time I asked for Rishi, but was told that he was unavailable , no other explanation was given and each time the person I spoke to could not offer any help whatsoever,
This is a terrible company and I will not be using them again, I feel that I will not get any satisfaction from this company, but sincerely hope that this does not happen to someone who perhaps may not spot the damage and drive away in danger,


August 23, 2017

"DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - THEY ARE COWBOYS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER. We dropped our car off at Heathrow and when we collected it 2 weeks later there was a deep scratch from the drivers door right down to the passenger door. They are denying all responsibility when they have clearly caused the damage. Car was absolutely filthy too. AVOID AT ALL COSTS - you may save a few pounds on the cost of parking but you'll end up paying HUNDREDS OF POUNDS for damage caused at their hands."

August 21, 2017

"Damaged my car whilst I was away. Have before and after photos to prove the damage was done whilst in their care.
Are denying all responsibility so in the process of taking matter to small claims court.

August 7, 2017

"It was actually really good, nothing could have gone easier. They were there waiting to pick the car up and the car was delivered really quickly. Very straight forward"

August 1, 2017