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Debbie Epstein

We were met at the beginning and end of our trip with great efficiency and timeously in both cases. The price was very competitive and we will definitely use it again. We did ask the driver who picked up our car at the beginning to arrange to have it valeted and he obviously forgot to arrange this but this was a very small point overall.
January 31, 2011


I had an excellent experience. Fantastic for convenience and value for money. Wish I knew about it before.
January 27, 2011

Miya Knights

Good, prompt experience overall. But signposting the departures lane pick-up point was not very clear. There can be a lot of congestion in that area and earlier clearly indicating the operator's pick-up area would be useful.
January 20, 2011

Jon Whittle

Very happy with the service provided. Exceptionally quick on our return.
January 19, 2011

david jackson

drop-off and pick-up all on time, even got the late change to car notification on time. recommend this service to all my friends
January 18, 2011

Denis Fitzpatrick

Having never used a 'Meet and Greet' before only the off-site car parks via bus I was a bit unsure. However after actually using this company I will never use a car park again at Heathrow. The amount of hassle that was removed by having my car taken away at arrivals and delivered back to me at the T3 short stay car pack was worth every penny (it even cost the same as the off site option!) Easily saved at least an 1hr on getting to and from the off site car park. Not to mention lugging the luggage around. I will recommend Budget Meet and Great to all my friends (and any one else) I will certainly use them again.
January 17, 2011

Jim Stevenson

Driver was waiting for us at Heathrow for departure & arrival. Service was simple and "did what it said on the tin" and the on-line price via Airport Parking Shop was very competitive compared to travelling colleagues who booked similar service via other apparently approved partners
January 14, 2011

Stuart Fraser

The system worked very well, and we'll definitely be using this method of car parking in the future. The driver appeared promptly when we were leaving, and the car was returned almost exactly to the minute. Many thanks!
January 12, 2011

Ian Patient

Excellent service as always. It's worked every time without a hitch.
January 12, 2011

R Savur

This is the third time we have used this service and have found it excellent each time. We were caught up in the cancellations of flights by BA during the closure of Heathrow, and Purple Parking was very flexible, sending a driver to pick up our car, and then allowing us to take the car back when we found our flight had been cancelled by BA at the last minute. They rescheduled at no cost. The second time, the person picking up suggested that we go into the terminal and check that our flight was actually operating before we handed the car over to him. Finally, our return terminal was different from the departure terminal (out on BA, back on Qantas, though a code share!) and they had no problem being advised of this just when we landed. The car was waiting for us in the short stay car park by the time we collected our bags... The only issue we could think of is that they took a long time (15 minutes) to answer the phone during the disruption (but we compare this with BA which said: "We are unable to answer your call," and disconnected us!).
January 5, 2011

Helen Heeren

I will never book with this company again. We were scheduled to fly out of Heathrow on Dec. 19 at 8:30 am. I checked the status at about 5:15 am and the flight was cancelled. I called the number for Budget Meet and Greet that you are supposed to call 30 minutes before they are to meet you and said our flight was cancelled so we wouldn't be coming. The girl on the phone said they were closed as well and the meet and greet service wasn't operating. I assumed a refund would be given without question. When I called 3 days later I was told that I hadn't contacted them within 24 hours and no refund would be given. I emailed a complaint and was given a choice of a voucher to use good for a year minus a £15 administration charge. If British Airways can give a full refund for the cancelled flights and hotel, I can't believe that Budget Meet and Greet can't do the same for a service that wasn't even operating that morning. Shameful. I won't use them again, ever.
January 3, 2011

Andrew Digby

Excellent service - many thanks
December 30, 2010

Nick Davies

First impression very bad indeed. Called them as I drove up to airport to be told that the had no record at all of my booking! While I was still arguing with this individual, now parked at Heathrow , his driver tapped on my car window to deliver a flawless service on time, completely contradicting the confused gentleman I first spoke to!
December 21, 2010

Graham Crawford

Excellent - we phoned to say we would be arriving earlier than expected at the airport - no problem, he was there to meet us. On return a lovely warm car was delivered to us - blissful!
December 10, 2010

Ken Robertson

Very efficient and helpful service. Car ready at the airport on our return. Our flight had been delayed so grateful that we could just get in and go. Takes some of the stress out of air travel
December 8, 2010

Craig MacFadyen

Excellent service. Saved me a lot of time meaning I was far more relaxed going to and returning from Heathrow. Will definately use again.
November 29, 2010


Excellent prompt service
November 23, 2010

Paula Padmore

Have used this service twice in past 3 weeks, worked really well both times, although there was a bit of a delay getting our car back to us the 2nd time (which after very long journey and delays disembarking was a bit of a bore), but on the whole very happy.
November 22, 2010


I am delighted to report that I had an excellent service from Budget Meet and Greet, including the price, and everything worked like clockwork. I will be pleased to use them again and to recommend them to my friends.
November 22, 2010

michael brown

The instructions to drop off the car were clear but when we telephoned thye asked for the reference which was not the booking refe but turned out to be the one they gave us when we dropped off the car. otherwise ok
November 10, 2010

Paul Frampton

The parking experience was a disaster. I booked online, with Heathrow Budget Meet and Greet/ Park and Go, all appeared well, I received the confirmation email and email voucher with instructions. I phoned when I left home to confirm the time I expected to arrive at the airport. This was later than originally booked, but they amended the booking and said the chauffeur would meet me at the airport. When I arrived at the airport there were a number of chauffeurs there, but no one came to meet me/my car. I waited for some time but no one came. As it was starting to get close to the time I needed to check in, I phoned again, and the man on the phone said they did not have a booking from me. I said I had the confirmation email, the voucher, and had spoken to one of his colleagues earlier who had appeared to know about my booking, he could not find it and suggested that I had made a mistake. I had the confirmation email and voucher printed out and with me, and he then said that he had found my booking, and went of to their dispatchers to arrange for chauffer to come and pick up my car. I explained that I had a plain to catch so needed someone there urgently. I was now getting very concerned, one got irate or rude, but I had no indication of how long it would take a chauffer to get to the car park. I then said that I would stay on the phone line to them until someone approached me to collect my car, and they rang through to Purple Parking (who had chauffeurs waiting) to collect my car. So then five minutes of giving Purple Parking my details etc., and I was running for my flight, which I still though I may be able to make. Unfortunately with all the delays I was not in time to catch my flight, so lost my ticket, (as flights to Sofia are limited, I had to rebook with another airline 8 hours later), missed the first ½ day of the meeting I was supposed to be in and had to spend a day in Heathrow Airport. Purple Parking which picked up this mess seamed to work well and efficiently, even tracking a delay in my return flight, and notably, when I gave my booking reference on the phone, replied with my name, (which was comforting having had the bad experience at drop off).
November 9, 2010

David Farenden

We were met at the agreed time by a very courteous gentleman who gave us instructions as to what we should do on return, all went well, we would recommend this service to anyone
November 5, 2010

Nathan Hillman

Excellent service and it worked really well. no waiting around which is not what I have experienced with other suppliers of this service
November 4, 2010

Nigel Clarke

Great service and very east to use. I was greated when I got to the car park which was very close to T5 and the car handover was quick and easy. When I returned, my car was waiting for me and I was quickly on my way home - some much better than waiting for a bus in the cold !!
November 4, 2010

Keith Holland

Good site, easy to use - and got me full meet & greet parking for less than an off-site car park. Would recommend again
November 2, 2010

Philip Nalpanis

Only doubt was whether to turn left (signposted Valet Parking) or right after descending ramp into drop-off area. But meeter was there and beckoned me over. On return, my bag was very slow arriving but the driver with my car made no complaint.
November 1, 2010

Catherine Gunn

Very efficient service, will definitely use again in the future. Thank you.
October 29, 2010

R Granger

Great service - everything worked as it should - driver was there to meet us on departure, and car was ready on return, OH and NO excessive miles! Will definitely use again and recommend to friends. Thanks
October 28, 2010

Andrew Morris

Excellent efficient service.
October 26, 2010

marilyn harper

I telephoned en route as I was supposed to do only to find that my booking had not been put onto the system, even though I had received a confirmation email. Purple Parking had to retake all the details from my in my panicked state. The airport security asked me to move on twice which added to my panic. On my return I had to wait 20 minutes at the top of the cold multi storey car park before my car was returned. I had called when I touched down to say I was on my way to baggage claim, so I am at a loss as to why it took so long. I am very upset at the service I received especially as I was a woman travelling along.
October 25, 2010