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David McIntosh

Peefect will use again,no problems at all thank you
April 19, 2012


Service was very prompt, efficient and friendly. Though there are car parks closer to the airport, I wouldn't hesitate to use these guys again as the service was very, very good.
April 17, 2012

john shields

Excellent service, freindly helpful staff. Thank you.
April 15, 2012

Julia Johnson

Very efficient in both directions.
April 14, 2012

Mr Andrew Hill

Fantastic service. Professional, courteous and efficient. We'll be back and we have told our friends.
April 11, 2012

Andy Donnell

Excellent service and good value.
April 8, 2012

Roger Perry

It was the cheapest on the web page. There was no waiting around when I arrived, and service was prompt from the airport, and even some advice about the roads from the driver.
April 3, 2012

Andrew Hill

Superb service, not far from Airort, swift cheery service. Bus was ready to take us on leaving our car and our return bus was on its way when we phoned on landing and waiting on us by the time we had cleared baggage. in addition itwas half the price of all but one of it's competitors.
March 28, 2012

Keith McPherson

Friendly staff and prompt transfer to and from Glasgow airport. I will use again and would nave no hesitation in recommending
November 5, 2010


Our carpark and pick up service with you was very good, no problems at all.
October 28, 2010

Dorothy Ferry

Used your car park from 10th to 17th October. The tranfer from park to airport and back was excellent. I phoned on my return journey and the bus was waiting when we came out of the airport. I'd like to give a special mention to your driver who transferred us Glasgow Airport. His guided tour of Paisley was hysterically funny and really put us in the holiday mood. 1st class service, thank you.
October 18, 2010

Valerie Renton

Excellent service again. Prompt service on both our departure and return.
October 10, 2010

Siobhan Reilly

First class service from dropping the car off, being dropped off at the airport, being picked up again and collecting keys. First class service all the way
September 8, 2010

Ann Parker

Travelling out was fine - no complaints. On our return, the weather was really bad and the pick up bus was slow in arriving at the airport. The seat that i sat on was wet and it was only when I was soaked through that I discovered this. I then noticed that the snow/rain was dripping in through the top of the window, running down and onto the seat. When I made the staff aware of this I was fobbed off with it is only condensation. I only wanted them to put the seat out of action so that further passengers would not have the same discomfort that I had. I still had an hours journey to make until I was home and it was very unpleasant. There was another customer who discovered that his 3 month old car would not start - I did not think that the staff were very helpful to him either. The member of staff gave the impression that he did not want to leave his cosy warm office.
February 25, 2010


Excellent as always. Had a crisis so had to come back a few days early and staff only too hapy to help and get car out early. First class service and very convenient for airport tranfer time
January 19, 2009


first class service' but they did not have conformation of my booking but rest assured i WILL use again yours john batey
November 15, 2008

Sharon Sales-Mossop

Flyaway Parking was the best value for money that I could find. Directions to the destination need to be updated, as they were incorrect. We had to stop off at a Police Station, and they confirmed that the directions were poor. Never the less, we got there, the staff were friendly, and most importantly we were not kept waiting. I would definately would use flyaway parking again - as long as they remain the best value for money of course)!!!
November 3, 2008


I was not really overly impressed with the service that we received. The first thing was that when we went to leave the cars at your car park the man that served us said that we were not in the system even though it had been paid for weeks ago through the internet, he did sort it out pretty quickly so that was okay. When we returned for our cars two weeks later the Nissan that we left in your care had a completly flat battery. We had to stand around in the pouring rain until it was jump started by one of your employees, the suitcases got soaked because we could not open the boot because the battery was flat and we were all soaked to the skin. I thought that the cars were checked and someone would have noticed that the battery was flat and sorted it out for us before we returned. The battery was only three months old and the car was fine when we left it. That was a disappointing way to end our holiday.
October 27, 2008

Rosemary Carroll

I found the service provided by Flyaway Parking very satisfactory. I arrived at the car park at 3.30am and the transfer to the airport was very quick and efficient.
October 22, 2008

Mr James Johnstone

Drop off and transport to Glasgow Airport was good but on our return at 3 am in the morning we had to stand in the cold and rain for 15 minutes waiting on a bus to transport us to our car. I had already telephoned and was advised bus was on its way but had to phone back after all the other buses for other car parks in the area had already loaded their passengers and left and we were still waiting - the bus then turned up and the driver said that he had left the airport with only 2 people on board from our flight as he was radiod to come back to pick up some more passengers who were waiting.I felt there should have been more than 1 bus and the fact that all the people who were waiting which was about 10 had all phoned so the office knew we had collected our luggage and were on our way out. At that time in the morning after such a long journey I felt it was a poor service.
October 20, 2008

Lydia Valente

Great parking, no issues. Used sat nav to get straight to car park. Park right at reception and hand keys over. Bus waiting to take us to airport. 5 mins. On return journey bus was already waiting as other customers must have called it, so we didnt even need to do anything. Felt safe, friendly staff, great price. Thanks
October 15, 2008

John Burrows

I use Glasgow Flyaway Parking regularly and have yet to find fault with them. Travel to the airport is regular, (seldom more than 10 minute intervals), and staff are courteous and efficient.
October 13, 2008

Phil Draper

Only complaint is how difficult it was to find the place. It was just as well we had left ourselves plenty of time to spare! It'd be best if the directions stated that it was the same location as Flying Scot as that is the more prominent sign you see on approach. And you should show a street map that you can print out and take with you (or at least a link to a street map). Otherwise fine, with a friendly courtoeus service. Thanks Phil Draper
October 7, 2008

Syla Clarke

Great and fast service! Personnel very helpful and polite. Would definitely use it again.
September 30, 2008


I found the service to be very good and would definitely use again.
September 22, 2008

Heather Lynch

We did not need to wait anytime to be taken to the airport after parking the car just by the reception. On returning home,we got to the bus stance and a bus pulled up almost immediately to take us back for the car-and the reception staff efficiently got us our keys, directed us to the car and provided the security code to exit the carpark-it all took less than half and hour from airport to road!
September 17, 2008

Drew McKay

Fantastic Service. 5*
September 16, 2008

David Smart

Excellent service. Easy to find from instructions. Didn't have to wait long for transport to or from airport. Efficient staff and excellent security - the only car park I have used where you had to produce your documentation to retrieve your car keys and where you needed a code to exit the car park. Would definately use again.
September 15, 2008


We found the Airport Parking Shop e-mails helpful and friendly - thank you! Glasgow Flyaway Parking was fine - good price, clear road directions to the parking area, efficient admin and a reasonably speedy transfer to the airport.
September 14, 2008


I write in reply to your email regarding your parking facility - this was the second time we booked with you this year and I found it to be the cheapest and did not offer any less, in fact they provided more than the other more expensive parking facilities at Glasgow airport - so I am one happy customer!
September 12, 2008