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"We were very pleased with the service given. It was quick and efficient, thanks a million."

August 8, 2014

"Although instructions tell you to turn right after roundabout it's not easy to notice turn off. But just u turn along the road and it's easy enough to get to. Easy access, quick turn around for bus transport to and from airport. No issue and will use again."

August 7, 2014

"Completely painless from start to finish.. Great! Would deffo use again but tbh I always go with the cheapest at time of booking ????"

July 25, 2014

"Excellent service to and from car park and airport"

July 18, 2014

"The staff were all very helpful even when I had to return to my car as I had forgotten something important. The time parking the car to being at the airport front door was no more than ten minutes and the same on my return. The transfer vehicle arrived just as I was phoning and we were back at the car again within ten minutes.
All in all a good experience and I will have no hesitation in using the service in the future."

July 8, 2014

"Easy to book and pay. Great location,3 mins from airport as advertised, fast and efficient service to and from the airport, I will use Direct Parking again and would highly recommend this company."

March 21, 2014

"The online efficiency and arrivals procedure for this car park are very good. Unfortunately, when we returned to collect our car, we were deposited at a dark corner of the car park, with numerous puddles and holes in the road. The lighting at this particular corner was not working which exaccerbated the already poor lighting situation.
Why dont they drop customers off at the reception area which is illuminated and then the driver can collect the car and pick up passengers and luggage from the reception are, which has shelter during inclement weather. Would this not be preferential to "dumping" clients in a dark corner of the car park.... Food for thought."

March 6, 2014

"Very good & fast service."

February 13, 2014

"Very good service. Would happily use this car park again"

February 9, 2014

"The staff were wonderfully helpful when we had to return for a week to visit a sick relative (in a five week booking). I had to report to the office so they would know to instruct the computer to let me in and out again.
Good pickup and drop-off service - closest bus stop to the arrivals exit; friendly, helpful drivers.
This very wet winter the car park is suffering from some big puddles you have to avoid when getting to and from the transfer bus."

January 23, 2014

"No problems very pleased with service"

January 19, 2014

"Everything worked like clockwork.Instructions easy to follow and collection on return was spot-on.Will definitely use again."

December 9, 2013

"staff were pleasant even at 04-00 am quick service to and from the airport"

December 2, 2013

"I was a bit disappointed to be dropped so far from my car on returning to Glasgow.It's not a great finish to a holiday to be dumped in the rain, two or three hundred yards with baggage, and left to struggle to your car.To my recollection of my last use of the car park this was not how it worked.Ihope you will be reverting to the previous method where the customer was dropped as near to their car as was possible."

November 9, 2013

"Could not be easier, would highly recommend."

October 30, 2013

"Disappointed to be abandoned at a "this stop for all" and then have to negotiate lots of puddles to get back to our car. Normally use Edinburgh where they deliver you very close to the parking spot."

October 18, 2013

"Very efficient."

October 5, 2013

"Fantastic service from staff and the driver Wilson cheers Wilson"

September 30, 2013

"After parking, went to bus and taken straight to airport by helpful driver. Upon return, called from phone in arrivals area but when we went outside there was a bus standing at stance. Driver put our luggage in back and took us straight to car park. Everything was efficient and friendly. Have used before and will use again."

September 29, 2013

"Quick, easy, no hunting for tickets, totally hassle free.
Quick transfer, take a seat in the bus while your luggage is being loaded.
will use again."

September 20, 2013

"This was easy to book with no problems easy to park and service to airport was excellent bus was waiting when we arrived and as soon as we had our cases on return bus was waiting to take us back to our car."

September 1, 2013

"Great service, buses quick and drivers friendly."

August 30, 2013

"Dear sir or madam.
Excellent service, no waiting at either the car park or the airport minibus waiting.
Both transfers extremely smooth and swift.
Thank you."

August 28, 2013

"Car park and coach transfer were both excellent - a small point our sat nav had trouble getting us to your post code destination - don't know why ?"

August 27, 2013

"The service was very good except that we had to wait too long to be picked up on our return - approx 15 to 20 minute - thanks"

August 25, 2013

"we used direct parking when going on our hols on the 3/8/13, they were fast, efficient and friendly.I would use Direct Parking again and would recommend them too."

August 13, 2013

"Very easy parking and return was great"

July 22, 2013

"In general, happy with the service. However, whereas before there were various drop off points around the carparks, now there seems to be only one, which can involve quite a trek to where your car is parked. Not good if you have had a long, tiring flight, or there is heavy rain when you arrive."

July 17, 2013

"Easy to travel to. Polite helpful staff."

July 14, 2013

"Excellent service, very efficient"

July 10, 2013