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Hilary Gunn

Friendly staff. Quick and easy to use. Easy to locate
September 11, 2011

David Wardrope

I was leaving my car to be picked up by Americans as we are doing a house exchange. Everything went smoothly. I have used air parks before and have always found them very efficient.
September 11, 2011

w kendall

no problems at all, bus transfer quick and painless, no waiting either direction. id recommend remembering better than me where you leave the car if arriving during the night, not easy to find as its so big but each lane is marked alphabetically, its just remembering to do this that i forgot :( ive used 3 times now and never had an issue with their service :)
September 6, 2011

David Elder

Service on way out excellent, but on returning I was surprised to find that I had to leave cases (and wife!)at drop-off area and return with car to collect them. While I apprecaite that I could have chosen to have my car started, etc. and therefore been taken direct to it - I do feel if a customer chooses not to pay extra for this service then a 'proper' pick-up place should be designated for this purpose. The whole drop-off and collection procedure appreared rather amaturish - not to mention downright risky with people ferrying cases back and fore across the entrance road that the busues use. Hope to see a better system in place for our next holiday.
August 29, 2011

Jule Clark

No problems, direction to parking were spot on. No problems with the car on return. Price was good. Schuttle bus was clean with no delays. Staff were friendly
August 25, 2011

neil mealey

great service and price. only improvement I would make is to have the word "airpark" on the card they give you....its hard to remember whos got your car at 4 in the morning after a long flight 2 weeks after you dropped it off !
August 22, 2011

robert gilmour

Very good only thing was when exit the barrier the card and the metal thing with a arrow abit old and dated
August 12, 2011

George Head

Staff were friendly and helpful. I opted to pay the £5 extra so that my car could be parked for me and my keys kept. Even so, this was still the cheapest deal available. The bus to and from the airport was prompt and the drivers very helpful.
August 8, 2011

D Allan

Everything went very smoothly and there were no issues. It was very clear what was expected and didn't have to wait for the bus.
August 4, 2011

Richard Swift

Excelent service. Painless and simple check in and departure. Plenty of room for parking the car in bays that are a good size. Will no doubt use this service again in the future
August 2, 2011

Jason Duncan

Date arrived 11/7/2011 Date returned 26/7/2011 When we arrived we checked in , everything was explained clearly . We were offered the service for us to leave the keys with them and they park the car for £5 . Which we accepted . We were then instantly taken to the terminal . While i was standing in the check in que , i realised the i had left my rucksack in the car . I called the office and they advised that they would check and drop it off at the bus stand .I checked in and walked to the stand were the driver was waiting with my rucksack .the best £5 spent ever . So thank you for the service provided and we will certainly re use and recomend to others . Cheers Jason Duncan
July 27, 2011

lorna murphy

A great experience, staff friendly and helpful. Used the meet and greet service. Having the car brought to the airport on our return was a great idea.
June 28, 2011


have used this car park on two separate occasions and found the service to be very good.Very friendly and helpful staff.
June 14, 2011


May 28, 2011

lesley simpson

no problems at all nice welcome and good services offered bus was there on arrival home.
May 27, 2011

Jacqueline Durkin

The service that we got was very good and price was comparative. The only negative point that I could comment on was that we had to wait for a wee while for the bus to arrive/leave, but a lot of that was to do with the times that other people were arriving at, and it was a maximum of 20 mins!
May 26, 2011

Ian Scobie

Fantstic friendly service. Very efficient check in servie with great extras availabe. Also the shuttle bus is extremely regular, clean and only takes 5/10mins to airport. Drop off point is very short walk to terminal building.
May 10, 2011

Mrs M Cameron

Staff very helpful especially the driver of our bus. On returning to airport the card we had had the phone number scored out and we did not realise that we had to phone. We were travelling via Heathrow so did not see the courtesy phones. However the bus was at the stop about 10 mins after we arrived so there was no problem.
April 27, 2011

Ruth Doctor

Service was OK. Prefer the way its done at the other carpark at the other end of Burnbrae Drive, however it is being refurbished at the moment. Firstly, the other company takes your ticket on entrance from a window at a kiosk, tells you where to drive to then you unpack and immediately get on a courtesy bus to the airport. Your company requires us to park up at the entrance, bring our luggage indoors, then suggest we go and park ourselves (what do we do with our luggage at that point - take it back to the car, or leave it unattended?) Or pay £5 to have someone park the car for you. Aha, that sounds like a swell idea, means I dont have to struggle round a dark carpark at night trying to find my car, yet that is exactly what happened. You actually charged me £5 to drive my car 100 yards for me but not bring it back to the office for my return, what was the point of that?? If you can drive it away for the customer, would it be at all possible to have it returned too?? Secondly, 20 minutes wait between courtesy buses is a long wait when you are trying to make a flight, and the huge clock on the wall with the faint pink marks at 12, 4 and 8 needs to be done up better as I just couldnt understand why there were 3 bus drivers all hanging around yet nobody was taking us to the airport.
April 15, 2011

Mr Clark Dalziel

No issues at all. Service on arrival was very good, all my details were correct. Drivers were very helpful even at 3 a.m. Distance in comparrison to others may put some off but this is not an issue at all. Compare it to some sites at Manchester or other airports.
April 11, 2011

James smart

November 26, 2010

Alan T MacDonald

I am surprised at being offered this opportunity as I had already decided to make some sort of comment? When we arrived back from Egypt, at 0400 hrs, after suffering a long delay, the very last thing we needed was someone dictating what we should be doing. The bus was more than just late following my request, and there were many others; in fact the bus was over-full and some other people were forced to wait for another bus; which we met as we arrived at the car park. The driver stated that passengers and luggage should be off-loaded and then collected from a lean-to building, before exiting the car park. I collected my luggage and wife and we walked to our car and left long before the others who endured this nonsense. Your competition used to collect us from our car and then deliver us back to our car with the very minimum of fuss and we shall be using them in future. I make no apology for this negative report, and hope you can take my points forward for improvement. That is, after all, what you are trying to do; I hope? Rgds Al MAc
November 1, 2010

Helen Foot

We regularly used this car park at Burnbrae Drive, Linwood as we thought the service and car parking area was second to none, however, after our experience this time around, we will definately not be using this car park again. When we arrived we were asked if we wanted one of the attendants to park our car for us for an additional cost, we didn't pay the extra cost and were told to park the car ourselves in an area which can only be described as a floating mud hole! The service is a complete disgrace, never to be repeated!
October 8, 2010


Enjoyed the experience, nice building and fairly well organised, many thanks.
August 3, 2010

Alan W Hulme

Absolutely no problem. Prompt pick up at Glasgpw despite plane arriving 40 mins late.
December 2, 2009

David Smith

I've used this parking site for several years under several site names (Airpark, Q Park, Airparks) and have always found them reliable, reasonably priced, and with pleasant, informative staff. Recent improvements to shuttle buses and customer facilities are welcomed.
November 29, 2009

andrew stewart

excellent service from the moment we pulled up at the car park until our car was delivered to us at the airport in the pouring rain all washed and ready to go (£20 extra)
October 26, 2009

carol latta

Did not know it was self park till I got there, which wasnt a problem till we came home at 3am and tried to remember where had put car.
September 19, 2009

Graham Oswald

This was the first time we had used off-site car parking at Glasgow Airport. We have always used our local taxis but because we were only going away for 4 nights decided to investigate car parking to save money which we did - about half of what we would have spent on the taxis. Airparks were very easy to find and very close to the airport - it took about 5 minutes on the transfer coach each way. Everything was very efficiently and professionally organised and the check-in staff on arrival were very freindly - as were your drivers. If we decide to take our own car again we will definitely use you.
April 29, 2009

stuart kelly

Excellent all round!
March 17, 2009