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Frank hale

Turned at prestwick at 4am on 10th October 2017 having already paid on line for car park near to airport behind billboards, anpr didn’t recognise car redg unfortunately, I pressed intercom and helpful chap took details and told me to take a ticket , barrier opened and I parked the car , on my return about 4 30 pm on 24 October I put the ticket into the slot and machine indicated I owed £257 I pressed intercom button again and a grumpy man when advised of my predicament informed me in a sarcastic monotone voice “well you shouldn’t have took a ticket when you arrived “as if it was my fault I tried to explain that I had been instructed by a staff member to take a ticket but this was met by silence ! Next thing the barrier lifted again total silence no communication from this person even although it was the company’s fault ! Honestly how can people be so ignorant to customers and how do companies let them away with it ! Other than that crap it’s actually a good car park , sign posting for entrance to car park at barrier could be clearer as I and another car almost went into the wrong car park !
November 1, 2017

Alyson Dowie

We use this carpark whenever we fly from Glasgow Airport. It is very easy to use, the staff are friendly and helpfull and we wouldnt consider going anywhere else
September 22, 2013

Yvonne anderson

Not the first time I have used this service and still find it to be excellent service. Will continue to use when flying!
July 22, 2013

Dave Buchan

Easy to find. Friendly staff. Excellent transfer to and from airport.
June 18, 2013

s dolan

The car park was very easy to find and just a few minutes away from the airport. All staff were very helpful and friendly. I have used parking sites before but would definitely recommend and use this one again.
June 12, 2013

D Sinclair

The car park is run very efficiently with everything being clearly explained. The bus runs every 20 mins precisely and takes only 5 or 6 minutes. Bus drivers are very friendly.
May 13, 2013

Derek Mackenzie

Brilliant service and good value for money with the worry free factor about your motor, I dropped it off, they parked it for £5 and took us to the airport, on our return they picked us up and our car was waiting, you could'nt ask for more
July 30, 2012

mrs lesley mackay

we were very satified with the service, very friendly, and helpful, collecting the car at the end of our holiday we had to just make a call and the car was there for us ready for us to drive,the driver was very friendy and helpful,
July 27, 2012


July 17, 2012

Mrs Susan Bamford

I have used this air park on many occasions and will do so in the future.
April 6, 2012

Margaret Thomson

Although I have used this site many times but last year I used it for the first time since the procedures had changed and was not impressed. On our return the driver shouted out the procedure for drop off and when I asked him to repeat this as I was sitting at the back of the bus - he was a little too unpleasant for my liking stating that everyone else heard but this was not so as other people were also confused. We had to unload our luggage and leave them across from the office and then collect our car. On this occassion however, everything was explained on the journey to the airport and on return the young driver assisted in unloading the luggage which was most helpful. Excellent customer service and I would not hesitate to recommend this car park.
April 1, 2012

Gavin McKay

Friendly helpful staff. The only confusion was with the name. Airport Parking called it 'Park & Go', the transfer bus said 'Airparks' & the yellow ticket to reclaim the car had no service provider on it.
March 31, 2012

neil mcconnell

No problems with the car park. Now changed to park yourself unless you pay an additional £5. Work on M8 meant indirect route taken to airport but no major delay in drop off. Pick up was great as bus was waiting on us.
March 19, 2012

Donald love

I have used Airparks Glasgow many times before and would say that they provide an excellent service, but at times find some of there staff lack conviction and are not overly helpfull for example on our last trip we had just boarded the bus on our return journey and sat down beside the only other passenger on the bus when another two passengers no more than ten yards from the bus waved to the driver to wait but no he closed the doors and drove away. Now I know they have a time table to keep but in view of the fact that there was only three of us on the bus I do think he could have picked them up as there is a bit of flexibility built in to their schedule.
March 18, 2012

norma corbett

Pleased with Airparks. Bus was waiting for us on our return which hasn't happened with other parking companies we have used in the past. However we had to find own car on our arrival which wasn't a problem as it was during daylight. Might not have been so happy had it been dark and raining. Price for parking for 6 days was very competitive.
February 26, 2012

James McSeveney

Very good service, from friendly staff.
February 20, 2012

sarfraz ali

i went to the carpark but it was closed due to works so had to find another car park, so lack of comunication
January 3, 2012

Barbara Nicolson

a very professional service ,all staff pleasant .We were pleased .
November 1, 2011

Michael McMullen

Very easy to find and friendly welcome. Offered additional services not included in Airport Parking Shop quote which were reasonable i.e. park car for you and have it ready on return (£5)which in bad weather (which it was on arrival and return)is a plus and a a wash and wax for £2. All in all a pleasing experience and would use again. Only negative is that the buses were full to the brim on return with several standing passengers but only 5 minutes from airport.
November 1, 2011

mrs jane irwin

hi, we have used this car park several times and find the total experience excellent, on this occasion we were traveling with our young grandson of 18 mths, on arrival we were offered a service of having the car delivered to the airport on the return flight,as we returned in the early hours of the morning, this proved to be an invaluable service, as all the flight arriving on 19/09/2011 arrived simultaneously and the queues for the bus transfers lengthy, being able to go to our car and be on our journey home in no time was brilliant, would recommend this even without children, thank you, we will usethis car park again
October 18, 2011

Mr C.

Can't fault your service it was excellent, especially paying £20 at the air park for my car being delivered to the airport, especially at 3am. It saved so much hassle... Thanks again.
October 18, 2011

john king

pleasent staff. thought car was being brought to office on return.instead we were dropped off near car, probably just as easy to have gone and uplifted car myself and saved money. car was washed and clean.
October 17, 2011

Arthur Wheelan

Very efficient operation. Arrived back at almost midnight and bus appeared shortly after we phoned. Our car had been turned on and was warm to go! Staff friendly and helpful and I would recommend this car park to fellow travellers
October 17, 2011

james mills

Unfortunately I have to give this car park the lowest rate possible despite having used it a least 20 occassions, the reason being that as my wife and I were returning to our car around 22.30, which was parked in row J, we were going down Row L which to say that the lighting in the area was virtually non existant my wife took a very bad fall when she tripped causing severe brusing to her left hip, knee and shoulder when she landed on the ground its was actually a speed bump which was unmarked and created out of black tar, more or less invisable due to the lack of lighting in this area. This was witnessed by two men who were behind her and they both commented on this hazard to pedestrians as there is no signage warning of this. I returned and voiced my complaint and serious concern regarding the lack of lighting in the area and about the fact there is no warnng
October 17, 2011

Andrew Russell

No problems.
October 10, 2011

jennifer gillies

was ok going out however the phone number did not work on the way back so we had to stand outside in the rain and hope that a bus came to pick us up when it did we all struggled to get on.
October 9, 2011

David Scott

All went according to plan both on arrival and on departure. The service delivefring the car to the airport worked perfectly so full marks.
September 29, 2011

daniel rafferty

very good service
September 19, 2011

Roddy MacRae

Easy to find and use. Excellent service and would use again.
September 15, 2011

Brian McEwan

Have used them a few times now and feel comfortable and safe with them. Decent turn round times and well organised. Security for entry and exit tight and get to keep your own car keys. Highly recommend.
September 12, 2011