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Mr Vincent Paliczka

Pretty good service overall but the arrangements at Gatwick are just a bit fiddly. Factor in the �3 exit charge when comparing prices
June 10, 2015

Tony Vicary

Was quick and efficient handover going and coming home. only slight problem was the paperwork we printed off said they operated from North terminal so went to wrong car park to begin with thinking we needed to go over on train to the south so could be clearer
June 8, 2015

Ms Cathy Byrne

Great service the car was in the car before we were, which was a welcome sight after flying long haul
June 6, 2015

Mrs L Gerhardt

The service was great and we didn't have to wait long on returning before our car arrived. Would use this service again.
June 4, 2015

Sandra Walker

It would have been very helpful if the guy who delivered the car would have offered to help me as my husband was in a wheelchair and I had bags and a case to load in addition to a wheelchair. He was very nice but just walked off and answered his phone. Other companies I have used have always helped me.
June 3, 2015

James Hey

Brilliant service. Called 10 mins before arriving and were met immediately. Called them on arrival and we were met within 5 mins. Can't fault them.
June 2, 2015

Gerry McCarthy

Everything went as planned and the service was first class even though we were late due to the usual hold ups on the M25. Would easily recommend!
May 29, 2015

Joseph K Brown

Ai component no probs at all, will definitely use again.
May 26, 2015

Mrs Joy Trice

Very efficient drop off and pick up, very pleased.
May 16, 2015

Mr S Rodgers

Everything worked - like it said on the "tin".
May 16, 2015

Christine Broadbent

Excellent service - v impressed with the company. I had to make an amendment to our original time of arrival & confirmation of this was received by e-mail immediately. Directions were excellent & both drivers were there to meet us on arrival & return, & very pleasant. It all worked like clockwork & will definitely use them again & recommend to friends!
May 10, 2015

M E L Summers

We travelled from Gatwick from the 31st March to the 7th April and this was our first time using valet parking. As we were travelling with two young children it worked perfectly and made life so much easier. Would definitely use again and recommend to anyone.
April 13, 2015

C J Elphick

Slightly unsure what to do with the car on arrival as no obvious specific meeting point but all worked well and quick efficient service. Wasn't expecting the �3 charge on exit - my fault - but good price and would use again.
March 28, 2015

Mr J Bennett

An excellent service, everything worked really well. We phoned about 15 min before reaching Gatwick, clear directions to the appropriate car park where we were met. We travelled back to a different terminal but again, no problem, we phoned after going through passport control & the car was waiting for us. Would certainly use this service again.
March 23, 2015

Mrs N Amor

We were really impressed with the Gatwick Valet Parking Company. We have used others before but they weren't as reliable as Gatwick Valet. Even though we wanted an early drop off (430am), the phone was answered immediately and someone was waiting for us in the car park. On our return we called when off the plane and again once we had our luggage and once we entered the car park, our car arrived within 2 mins. Perfect. Will definitely use again.
February 23, 2015

Mr S Adrain

Excellent service
January 21, 2015

Ms Isabelle A Martin

Best service I have had, friendly & amazingly quick to be there and meet us to take car and same when we came back. Would recommend anytime
January 21, 2015

Andoni Auzmendi

Extraordinary service provided. We arrived and parked carrying lots of bulky luggage. The valet took 10 minutes to arrive and take the car. Same great experience on arrival. Highly recommended!
January 13, 2015

Nigel Snook

All went well and much cheaper than the usual providers
January 11, 2015

R J Olive

Prompt vehicle collection & return. Only problem vehicle on return had flat tyre, but when driver found my electronic tyre inflator was not working went off to get his own one and we were on our way in 15minutes. Many thanks
January 5, 2015

Kevin Hills

Arrived in short term car park to be greeted by a very friendly & polite gentleman who helped us remove our luggage from the car and then drove off, completely hassle free. Once again, arrived back from our holiday went straight to the short term car park where our car was waiting having been delivered by the same gentleman who was extremely polite and friendly. A brilliant and hassle free service and a good price I would definitely recommend the Airport Parking Shop to my friends.
January 3, 2015

Mr Robert Ford

I phoned GVPC 15 minute before I got to Gatwick, they said they have not received my booking from APS. They were very good, took some details off me. Told me where to go at Gatwick. They were there when I arrived. On my return I phoned them to say I have my baggage, got to the pickup point only had to wait a few minutes till they arrived with my car. Very happy with the service I got.
December 19, 2014

C A Ballard

Drop off acceptable, on arrival back to Gatwick received a call informing me that my car would not be delivered as they had concerns with the "smoke" coming from the engine, and suggested that I contacted my breakdown company to repair or pick tow away. I was confused as to why this had occurred as the car had been serviced and was collected without a problem ( Jaguar S-Type 2.7 Diesel ). I called the breakdown company and arranged to meet them at the farm yard it had been stored for 12 days, I was collected by the parking company and dropped off where the car had been moved. The temperature was -2 degrees and the car covered in heavy frost. I switched the ignition on and checked the computer for faults and none was indicated, so stated the car and watched as the engine and exhausts stated to thaw and condense, giving off vapour, once the car had warmed-up I drove home with the usual comfort and problem free drive. My concern is that this company drives a variety of cars of all ages, and conditions but know little about large, luxury diesel cars which require warming up prior to moving well in advance of rushing it out of a farmers field where it has sat for days in freezing conditions.
December 15, 2014

Ms C G Marshall

Very courteous and polite. Have recommend to my friends and definitely would use them again.
December 10, 2014

Robert Hansford

The only problem was the inability to contact the car park on departure as the phone always went to answerphone. This resulted in having to wait 20 minutes in the short stay car park before pickup,This somewhat negated the benefits of Meet and Greet.
December 8, 2014

Vaughan Watson

I have used Airport Parking Shop on numerous occassions to get the best deal with whoever that may be. To be fair, whoever it has been, I have not had a problem and not left a review before; however, this time the service was so excellent that I felt the need to add this review! What we went to Gatwick at the beginning of our holiday, the 15 minute trip to the airport took over 2 hours due to 2 lanes being closed on the m25. This meant we were late for our expected time of car arrival, and it was touch and go if we would make checkin in time. We called The Gatwick Valet Parking Company who understood our problem and said they would be waiting for us on arrival (with some companies you tend to arrive first and have to wait a bit). They were indeed waiting, understood our need to run and made sure the time spent with handover of keys and admin was kept to an absolute minimum. We made our checkin time (with exactly 0 minutes to spare). When we arrived back, we called them after collecting our cases and by the time we reached the car park (about 5 minutes) they pulled in at exactly the same time. (Again, usually with most companies you end up waiting for a while). Impressive. Would definitely use them again.
December 5, 2014

Jm Duffin

We couldn't fault the service we received, its the first time in years that we have used a service at Gatwick that ran seamlessly, we have tried all sorts of ways, hotel parking, airport parking ( long stay) B&B with transfer and pick up included, all pretty dire. We will use this company again and again all being well, already planning for our trip to Cuba next year :-)
December 5, 2014

Mrs S Grainger

Great service, very easy transition on departure and arrival.
December 2, 2014

Mr P I Birch

I was very please with how simple and efficient the services was, would definitely recommend this company.
December 1, 2014

Mrs Coco A Harrison-self

On arrival the man on the telephone number we were told to ring was very helpful and friendly. On actual arrival the man who turned up to take the car was very professional, looked over the car well, noted everything down. If you are the sort of person who judges people by appearance you may want to consider another parking facility as we weren't sure at first if he was here to meet us or was just picking someone up. On return we were seriously unimpressed. Again the man on the phone was great. When the car turned up, a different man delivered it back to us. He got out of the car, gave us the keys and the parking ticket and left! Didn't check the car over with us, didn't make sure we were the owners, didn't introduce himself at all and he was just gone. We looked the car over and seemed OK although when we got in we found that for some reason it had been put in 4 wheel drive at some point as R.F.W lights were on, not to mention more fuel than expected had been used, not so much that was noticeable but considering we noted to ourselves we had half a tank and was slightly under and being a diesel takes a good few miles to get slightly under. On top of which we then had to pay for our exit out of the car park, My husband and I are not tight but considering we had already paid enough for parking and were unimpressed with the return service we felt this a bit of a joke. To be honest if the car had been dropped off to us a bit better we probably wouldn't moan about this after all it was only �3.00. Would not recommend
November 13, 2014