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David Donnellan

We did not get to use Gatwick Skyone Meet & Greet because the phone number sent to us by Essential Travel was incorrect. As a result, we could not contact anyone from Skyone to pick up the car when we reached Gatwick. Even a call to Essential Travel failed to resolve things. In the end, we had to book a space with Cophall Farm Parking (they were great).
September 7, 2011

Steve OBrien

Sky One were appaling from start to finish. They were late picking up, had no uniform, didn't record the cars mileage on the tiny ticket given to me. On the way back they took 45 minutes to deliver the car and made up some rubbish story about having to wash it first (begging the question of where on earth was it parked). I could have used long term parkin and still been home half an hour earlier. total cowboys - use at your peril
September 6, 2011

Philip Mitchell

Excellent service. The drivers were courteous and on time. The only slight problem was that on our return, the mobile number I was given to ring didn't pick up for a long time. But overall, I would definitely recommend the service to others.
September 5, 2011

Nicola Struz

good service.Your car is picked up and dropped off outside the airport front doors no long walk. although they did have trouble finding our booking when we rang on the way, and when we were at the airport to get our car back.
September 3, 2011

Tom Patrick

Underwhelmed - gave plenty of notice of drop off and waited, nothing. Called - told 2 mins away. 10 mins later still nothing and then calls not answered. Eventually found another Skyone agent who was supposed to pick up another car and gave him my keys so did not miss flight. Pick up worked ok but first time of calling they did not pick up. Have booked my next airport parking but not with Skyone - meet and greet was more like wait and wait and call
August 30, 2011

Andrew Lord

The instructions were straightforward and the guy was there to meet us, and returned the car directly to us when we came back (though this took 30 mins after phoning) - still quicker than getting courtesy buses and very cheap. However, given that my car radio and information screen had reset, I think the battery must have failed during our holiday. The electric window wouldn't rewind and when I stopped the car in a service station, it wouldn't restart - the battery was flat. I think they must have jump started it to get it going - and it would have been nice if they had mentioned this!
August 21, 2011

Claire Robinson

When dropping off our car, it was all very efficient, polite and courteous. No complaints at all. However, when we returned (at 2am on a cold night) they took 45 minutes to return the car, and the back of it was covered in bird droppings. I was definitely not impressed at all. But when I spoke to the driver, all he would say was "Don't complain to me. I'm only the driver" and would take no responibility for his company.
August 21, 2011

Richard Dawson

Exellent prompt service,I would certainly use Skyone again.If you are flying from Gatwick i would recommend you give Skyone a try
August 20, 2011

Shaun Hicks

Absolutely fantastic, professional, "did what it said on the tin". They were courteous, were there exactly when they said they would be, and made it totally painless. I would definitely use this service over more traditional airport parking in future.
August 18, 2011

mr manuel garrido

excellent , no problems , due to massive queues to get to south terminal on way out i followed their advice and dropped off at north terminal instead , it worked a dream . very happy and satisfied with price and service
August 16, 2011

Mr Bryan Henderson

In general i was happy with the pick up however waiting 35 minutes to receive my car was very annoying and unacceptable and having used many meet and greet companies this was the worst service i have had, furthermore the driver parked the badly and with the back out into the road and was generally not helpfull or apologetic
August 15, 2011

Inga Connolley

Although we had to wait a little longer for the driver to receive the car at the airport, we were still very happy with the overall level of service. Whilst collecting our baggage at the end of the holiday, we phoned the company and 15 mins later we were driving away in the car. All very smooth! Thanks!
August 14, 2011

C Carroll

Rubbish. Late collecting our car and half an hour late (beyond the expected 20 min wait)returning our car.
August 10, 2011

James Scott Wilson

Difficulty experienced with early morning drop-off. Told to call 20 mins before reaching Gatwick. Phone wasn't answered initially and then was engaged, but eventually got through about 0555. Long queues experienced at Gatwick drop-off point and driver didn't arrive for a long time. It wasn't possible to wait all the time at the drop-off point as the warden kept making us move off and rejoin the queue. Having initially reached the drop-off point at 0615, it was 0650 before car was collected, by which stage we were concerned that we were going to miss our flight. The pick-up went much better but I'm not sure I'll use this company again.
August 8, 2011


This is the second time this year using SkyOne parking and I cannot fault them. The driver was there when we arrived at the airport and waited 5 minutes for our car to arrive on our return. Driver was pleasant and courteous. WIll definately use this company again.
August 8, 2011

Diego TAFI

All went pretty smoothly. The parking attendant was there within 5 minutes on departures and arrival. What was a shame was that the car was full of muck when returned....not sure where the car was parked, but it certainly was not on asphalt!
August 8, 2011

Philp Dakin

Having travelled from Gatwick on a number of occasions in the past five years, we have tried the hotels, the bus parks and the valet parking all without any problems. This experience was unfortunately not without its problems. On arrival at Gatwick on our return journey, we contacted Skyone Meet & Greet to deliver our car for our exit of the airport, when the vehicle was delivered, I was asked to inspect the vehicle to which I viewed the lines of the sides and the rear then the front of the car. I was mortified to find a crease line on the front edge of the car. I pointed it out to the person who delivered the car off and they said that they could not see it. I pointed it out, but he was adamant he could not see it. I asked him what the procedure was for me to report this as I was unhappy, he replied that he did not know. After a short while, our discussions attracted another company member who also inspected the crease line and for him to say that he could not see it also. I pointed it out again and asked them to feel the definite ripple in the bonnet, but they both said there was nothing there. Then one of them said that we get people like me all the time trying to try it on, I was disgusted by this comment, I am an upstanding character in my local business community and currently Chairman of our local Round Table and refute these allegations. I did manage to get an email address for me to complain to, only for one of them to take it off me whilst distracted with another problem with the car. Whilst close to the drivers door noticed a strong smell off brake dust, I felt the temperature of the front tyres which were extremely hot, I felt the rear tyres and they were tepid, I told them that I realised that they had been driving my car extremely hard in order for this to happen. I opened the car door and checked the car’s trip computer as I knew I had left enough fuel in it to travel the 170 back home and when I left the car prior to the holiday the tank was saying 240 miles to empty giving me a 70 mile cushion. Instead I found that the computer was saying 90 miles to empty. I checked the miles to gallon reading which had decreased slightly. I left the south terminal travelling towards the Dartford Tunnel at a steady 70 MPH to find that the tank to empty figure had gone back up to 175 miles. This again was further proof that the car had been driven very hard. I have a friend who repairs dents in cars, who looked at the vehicle on my return and he said that the bonnet had been sat upon and was a common problem with the dynamic structure of the curve in a bonnet. He said that he could fix it and would not charge me. I am extremely disappointed in my experience with this company and will never use or recommend them to any one I know. I realise that everything I have stated is my view on this matter and would never stand up in any court proceedings.
August 7, 2011

James Campbell

Great value and quick service. Much more convenient than parking on or off the airport. Would thoroughly recommend.
August 5, 2011

Robert Davies

Bad information given to us when we were waitng for the car to be returned. I was told 15-20 mins - it took 30 mins to return the car.
August 3, 2011

Pnnie Pierson

Our meet and greet went exactly according to plan for the drop off of our car at south terminal at Gatwick,but our return of the car took over 30 minutes to arrive , and when you are so tried after a journey it seems even longer and my car had muddy foot prints on the passenger side , which was a bit of a surprise. I would use a meet and greet again
July 28, 2011


Extremely efficient service and cheaper than local airport parking! No dramas, no disappointments, polite, timely and reliable. Only downside was a slight ambiguity with directions about where to meet when arriving at Gatwick North, but easily found the right place after a couple of minutes.
July 26, 2011

Caroline Staite

Excellent service, no complaints. Meeting area easy to find and close to drop off point. Car had been jet sprayed before return - probably not a service to be expected but it had been exceedingly wet when we were away so was possibly necessary, assuming it was parked in a soggy field somewhere.
July 18, 2011

William Nims

I have used a Meet & Greet service before at Stansted, and was very pleased with it, so I had no qualms about using this type of facility again. When I asked them where my car would be stored, they told me, and told me the approximate distance as well. Unfortunately, my experience at Gatwick was, quite frankly, disappointing. When I dropped off the car and asked the driver where my vehicle was going to be stored, he was very cagey and didn't want to say. He never did tell me, but instead he was very vague about it. Also, when he was completing the form showing if the car had any damage, he marked that there were lots of small scratches all over it, which it hasn't. I had a flight to catch and didn't have time to argue. I felt that this was their way of covering themselves if it had a new scratch when they delivered it back to me. When the car was delivered back to me, there were some muddy marks on the inside door sills of the REAR doors. Considering that I had cleaned the inside of the car the day before my trip and the weather was dry on the day of my departure, I was at a loss as to how these marks had got there. Surely only the driver's side should have been dirty. When I mentioned this to the driver, he couldn't explain it. I have my own theory. I would not use this particular company again.
July 3, 2011

Mark Earnshaw

very good service will use again
June 29, 2011

John Molloy

I arrived at the airport after making the call 20 minutes before but still had to wait for about 10 minutes. The driver was courteous and professional. On return I called in baggage area as instructed and still had to wait 10 minutes for my vehicle. Not the end of the world but why should I have to do the waiting when I'm the one paying. Also the entrance to the vehicle by the footwell was covered in mud. I mentioned it to the driver who did make an effort to clean it with what he had but would have thought they could have done that before they drove it around. The service was ok but I might try another company in the future as they seemed to be waiting for their passengers rather than the other way around.
June 28, 2011

mrs margaret wright

absolutely brilliant service would recommend to anyone prompt and very efficient driver waiting with a newly cleaned car on arrival superb would use again many thanks for your service.
June 23, 2011

David Aston

Arrival at Gatwick. Could not wish for any better really. Representative was waiting for our arrival as expected. Handover was made with the minimum of fuss. Return to Gatwick. Instructions on where to return to in order to collect the car were not completely clear, especially when you arrive late at night, and are unsure of the layout of the airport. However, the passenger door mirror glass had fallen off whilst in the possession of Skyone, and no mention was made of this when being collected, which was disappointing. The car had been stored somewhere it had been muddy and wet, as there was large splashes on the wheels and the lower part of both driver and front passenger doors.
June 20, 2011

Edward Brooks

The collection was excellent - at the airport waiting, did a thorough condition report, very polite, no problems at all. However,coming home was a different matter. We'd got our dates confused and told them we'd be back 19/6 rather than 18/6. We were advised that our car should be with us in 30-40 minutes. An hour later the car still hadn't arrived. We were told that they had to "go through the keys and try to locate where the car was parked and send someone to collect it". Finally, after waiting for 75minutes our car finally arrived. The fact that they didn't know where our car was parked was a major worry as far as we were concerned. We had visions of it being stuck in some industrial estate somewhere, or outside someone's front door - it obviously wasn't in a central holding area. The initial fault was ours and we would have been happy to use this company again had the car arrived within an acceptable time however, concerns as to the car's whereabouts, the safety of the parking spot and the time taken to locate and deliver the car was totally unacceptable and we therefore would not use this company again.
June 20, 2011

Malcolm Jarrett

This service was excellent. The representative was already at the airport when we arrived and my car was returned 15 minutes after leaving the baggage claim area. It's excellent value for money and I will definitely use it again
June 19, 2011

Tony Bunce

Very prompt collection when we arrived at Gatwick and very polite. It was nice to see a uniform as described and not just someone in jeans. On our return journey which was at 03:00 we called for our car @ 03:33 and it arrived @ 04:05 which is more or less what was quoted to me (15 to 25 mins) and my car was in the same condition as i gave it to them except for some mud on the wheels and wheel arch which was probably from storage on a field. All in all i was very happy and would recommend to anyone and will definately use again.
June 15, 2011