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Sandra Pickthall

The only reason this company gets one star is because the initial drop off service was good. However, on our return journey to Gatwick a week later we discovered (too late to take it up with the driver) that our electric Nissan Leaf had 30 miles less on the battery than it did when we dropped it off. To save going into detail, the company have basically called me a liar because I didn't have the wherewithal to take a photo of the mileage when I dropped it off. There was 60+ miles on the battery when we dropped of our car which was sufficient for our 40 mile journey home plus any supposedly nearby parking which I was told could be anything up to a16 mile round trip, then only 8 miles because they only had it a week. As a result of the company doing goodness knows what to use up 30 miles worth of battery we had to stop off at Pease Pottage service station and charge up to the value of £5 (which would have been much cheaper at home) in order to get home, which made our return journey back longer and more stressful than it needed to be. I also agree with a previous reviewer about turning everything on/up - they shouldn't fiddle with settings. The ignorance of the person I telephoned and spoke to once we had driven away beggared belief - he said that the battery had probably dropped some charge because it had been standing for a week - the moron obviously knew nothing about electric cars and instead of keeping it zipped he came out with utter drivel, probably because he was talking to a woman and he thought I wouldn't know any different. This company may not drive your car for lots of miles as in some horror stories I've seen/read about in the media, and 30 miles probably wouldn't register much on a petrol/diesel car's fuel tank gauge, but in our case it made the difference of whether we could get home or not. The company have refused to accept any sort of responsibility and have accused me of blackmail because I said I was going to write as many bad reviews as I could. They told me that I was not going to be reporting facts because I had no proof of the mileage when I dropped the car off. Seriously?! When you have an electric car you ALWAYS make sure you have enough miles left on the battery for a return journey home and then some. So to be accused of lying about the mileage just adds insult to injury to the entirely already bad situation. As Purple Parking have them on their website I am, at the time of writing, hoping they will intervene on my behalf. All I want is to find out what exactly happened to my car whilst it was in their care and for them to pay the £5 we had to pay to charge it up - I might even ask them to pay for the two drinks and cakes we had too whilst we were waiting which cost us another £12! I Love Park and Deliver have not a clue what customer service is and judging by the overall bad reviews, I'm not the only one who thinks this.
February 21, 2019