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"Unfortunately I am not happy with a services as I was waiting over an hour on the Gatwick North Terminal with 2 small kids waiting for someone to collect us at 1am in the morning.
As I have found out from one of the passengers on the stop (where we were waiting) I was not given a CORRECT contact number to call. Very unfortunate I must say!!! :((("

April 18, 2018

"WOULDN'T RECOMMEND! Picked up my car on 20 March, and found that it had a massive crack on the windscreen. Drove back to the car park, completed paperwork, supervisor took a photo, and I was told I would receive an email the next day to 'get it sorted'. Received an email the next day to say they were not responsible; didn't reply to my email then blocked me on Facebook!
BAD, BAD attitude Cophall Parking!!!!"

April 3, 2018

"No problems quiet fast transfer from and to airport. Very nice staff."

March 21, 2018

"Excellent service. Admin staff and drivers very helpful. Not a single hitch."

March 15, 2018

"Convenient, reasonably priced, easy to find, friendly & helpful staff. Will definitely use them again"

March 14, 2018

"Outbound: Waited 35 mins to leave the parking because the driver was keen to fill up the bus. Drive took 20 mins instead of the promised 10 mins. Had to run round the airport and fast tracked through security due to delay. Inbound: Waited another 40 mins before the promised bus turned up - in the freezing cold!! 4 purple parking and more APH parking buses went passed the same stop - use these companies instead!!!!"

January 6, 2018

"Easy to use service, short waits and friendly staff."

January 4, 2018

"the driver was great and teh service was good. It is a bit far away from teh airport though!"

August 21, 2017

"Going out to the airport there was not a problem but when we returned we phoned them as requested when we cleared customs only to be told that there would be a 30 minute delay. When we got to the bus stop there was approximately 20 people waiting for the bus. The buses were not large enough to accommodate everyone and we had to wait for 3 buses to arrive before we could go and collect our car."

July 19, 2017

"Do not use. Buses too small. Only fit 8 people on. Can't guarantee when you'll get to Airport. Shambolic on return. Rang from Customs to arrange transport. 10 people waiting when small bus arrived. Not enough room to fit everyone. Driver looked confused. Rang office. We were told another bus was coming for my husband and I. Another phone call and 40 minutes later arrived back at Car Park to mumbled excuse about a mix up. Refused to explain further or give names. Put a card on counter and told us to email our concerns. Charming."

July 1, 2017

"They came recommended to me. Really prompt and friendly service. 10/10 would use again"

June 20, 2017


June 14, 2017

"I cannot fault the service provided by the staff at Cophall Parking. The transfers to and from the airport were prompt and efficient. The staff were friendly and helpful. I would not hesitate to use them again."

April 19, 2017

"i had no problems with this service, we ang as instructed once we had collected our baggage, there was a short wait but at 4.30am who could moan, then it was straight back to the area where our car was waiting and the key was handed over on receipt of id. would you again"

April 13, 2017

"Everything was good,although the pick up from terminal could have been a bit slicker."

April 3, 2017

"Very friendly and efficient!
Thank you"

March 31, 2017

"Considering that the 3rd party had not passed our details to Cophall, having got our paperwork with us there was no problems to us. They were happy and professional, even at 06am, dealing with us in a quick and efficient manner, mini bus waiting for us and off we went. As an on demand service we phoned on arrival back to the uk as requested, mini bus waiting at the stop when we got there. To me that's a brilliant service, better than others we have used in the past. Many thanks to them all."

March 31, 2017

"Delighted with the service, efficiency and helpfulness of all the staff."

March 21, 2017

"First class service and good price."

March 2, 2017

"Parking is fine. But getting the bus back from Gatwick. Is not easy in the dark. Getting to bus stop 7 in the dark pulling cases and tired from flight is a real pain. However it could be easily much improved if signage and directions were prominent and visible in the dark. We got lost and held up a bus full of people at midnight. None of us were happy!!"

February 2, 2017

"Very efficient and friendly service."

February 1, 2017

"Cophall parking was in an ideal location for me. I had never used them before but was very impressed with the efficient process of paying online, being transfered to the terminal, and then being picked up on request. The driver was waiting for me on my return. Beats waiting for the shuttle bus service. Will use again. Thanks."

December 8, 2016

"Very good company. Would use them again. They are about 10ish minutes from the airport. Very clear instructions re: taking me to the airport and collection of my car on arrival back to the UK."

November 8, 2016

"Very pleased with this excellent service. Would definitely use this service again.06590"

October 29, 2016

"Brilliant, fast and friendly service. I have used Cophall Parking twice in a row now when travelling from Gatwick and have been very impressed on both occasions."

August 17, 2016

"Situated in a fabulous location very picturesque.

Staff extremely helpful and efficient.

Airport drop off and pick up is like clockwork.

We would definitely use again HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"

August 16, 2016

"Very professional and hassle free service. On arrival the paperwork was ready and our bags were loaded up. We were transported to the airport which took around 10 mins. On our return we telephoned when we collected our bags and by the time we got to the pick up point the driver was there waiting. No problems with my car when getting it back. The compound has a barrier on entry, security patrols, CCTV and a gated and locked compound where the cars are stored. Would recommend and would use again."

July 28, 2016

"Very professional and efficient for booking, leaving and collecting our vehicle. Pleased to recommend Cophall Parking Gatwick"

July 18, 2016

"Good service."

June 4, 2016

"This was a great, low cost parking option. Minibus was there quickly to take us to the airport, and then fast to arrive for the journey back. Allow 30 mins for the whole transfer. Service with a smile."

April 11, 2016