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"Drop Off went well and we were less than 20 minutes from driving into the gated compound to entering Gatwick South. Pickup was atrocious. Tried to call the number on the card and got cut off. First Bus was full, driver was very rude and we called again. 20 minutes later bus arrived and was full. 15 minutes later next bus arrived and we were allowed on, but other passengers were denied access. During our wait time at least two Purple Parking buses came and went and one or more APH. Next time I travel via Gatwick I will not use this company and I advise anyone who has not yet booked to use another company"

July 8, 2018

"Really disappointed took 1 hour from ringing them at Gatwick until we finally got to pick up our car, we could have been home in that time as only live 45 minutes away. I’ve used them before a couple of times and no fault, but this time it’s definitely put me off using them again. Hanging around with two small children for that amount of time where lots of coaches and buses are passing, wasn’t the best experience."

June 21, 2018

"Arrived and was told we would be on the next bus that turned up. A lot of people jumped on the bus when it arrived and there were no seats, the man said our names were on the list went on to speak to a member of staff and come out and jumped on the bus without saying anything. Another two buses arrived and our names were not on the list. I went in to speak to someone who just said we would be on the next bus to arrive which was very frustrating.
When we came home we called the number and I advised them of our name and that there were two of us. When the bus arrived we were told no because they had only been advised of one passenger. I called up again and the response was just 'well I did ask for 2' and did not apologise. Never had any problems with purple parking before so will stick to them in the future."

June 18, 2018

"Excellent service, we rang as we took are cases off the baggage rail and the bus arrived as we walked to the stop, we left within a minute at 11.30pm and on arrival back at Cophall 10 mins away we were driving home within one minute of getting off the minibus. FANTASTIC service and very nice driver too and reception staff very jolly polite and professional . Will definitely use again"

June 2, 2018

"Still waiting for a bus after 25 minutes and two phone calls. A small mini bus did arrive but refused to take us despite plenty of seating as our names weren't on the drivers list (we had a one hour flight delay). Two big purple parking buses and two big aph buses have passed already...I know who I will be booking next time!"

June 1, 2018

"First time using this company ,what excellent service cheerful staff even at 5 am in the morning I would recommend this company to everyone.
Keep up the good work"

May 3, 2018

"Do NOT use if you want to get home quickly...

As requested by them, I called for pickup after all bags had been collected and we had been through customs. Was then instructed to wait at bus stop 6 at North Terminal, which we proceeded to do for FIFTY MINUTES, with collection finally at 00:40am.

All done in the cold with an 11-month old baby, and after multiple lies told that the bus was on its way.... use at your own peril!"

April 29, 2018

"I have used Cophall two or three times previously and always found the service and its staff friendly, reliable and good."

April 28, 2018

"Unfortunately I am not happy with a services as I was waiting over an hour on the Gatwick North Terminal with 2 small kids waiting for someone to collect us at 1am in the morning.
As I have found out from one of the passengers on the stop (where we were waiting) I was not given a CORRECT contact number to call. Very unfortunate I must say!!! :((("

April 18, 2018

"WOULDN'T RECOMMEND! Picked up my car on 20 March, and found that it had a massive crack on the windscreen. Drove back to the car park, completed paperwork, supervisor took a photo, and I was told I would receive an email the next day to 'get it sorted'. Received an email the next day to say they were not responsible; didn't reply to my email then blocked me on Facebook!
BAD, BAD attitude Cophall Parking!!!!"

April 3, 2018

"No problems quiet fast transfer from and to airport. Very nice staff."

March 21, 2018

"Excellent service. Admin staff and drivers very helpful. Not a single hitch."

March 15, 2018

"Convenient, reasonably priced, easy to find, friendly & helpful staff. Will definitely use them again"

March 14, 2018

"Disappointed to wait over half an hour for a pick up from south terminal"

March 10, 2018

"Worst service. Waiting for 45 minutes for pick up at Gatwick. I'm angry but others waiting in the cold are screaming at the drivers. Shocking service, avoid at all cost."

February 25, 2018

"Loved the service cophall provide. Lovely drivers. Helpful receptionist and calm and easy airport drop of and pick up. Will use again.Thank you"

February 8, 2018

"Outbound: Waited 35 mins to leave the parking because the driver was keen to fill up the bus. Drive took 20 mins instead of the promised 10 mins. Had to run round the airport and fast tracked through security due to delay. Inbound: Waited another 40 mins before the promised bus turned up - in the freezing cold!! 4 purple parking and more APH parking buses went passed the same stop - use these companies instead!!!!"

January 6, 2018

"Easy to use service, short waits and friendly staff."

January 4, 2018

"A very timely service with friendly staff and drivers."

December 15, 2017

"AVOID!! My car was damaged whilst parked at Cophall. I was fobbed off numerous times when I tried to get them to sort this out. They really didn't want to know!!"

November 1, 2017

"Just got home from a lovely week in Majorca. On arrival at Gatwick it was a shambles. It took 50 minutes fora minibus to arrive to pick our group up. Several minibuses turned up with some spaces but had no idea who they were supposed to pick up - there was a large crowd of people waiting, getting very frustrated! My wife could not fit on the mini bus, so had to wait behind. It took her over an hour to arrive back at our car. Not a pleasant way to finish a holiday!"

October 28, 2017

"In a word - Disorganised!!"

October 14, 2017

"It was easy to find, plenty of parking spaces outside reception. The receptionists were friendly and efficient. Stepped outside straight onto a bus to the airport. The driver explained what we needed to do on return, he was courteous and friendly. On return, a bus was at the stop so we did not have to hang around. All in all we were extremely impressed with the service which was excellent throughout. We would definitely use Cophall again, and would recommend it to others."

October 5, 2017

"Parked here a few times but collected car after an 18 hour delay in pitch black got in car without checking it over just wanted to get home parked car outside house no car could have touched my drivers door in the light next morning there is a small dent on my drivers door with white paint on it emailed cust ser person who deals with it was on holiday received email with a pic on it showing what they say is damage already there in fact it's a tiny leaf the dent is further along and higher up I know the terms and conditions say check car over before leaving but as I say just wanted to get home after delay and now they just wash their hands of it other than that great company to park with never had a problem in the past just this little mishap"

September 20, 2017

"The personal service is excellent value for money and they are so organised.
The bus transfers are a real bonus, being able to call them when you get through baggage means that you don't have to wait ages for the next bus you know it is on its way.

Highly recommend them we will certainly use them again.

Thankyou to all the team at Cophall Parking"

September 9, 2017

"The staff are lovely and our outward journey was fantastic. So much so that I said to my wife: "we should always go to this company."

And then we flew back. And waited at the bus stop for 45 minutes before they could take us back to our car. The problem? The small minibus (10 seats?) they use. Given that the journey to the carpark takes 15 minutes, it meant that it took a full hour between passing through customs and getting to our car.

So, with regret, we won't be using Cophall again"

September 1, 2017

"the driver was great and teh service was good. It is a bit far away from teh airport though!"

August 21, 2017

"I have used Cophall parking a number of times and never had a problem with them. Sometimes there is a short wait at the terminal to be picked up but its never been too long. They seem organised and the drivers have always been polite and helpful.

When returning to the car park my car is always waiting and never had an issue so they must take care when parking.

Will be using again for our next holiday."

August 17, 2017

"Polite & helpful staff and a good service only marred by the missing hub cap when we picked up our car on return."

August 1, 2017

"Like other reviewers have said, no problem getting to the airport but nightmare getting back. Waited 55mins to be picked up and then went on a scenic tour of the entire airport for another 30 minutes. Last thing you want after a long flight."

July 23, 2017