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"this is not meet and greet - you leave your vehicle at a car park next to the terminal, and on return have to find your way back to the car park - there are NO signs in the terminal to direct you to the location, and then you are handed your key and have to find your car. Very unfriendly staff as well."

February 22, 2018

"Don't do it! I collected my car minus the drivers door handle!! They just said its inside and climb in to get the car open! No help and support and told to email customer service-,/ no reply!! Dealers fixing cost £160 And they said it was pulled off with force. Purple manor !! Useless"

January 23, 2018

"We chose to pay extra for meet & greet due to a late flight on our return home from holiday.. My advice is don't waste your money on this company.. We were given the wrong information for collecting our car and were kept waiting in the wind & rain for an age until the fiasco was sorted.. It took 3 telephone calls to the call centre before our car was located.. The woman we dealt with was rude & very offhand to the point we felt we were to blame for the mis information we had been given! We were given a verbally apology from the driver before we left but have received no formal apology.. It would have been quicker / easier & definitely cheaper to have parked in the normal way .. Never again, AWFUL service."

February 18, 2016

"Very good - driver waiting on arrival and quick delivery on return."

March 26, 2012


March 7, 2012

"Sorry to say our experience of Airparks/Purple parking was very poor. I rang and booked for two cars to enable myself and my daughter to arrive serarately at the airport at 5.00am. When I rang to confirm we were arriving Airparks only had details of one car. Fortunately I had the phone number for purple parking and rang them and they faxed Airparks. But Airparks did not offer to sort the matter out for me. We were very lucky to catch the plane. YOu can imagine the stress and anxiety this caused at 5.00am. We were lucky we had decided to stay the night in a hotel at Gatwick. Trying to sort this out on route would have been impossible."

April 4, 2011

"We used the Meet and Greet Parking from 23rd to 31st of Oct and I have to say it's the most pleasant and friendly parking staff ever so smiling and quick picking up and delivering your car. What more can you ask for when you want to get going on your holiday and come back and just want to get in your car and go home. Very good Service will definitely use this service again."

November 1, 2010

"I have just used your car parking at Gatwick South. The chap I have dealt with John I think his name was has been great. We messed him about in the 13th of April when we were supposed to go and he was great then when we returned two days later than expected due to the volcano he was also great. He was cheerful, helpful and very nice. We were very surprised to find that we didn't have to pay for the extra days occurred as a result of the volcano. Thank you for that. We will definitely be using your company in the future for all our travel and will be recommending it to everyone else."

April 22, 2010

"Polite and efficient service. Will definitely use again."

December 16, 2009

"After having to change arrival time due to bad traffice, your team were very helpful and accomodating. The car was there and waiting for us by the time we got down from arrivals. Great job.


October 26, 2009

"Everything was great - very pleased with the service unlike other companies that we have used at Gatwick."

September 2, 2009

"Good service"

June 1, 2009

"Couldn't ask for more. All worked perfectly in both directions and they coped with last minute changes without any drama. Very friendly and pleasant to deal with, couldn't ask for more and will use again."

August 31, 2008

"Superb service! As soon as we picked up our luggage I called them and our car was there within minutes!! Definately, definately reccommend."

July 24, 2008

"Our flight was delayed by 2 hours and we didn't get through until 11.30 pm at night thanks to the ever speedy baggage reclaim at Gatwick ! Hence I was glad we booked the meet and greet service. It is a must for anybody with small children or anybody who doesn't want the hassle of getting on and off buses after a long journey home. I would definitely use it again."

July 13, 2008

"The drop off was perfect. We where early and managed to arrange a earlier pick up. Only had to wait 5 minutes.

The arrival back from the holiday was a bit of a pain. I called the number 4 times before I got through and each time the line rang until I was cut off - this was very frustrating and not what you want when returning from holiday. This wasted about 10/15 minutes of waiting. Then had to wait a further 15 minutes for the car - however the traffic was bad so this is understandable.

Overall a good service - would have been better if they had answered the phone!"

March 26, 2008

"Travelled to Gatwick in the early hours and got there at 5am. Unfortunately I did not state which terminal I was at when booking so there was no one there waiting to meet me. However I called the number on the booking form and with great relief the whole thing was sorted out in less than 10 minutes. On the way back I called the number given and the car was delivered to me in less than 10 minutes."

March 18, 2008

"On arrival I waited 15 minutes from the exact time I'd quoted and nobody arrived. I was travelling alone with 3 children under 10 so it was important to have this service. I telephoned a number of times one number of which was closed and the other which didn't answer!!..I was moved on several times by the staff attendants and finally got through to be told you didn't have my details and I would have to wait a further 10 minutes. A kind lady finally arrived and apologised.
On arrival back in the UK, I had to try 3 numbers before finally getting through. I did begin to wonder if I'd get my car back!..Then again had to wait a further 10-15 minutes for the car even tho. they clearly stated call when your through with bags. Don't know that I'd use again."

March 17, 2008

"A simple and efficient method of parking the car at Gatwick. Despite our being over an hour early at drop off and two hours late at collection, our car was met and delivered within five minutes of our call. We encountered no problems, pity they don't wash it bfore
return, then they would have scored 5."

March 12, 2008

"They were late in arriving so I was left with three children in freezing morning weather so I might as well have parked conventionally and saved some money. I won't be using them again."

February 26, 2008

"The outward bound journey was just about ok, with the driver being on site about 25 mins after the due time. This was ok as we were 15 mins late arriving at Gatwick.

The inbound journey was not very good. When we called the service we were told that they had insufficient staff and the car was not ready for delivery yet and there would be a delay of at least 30 mins before it could be delivered.

I called back again after approx 45 minutes, to be told that the car was in transit and it eventually arrived about 20 minutes after that.

The point of this service is to provide a more efficient service than the Gatwick car parks, so this delay meant that we would have been better served within the Gatwick system.

We feel that a refund of some kind is in order as the provider knew the time of arrival and would be able to check that the flight was on time. Not laying on enough staff is their problem."

February 25, 2008

"Monday the 18th - my daughter and I left at 5.45 am - was to be a day of many firsts... aeroplane with my daughter, driving beyond the boundaries of Thanet without adult supervision either...!!! lol So many new experiences... finding Gatwick and the most helpful gentleman with the clipboard etc. It was my niece that looked you up because she is an air hostess... Booking was easy, payment was easy, and the flexibility of your lovely people at the other end of the phone was reassuring... I didn't know it would take an hour and a half to get to Gatwick, I telephoned a number of times to keep everyone updated on my lack of knowledge at delays... and with each phone call the lovely people at the other end of the phone were most incredibly understanding and took my worries and fears away... My only down on that bit was when I initially phoned, the number had changed which meant my daughter (13) had to deal with the calls to find out the new number; other than that... most hooby.

The collection of my car was equally as easy, we only waited a few minutes once we phones... and the gentleman not only very polite left me with the independent newspaper to catch up with the news, and the gentleman also was able to guide me to the petrol station. Thank you for making my 'firsts' that day so much easier to cope with."

February 25, 2008


February 7, 2008

"We have used several different chauffeur parking services at Gatwick. Airparks are the most efficient, courteous and best for time keeping that we have found so far. We will definitely use them again if we fly from Gatwick and I would have no qualms about recommending them."

February 5, 2008

"Excellent service - no wait either on outbound or return journey - would definitely use again."

January 20, 2008

"Very good and extremely polite and helpful today on the phone when we called to say we were back - even though we were a day late. All sorted by your people and no hassle, paid the extra day and off we went.

Your paper work could be made easier to read - this refers to the acknowledgement following a booking - other companies eg holiday extras make it so much easier to read and understand - hope this is helpful."

January 12, 2008

"Only problem was I discovered a drinks bottle and sweet wrapper under the car seat on my return home!"

November 29, 2007

"Q-Park denied any knowledge of my booking which caused delay.
I touught you booked me into a BCP car park but it seemed to be a Q-Park.
Meet and great on return was great and very efficent."

October 22, 2007

"Left it to the last minute to book, did so online the day before. Staff friendly and helpful, all ran to time. It's the drop off that really makes the difference to family stress levels. Both outward and return went very smoothly, will use again."

October 8, 2007

"The service I received from Q-Park Park & Greet was excellent from start to finish. I had opted for taking the car to the parking area myself on the way out. This meant that I could keep the costs lower and since I was in control of time on the way out, I was able to allow sufficient to catch the coach back to the terminal. The check-in service was easy and efficient, and the coach driver extremely helpful in loading & unloading the suitcases for me. On my return, I had opted for the service whereby the car was returned to me at the terminal. This was wonderful. I called from the Arrivals Hall as instructed, and only had to wait a maximum of 10 minutes before the driver arrived with the car. From the time that the aircraft arrived at the gate to the time I was on the M23 was 45 minutes. I call that pretty good going! I shall definitely be using this combination of the service offered again. Thank you Q-Park Park & Greet."

August 29, 2007