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Shaun Good

Used meet and greet last November 2017 met at north terminal car park opposite and was 1st class. Yesterday 30/11/18 went to get the car what a pain as you now have to hike with luggage through the Hilton hotel reception to the hotel car park. Car covered in bird poo and all mud on the drivers mat. Although I don�t expect the car washed, I do expect a little respect but now won�t use them again.
December 1, 2018

Catriona Wrey

WORST meet and greet. No �meet �about this service. They park your car miles away and you wait at least an hour to get your car back. They blamed road works. We�ll surely they should have taken that into account. Very dissatisfied with this company of cowboys
July 23, 2018


Best meet and greet at Gatwick Airport Is the worst carpark service my Range Rover was covered with mud inside and out and the alloy wheel was scraped asginst kerb when I reported it I received an email saying we don�t hold any responbilty for damage to customer vehicle plz don�t waste your money with cowboy company
October 21, 2017

John Elliott

Booked last July for meet & greet at Gatwick South for week away. No answer from mobile number provided and level 5 of orange car park was closed! After calling for 2 hours was forced to take car to long stay & pay twice. Will sue them if they are still in business. Steer well clear
January 31, 2016

Mr S Stephenson

On our return,we followed the instructions, but still had to wait 15/20 mins. Not a lot of Meet.
January 13, 2016

Mr L Canton

A great service, I arrived earlier than my stated arrival time but the driver picking up the car was with me within twenty minutes. Car ready and waiting when we returned after making the arranged call, would use again.
September 30, 2015

Nikolay Alekseenko

July 7, 2015

Peter Mcbride

Very efficient and easy to use... Prompt service and excellent value for money... Very pleased and I will use again.
May 31, 2015

Daniel Costas

Too much delay to answer the phone. It was at least 15 minutes lost each way, half hour in total. Despite that, the drivers were polite. They must improve the response time. Tks.
May 26, 2015

John Armitage

Fine on drop off but very poor on return they did not answer their phone for 35 mins and the total time we waited for our car was 50mins - hardly meet and greet. I would not use them again
May 18, 2015

Caraline Brown

Utterly appalling. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. I was 5 mins over the time and the guy refused to wait instead abandoning me and my car in the he car park. My phone had run out and I had to borrow a stranger's phone. They told me they would be 5 mins but were more like 15 and consequently I had to pay and additional �10 to get car out of the park. Truly dreadful.
February 18, 2015

Felipe Jauregui

Excellent service, will definitely use it again, despite the fl;right being delayed had minimum waiting time to collect the car
January 10, 2015

Mr Michael Ls Mosselmans

Had to wait 30 minutes in car park at Gatwick for car to arrive - therefore feels like company is not employing enough staff - or is parking cars a long way away. Man who arrived after 30 minutes to deliver car was very very unapologetic, surly, grumpy and taciturn
January 3, 2015

John Cutler

A very simple and very courteous service. Great value!
January 3, 2015


I wouldn't recommend this company. The drop off was fine but on the return I called after getting my luggage as expected to be told that they weren't expecting me and had to find my car! I was then told it would be 35 mins before the car was returned. This defeats the whole objective of 'greet', they have the flight details and know what time the plane lands so why get you to call after picking up luggage and then have to wait for 35 mins?? It didn't feel like a very professional set up and I won't be using them again. Have used many other meet and greet in the past and others are better.
December 29, 2014

Selvaraj Rajkumar

I am so happy with Ur service
November 24, 2014

Steve Cross

Very good n quick, well done
November 17, 2014

Timothy Piatt

The only reason I would recommend this company is for their reasonable price. The customer service was shoddy at best. I was kept waiting for over 35 minutes after I had confirmed my arrival and that I'd picked up my luggage. Was told the driver was just around the corner, several times and when the driver did finally turn up, he just shrugged and gave me my car keys back and walked off !
November 4, 2014

Danielle Kelly

Excellent service and cannot believe it was actually the cheapest option when I was looking at parking options. There is no doubt that I will be using this service again the next time I go on holiday!
November 3, 2014

John Targett

An efficient and reliable service with smartly attired staff and excellent value for money.
November 1, 2014

Me G S Reynolds

We have used meet & greet many times at gatwick . Although the drop off and collection was actually good my car was not. The boot of my car had a random box in which did not belong to us and when we questioned the driver no explanation was given. When I got in to my car there were two plastic tea cups complete with old tea bags, dirty tissues and napkins wedged in the centre consul. This is absolutely unacceptable the steering wheel and indictaors were also very sticky. We never eat or drink in our car as it has light cream interior. I have emailed twice a complaint to the company and they haven't replied. I would personally not recommend them and pay a couple of pounds more and use another company.
October 31, 2014

Sara goddard

Would definitley use again
October 14, 2014

Michael Lyons

Great service, couldn't fault it!
October 7, 2014

Roger Velvick

Having used this service for the first time I can say we were very impressed. The driver met us on time when we arrived and on our return again met us on time. We will certainly use this company again. Well done
October 5, 2014

Laura Christie

I received a good service, I did have to wait about 20 mins when we arrived at Gatwick even though I rang them 20 mins before our arrival, however all in all a good service and good value for money.
October 1, 2014

Ben Windeatt

Drop off was very good. Staff friendly and efficient. Collect was dreadful! Had to wait 50 minutes in a cold car park requiring 4 phone calls to get my car back. Each time we called we were told the driver was on his way and only 12 minutes away. Driver rude and unapologetic. Very disappointing service.
September 23, 2014

Graham Foster

Great guys with an awesome service
September 22, 2014

james biesty

Overall poor... couldn't really understand the person who answered the phone as I was driving to the airport. People where there to meet me swiftly on arrival. It took 45 minutes from the time I called when I landed... for the car to come... I thought I was only 10-15.... When I did ask the driver who dropped the car off about the delay... he informed me he had got the car there within 8 minutes... gave me my ticket and then told me there's �3 to pay at the machine... I thought I had already paid in full.
September 17, 2014

Antonia Krieger

Not a meet and greet service at all. On our return trip we were kept waiting an hour at midnight in the cold in a car park. No decent excuses as to why and then to add insult to injury the car was returned filthy and covered in bird mess. Would never use this company again and in future will use bcp as they provide a far superior service.
September 17, 2014

John Swaden

Keep away from this company, phoned 30 before arrival, had to wait 20 mins for car to get picked up. On return had to wait 40 mins for car to get back to me, looked like they had been rallying around a field with the car, had to make 15 phone calls and it sounded like the person was driving when I phoned, keep away.
September 16, 2014