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Gatwick ACE Meet and Greet reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Gatwick ACE Meet and Greet

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"ACE Meet and Greet were the first company I have used for the valet parking option. The experience was extremely good with polite, friendly staff. Drivers were available on arrival to take the car and the return of the car after we landed was almost immediate, no real delay. We will definitely use ACE Meet and Greet again."

June 4, 2007

"I have used ACE a couple of times previously and found them to be OK with a wait of about 5 minutes or so once I had left the airport and reached the delivery spot for the return of my car. In other words, the service was not perfect but good enough considering this is one of the better priced services. This trip, hoewver, was not at all positive - it took 25 minutes from the time I phoned inside the terminal until my car was delivered. The airport was not busy at all and no explanation for the delay was offered. The delay was comparable to the time it would have taken to have self parked which would have been about half the price - I would have significant misgivings about using this company again."

June 4, 2007

"I found the service very good and reasonably competitive.
I would probably recommend it to my friends"

June 4, 2007

"Excellent Service.

I have not parked my car at an airport for a while and this service was an unexpected breath of fresh air. The collector was where he said he would be and helped us with directions too.

A first class service for very little more than it costs to part in other pre-booked carparks (about £4 for us).

A definite recommendation"

June 4, 2007

"Excellent service & friendly staff. The car was there and waiting for us when we arrived.
This was the best meet & greet I have used to date and thoroughly recommend it to anyone."

May 31, 2007

"We booked ACE meet and greet as we have booked with a different operator before and have found it to be really easy and convenient. My only complaint is that we were waiting in the cold for nearly ten minutes and were asked to move on by the traffic police as we were parked illegally - despite being in the place where we were asked to wait! Eventually a rep approached us and said that she had been there all along and didn't realise it was us. She had the details of the car together with the registration number so I felt that this was a rather a lame excuse. Otherwise all else was ok."

May 30, 2007

"I was very impressed with the service from Ace cars, they were easy to find, punctual, friendly and professional , I would use them again and recommend them to anyone."

May 27, 2007

"Very pleased with service."

May 14, 2007