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P Trimmings

Excellent everything went as it should convenient and would use again.
October 25, 2015

J Speers

Excellent experience at a good price. Booked & paid online. On the day we drove up, registration number read electronically, barrier opened, parked car and chose to walk 5 minutes to the departure terminal. On return, did the opposite and drove home. Very impressed and would definitely do the same again.
October 7, 2015

S Upperton

Parking is fine but the pre pay didn't work so we had to find reference numbers etc to get out.
October 5, 2015

J Reeds

No problems, everything was great!
September 22, 2015

E Warnik

Car registration number was recogised at barrier but booking reference number (again) not printed on ticket. Upon departure CP3 it was dark and difficult to read words near the buttons to find the call assistance button, required because the barrier did not lift due to missing booking reference on the ticket. Barrier was lifted by assistant after telling him our booking reference number. Have not seen any small bus for transport from and to the car park, not on arrival nor on departure, meaning a fairly long walk from car parking position to terminal and vice versa.
September 20, 2015

Z Howells

Great airport, great parking service and great staff.
September 4, 2015

A Parrock

The parking was outstanding , the system recognised the car straight away we parked up and within 5mins we had walked to the terminal. On return drove to the barrier inserted the parking ticket barrier went up and we were off. We will DEFINATLEY do that again.
August 26, 2015

R Smith

Very good service until problem at exit gate, where ticket was initially not accepted, showing money due (wrongly - all paid in advance!). This seems to be a problem at many airport car parks, in my recent experience.
July 24, 2015


April 13, 2015

Mr N Rowles

With reference to my negative comment on your website I am delighted to report that since that time the matter has been resolved in a very speedy manner and I have had the excess fee repaid. Very impressed with the way that my complaint was dealt with.
January 21, 2015

Mr D Wilson

Excellent service. Slight problem upon return, when ticket was placed into machine I was asked to pay £79 to leave the car park. After a slight panic I contacted a gentleman at your office who after a few questions confirmed that I had pre paid and lifted the barrier. Would definitely use this service again.
January 13, 2015

Mr N Rowles

Arrived an hour late due to aircraft delay. Got back to car in 2 minutes but when putting in the car park ticket to release the gate it indicated that I had to pay £30 60. As it was pouring with rain and due to the late arrival of the plane - there was nobody to contact at the airport. Had therefore to go back to the arrivals hall and pay the above sum by debit card which raised the gate to the car park after returning to the car. I have therefore paid £30.60 + £21.80 (receipt JK2Z7) Have contacted your office this morning and have been told that it will be investigated. I hope i shall get the £30.60 back. As I shall be flying from Exeter regularly over the next two months I shall wait and see the outcome before I book for my next flight on 22nd January
January 10, 2015

Mrs D Curnow

Difficulty in leaving because people in front could not find their ticket. This lead to a long queue behind us and some frustration from other drivers. There was help after they pressed the button. Can I suggest there is a member of staff at the barrier at peak times for ten minutes when the bulk of traffic is trying to leave.. I know this may be difficult in adverse weather conditions but would be helpful for those with a long onward journey. Thank you
January 5, 2015

Peter McAulay

Excellent facility. Not very well signposted, if it's your first time using it can be confusing. The exit is a bit rubbish, the corner is too tight. You're staff are excellent, helpful and very accommodating, big thumbs too them.
June 8, 2014

J Rowse

Easy, hastle free parking - no problems whatsoever! Quick, easy to use and right on the doorstep of the airport! Book early to keep cost down but would use it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 8, 2012

Mr John Fishwick

The whole procedure worked a treat.I was very pleased with the simplicity of the system.
January 30, 2012

Anthony Shergold

Easy to pre-book at a good price. Only a couple of hundred yards to the airport entrance. Used it several times. Now has number plate recognition so you just get a ticket from the entrance when you arrive and put it in when you leave. No paying or queuing. Just like normal barrier carparks. Cannot fault it! Top notch stuff!
January 29, 2012

Becky Simpson

It was really easy - we managed to get a space very near to the exit and therefore didnt even need to wait for the bus. The numberplate recognition worked on the way in and the way out (which was lucky as in the excitement of our holiday we had lost our ticket!!) Thanks - we will definitely use this again!
January 18, 2012

Richard Harding

Could not have been easier or more convenient.Ease of access and exit was great, not having to get out of car to "report" or leave keys etc - everything done with a camera - very clever- highly recommended!!
December 13, 2011

fred hughes

Despite having clean plates the camera at park3 in Exeter did not recognise my car as being prepaid. resulting on backup on inbound and verbally having to give booking information on outbound while others queued behind me. Van drivers excellent.
December 2, 2011

saurabh sarkar

hastle free experience. the airport is at a walking distance, literally 2 min from the car park, so dont really need a bus unless you struggle with the luggage.
December 1, 2011


November 30, 2011

Anthony Williams

Very efficient check-in and parking. Good to have use of free trolleys. Very close to airport - walked across no need for transfer. On leaving the number plate recognition did not work but phone on the gate to attendant quickly sorted the problem! Be useful to have parent and toddler parking close to exit - we had to walk a long way with baby from car to car park exit
November 23, 2011

Graham Mason

Booking was easy, and getting in & out was no problem, will be recommending to friends.
September 30, 2011

Mrs Tracey Manton

Fantastic, so easy to park and we were less than a 5 minute walk to the entrance of the airport. No hassle.
September 1, 2011