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Mr S Roberts

Everything went smoothly, as usual, until i tried to leave the airport park. My ticket was rejected with the comment "that I was in the wrong car park" !! However on contacting someone in the office after a couple of questions I was allowed to leave. A minor hitch to what is usually an efficient and extremely economical service.
April 9, 2016

Mr J Irwin

Entering and finding a parking space at Edinburgh Plane Parking Value was a breeze with an excellent shuttle service. My only disappointment was on exiting the parking on inserting my ticket at the barrier it asked for a £12 fee. When discussed my issue throu the intercom system at the barrier and relating my reservation number exit was permitted but this caused a tail back behind me and undue pressure to me, my wife and returning individuals who only want home after their holiday. I have used this booking and the same car park a few times and this is the second time this has occurred. On both occasions my inboard flight has not been delayed, it just a disappoint to an excellent service.
April 6, 2016

Mr R Moffat

No problems parking and collecting car. One bit of advice would be to inform the customer, that when they book their parking, is to tell them to note the location where they parked their car as I noted a few customers trying to locate where they had parked. This would be beneficial especially at night.
April 1, 2016

william murphy

Easy to find without sat nav, just used directions provided on web page. Bus was prompt and driver helpful when asked best stop for my car location.
March 29, 2016

Mr S Mclaughlin

easy to book, easy to find and use.....top marks!
March 28, 2016

Cameron Mcrae

Excellent. Car wouldn't start. So used the help button next to the pay area. Guy was out quick and jump started my car. Great.
March 27, 2016

Mr J Woodhouse

All ok until we came to leave & the machine requested £120. Luckily it was quickly sorted.
March 14, 2016

Malcolm Mckay

Really good website which made the entire booking process very straight forward and the price quoted was extremely competative
March 12, 2016

Mr C Simpson

Excellent facility and one I will surely use again. Will also recommend to friends and family.
March 9, 2016

Mr J Tilston

Overall a simple concept which worked fine. Drivers could appear slightly more pleased to see customers and there was slight delay in the pick up for return journey.
March 7, 2016

Mr S Bruno

My car's registration was not in the system and the entrance bar wouldn't go up. Finally my booking was found. Similarly, a week later, when I picked up the car, the monitor showed I had no prepaid booking and I was to pay £ 110. Something clearly went wrong. The assistant had again to look for my booking.
March 5, 2016

Frank McLenaghan

Very good service. Thanks.
March 3, 2016

Mrs A Allcoat

The number plate recognition didn't work and caused us some delay on our return. The bus driver wasn't at all helpful when we queried it with him. But a great location and a good price.
March 2, 2016

David Flett

Had problem at barrier as quoted I was owe £180 , I called staff a it was sorted very quickly ,thanks,bus driver also very courtesy man
March 2, 2016

William Dickson

Car park was fine and conveniently sited. The only criticism was the poor footway provision (and condition) in the area. The car park operator need to put pressure on the Airport operator to make better provision and provide good signage. Some people need to stretch their legs before and/or after the confines of a car or plane.
March 2, 2016

Mr A Mcfarlane

Excellent, frequent bus service and no need to phone from airport on return. Note which bus stop in the car park where you leave your car - it is a big place. The pick up point at the airport is very poor (the fault of the airport and not of the parking company) . The pick up is a good 5 min walk from check in/ arrival and has no shelter from the weather.
February 25, 2016

Mr C Langton

No problem finding it; slightly hesitated driving to barrier because number plate recognition option not easy to see. On return wasn't 100% sure about how pre-paid option worked because ticket said you had to pay (ie didn't say I had paid). Tried it though and of course it worked fine. Just a little uncertain how it all works for a first timer so clarity of information on that would be great. Otherwise dead easy
February 16, 2016

Stephen Leggatt

Handy being onsite at Edinburgh airport for the parking . Only waited 1 min for a bus both ways and good price
February 14, 2016

Josephine Booth

Asked for payment of £180 to exit gate had to give Ref for exit as payment was paid as required when booked.But happy with everything else.47863
February 12, 2016

colin rennie

no problems here, good site and excellent transfers, would use again.
February 8, 2016

Ms E Leighton

Very good value for parking that is right at the airport. Good shuttle service, quick and easy. Only issue to note is the directions are not clear and should be revised to provide more detail of landmarks (eg you have to cross the tram tracks) to make it easier to find.
February 7, 2016

Mr J Heron

Good easy site to use
January 29, 2016

Mr A Mcfarlane

Being a large car park, it is important to take careful note where you leave your car. You will need to take your luggage to one of the shelters to wait for the bus, or drop it off before parking. They are unheated so wrap up well in preparation, although bus service is frequent. No need to phone on return, just get the bus. Best price I have seen and very close to airport.
January 29, 2016

Mr M Choromanski

The route to get to your site is not straightforward yet it's sufficiently clear not to turn your departure day into disaster. The use of your internal bus commuting is also a rather positive experience apart from a couple seconds of consternation when the bus shuttle meanders away to a hotel reception's driveway which instantly leaves you with a suspicion: "Is there more than one bus line departing from their parking lot?" It was lovely to see that our car's stay had not incurred any problems (i.e.: any double charges). When we arrived into the car park the attendant must have very professionally catered to us by verbally (via intercom) taking our particulars (including pre-paid booking number) and typing/ saving them into the computer system.
January 13, 2016

David Sunnucks

Great comparison website, ideal for my booking. I have used this car park before and paid more for it. Left car in a safe and secure place knowing I could enjoy my holiday. Easily accessible and quick shuttle service to Edinburgh airport doors. Recommended and will use again.
January 11, 2016

Roderick Macdonald

Easiest parking ever... Turn up it displays your name and welcome, issues your ticket park get on the bus 3 minutes later you are walking to the terminal.. Seamless flawless best parking ever
January 3, 2016

Karen Hughes

Slight problem when dropping off the car - I hadn't realised that I was getting a very cheap deal for the most expensive car part in the airport. I therefore couldn't believe that I was in the right place and drove round for a while looking for the "right " entrance. I eventually phoned the number given on the web site. A very helpful man told me I was in the right place, sent my ticket directly to the barrier, and everything went perfectly after that. The bus service is excellent - a 5 min wait at the most, and only a few minutes from the terminal.
January 1, 2016

C Bergeron

I had an excellent experience at the Long Time Parking in Edinburgh Airport. First, I needed to change the vehicle number in the reservation prior to parking and it was done swiftly and with courtesy over the phone. Next, I entered by mistake the short stay parking and they kindly let me out and informed me of the long term parking address. Finally, we found their parking shuttle very quick and courteous. How better could it had been? Well, I have know even better but then it was in Narita, Japan: the farmers who rent the long term parking deposit on your car windshield a bag of nicely wrapped fresh vegetables from their field as they know what time you are coming back to retrieve your car! But as I said, it was in Japan... Still the Edinburgh Long term parking is very nice and I will continue being their customer, with or without a bag of fresh vegetables on my windshield...
December 29, 2015

Mr C Still

Very easy to find, not to long to wait for the bus would I use it again you bet I would.
November 16, 2015

Mr C Ferguson

Process very easy. Came home after 2 weeks to find to find drivers window covered in plastic - immediate reaction was a break-in. No I had left the window fully open and an employee had taped a plastic sheet to keep the elements out. Very grateful to J Armstrong.
November 16, 2015