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Erica Parkinson

Infrequent bus service, staffed by unhelpful driver who missed out several stops when taking us for our car, and drove out of the carpark knowing there were still passengers who had not got off. We had to ask him to stop the bus outside the carpark then walk back into the carpark in the lashing wind and rain to find our car. I will never use this company again. It may be cheap but the service is terrible, the worst airport parking I have ever used
September 10, 2017

Laura Mckenzie

Ticket did not work without assistance. When I went to barrier to exit, it said I had to pay £125. I had to call for assistance and confirm my reference number,
September 8, 2017

Margaret McShane

Very poor signage. Currently Inadequate, confusing and far too small On return I met 3 people trying to find the way to the designated area. Like myself they complained about route signage. You had to find a gateway in a wire fence which is invisible in the daylight. Not enough bus stops. Why are some bus stops now only Pay Stations? I had hundreds of yards to walk to get to bus stop 4. Number 6 was much closer. Just as well it wasn't raining. Clearer signs are absolutely necessary to improve this car park. Cost is good but I'll hesitate to use it again.
August 30, 2017

Mr M Holmes

Long way from bus drop to my car, good job it was not raining
August 23, 2017

Mr A Swanson

Clear instructions on how to get there, easy to find. Would be better if bus ran into your carpark
August 22, 2017

Mr M O''donnell

Very easy to find and prompt arrival to airport.
August 21, 2017

Mrs J Johnston

all good
August 21, 2017

J Chittleburgh

Good price but bit of a wait for the bus and walk to the car
August 17, 2017

Mr G Macfarlane

Instructions to get bus not clearly displayed or explained and was a long walk. After exiting the car park the traffic to main routes out of the Airport was very congested and slow moving and not freeflowing.
August 16, 2017

Ms L Pflug

The car park was full when I got there, seemed a bit odd when I had paid up front for the space? However, you did reprieve yourself by letting me into the car park next door.
August 15, 2017

Miss M Coert

no problems
August 12, 2017

Mr M Daszynski

Everything as expected Park walk wait for bus depart arrive bus waiting walk drive out
August 10, 2017

Mr J Mccausland

No problem easy to use and reliable bus service to and from airport
August 8, 2017

S Mcgurk

Clear, easy and simple to book. Managed to get much cheaper parking than I thought when I first started looking. Thank you.
August 3, 2017

Richard Wilson

Pick up and instructions were poor
August 2, 2017

Mr A Rae

Having used this 'extension' of the Long stay Car Park at Edinburgh Airport a few times now I must say it's great value for money and so close to the Long Stay that the frequent bus service is an added bonus.
August 1, 2017

Mr J Laxton

The park is close to the terminal with a frequent bus transfer. It is easy to use and we had no problems, although it is a bit pricier than some parks a bit further away.
July 26, 2017

G Athanasiadis

Very hard to find with no clear signing. I had to speak to an assistant at the bars at a nearby parking to give me directions to it.
July 16, 2017

Olivia Robertson

Quick and easy to book. Easy to find parking area, but quite a trek to the bus stop with cases especially if it is raining.
July 11, 2017

Sonia Young

Excellent service provided. Highly recommend . Easy to use.
July 10, 2017

Robert Marshall

Easy and efficient
July 7, 2017

Graham Meil

Excellent. Our flight was delayed by over 4 hours, beyond the time which I had booked for. initially the machine at the exit requested additional charge however this was very quickly resolved by talking to the attendant through the intercom.
July 4, 2017

Mathilde Lefrere

Perfect, close to the bus stop and you just need 10min to reach the airport. No problem with the car. Staff (I had to call when I leaved) very nice and helpful.
June 23, 2017

Kristin Eggeling

It was a bit unclear where 'New Plane Parking' was supposed to be at EDI airport, as there is only a sign that reads 'Plane Parking'. Also, upon arrival the machine did not recognise my booking, which is why when I left the car park 2 days later, the system told me I owed 60 GBP. The warden, who was immediately reachable via intercom, was however very helpful and the issue was resolved in under a minute. Still, could have been better.
June 14, 2017

Mr B Muir

Arrived back in Edinburgh on a late night flight with a bit of a distance to get the shuttle bus. The bus DID NOT stop at "Stop No.4" as requested but continued on to "Stop No. 7" meaning a long walk back to my car. When challenged, the driver was completely unsympathetic stating that he was "now going back to the terminal". I will not be using this car park again any time in the future and I could not recommend it.
June 12, 2017

James Taylor

directions to parking area was clear and easy to follow, once parked courtesy bus was a minute walk which again was not a problem and pick up on return simple although it might not have been if drop off driver had not told us to come to bus stance 10 on our return as the information we had been given told us to go to stance 4, exit from parking area was easy enough although i think exit signs could be bigger and clearer, that said i would use plane parking again.
June 10, 2017

Mr K Anderson

Competitively priced coupled with frequent bus service
May 29, 2017

Keith Pyper

Easy to find, hassle free - no complaoints
May 28, 2017

Neil Harvey

Exit hard to find but everything else great.
May 23, 2017

Ben Wilson

Great location and reasonable cost. Scared me when the exit barrier demanded an extra £45 to leave but the person on the other end of the intercom sorted it out. Will use again.
May 22, 2017