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Mr D Jones

Everything well explained. Even I couldn't go wrong!
November 15, 2015

Mr S Mckenzie

Expensive, was stuck at the barrier on way out, flying from Glasgow next time as better value for money
November 13, 2015

Mrs S Cowan

So easy to find with clear instructions sent to us, first class service with no waiting at either end, will definitely use again
November 9, 2015

Mr J Murray

very easy to find and not far from airport will use this car park again.
October 26, 2015

Mrs K Bell

Excellent service from start to finish. Will definitely use this again.
October 19, 2015

Jeanette Hindley

Very quick pick up to and from airport
October 17, 2015

Mrs F Stobo

Slow in arriving after the flight. You should try to coordinate the bus with the flight arrivals. Every other bus was there. Secure buses arrived one after the other while we still waited...
October 12, 2015

Mr J Mccrossan

Excellent yet again Thank you
October 11, 2015

Mrs T Thomson

No problems at all finding the car park & parking space near one of the bus stops. Just hopped on the bus back straight to car & out! Have used before & will certainly use again. Cheapest price, best buy!
October 8, 2015

James Richardson

hassle free parking regular bus service
October 5, 2015

Mr J Laurenson

Perhaps not the cheapest but easy to book easy to find convient well worth the money
October 5, 2015

Mrs A Dodds

Easy to find, transport to and from airport perfect, will book again.
October 2, 2015

Mr D Mccoll

Parking was fine but I would advise and warn other users of the Long Stay park at Edinburgh airport, particularly those with mobility problems. The walk from the place where the transfer bus leaves users at the terminal building is actually several hundred yards from the building. This is simply not satisfactory and is probably in violation of the Disability Rights Act. There needs to be assistance for disabled users or more sensibly move the drop off point to outside the terminal building as the public transport bus stops
October 1, 2015

Mr J Kennedy

So easy and no problems
September 29, 2015

Philomena Swierczek

Easy to find,loads of decent size parking spaces and buses at very regular. The price excellent price was also the best available at the time Will definitely use this facility again. Thanks for a great service.
September 16, 2015

Mr S Duffy

First class.Would always be my first choice
September 13, 2015

Ms B Milner

Very convenient and good price. Our return was held up but there was no problem.
September 9, 2015

Miss J Freeman

So simple. Easy to find. Didn't need anything with me, number plate scanned on arrival, straight in no hassle. Locked up and left, free shuttle bus arrived within minutes, same on the way back. Brilliant. Really cheap too - couldn't fault it.
September 1, 2015

Mr C Flood

It was perfect. Plenty of room close to the airport and a regular bus service.
August 31, 2015

Mr J Valera Ventin

Is the second time that I use this service and is excelent and a very good price. Thank you very much!
August 30, 2015

John Sexton

I left arranging my parking all a bit last minute. An excellent service from booking to leaving the carpark. All went smoothly.
August 24, 2015

Anthony Dutton

I made a mistake when booking and booked for 10 days instead of 3 days. I immediately tried to contact the booking company using the number provided to inform of the mistake but was not able to speak to anyone as it was the weekend. I e-mailed immediately to inform of the mistake, this was all before travelling to Edinburgh to park my car. I called the number provided during business hours on Monday and was informed of another number to call. The second number was the car park management office and they told me to contact the booking company - which I had previously contacted. I called back the booking company and was told that my booking could not be ammended. I find this answer to be firstly, unhelpful and more importantly, untrue. A refund of days not required due to a mistake made while booking online is alway possible.
August 19, 2015

Mr Roderick Munn

Great price, great deal.
August 16, 2015

Norman Alm

Easy to book, the technology worked, frequent transport to the terminal, the transport not contracted to include anywhere else other than your car park, and in a pinch, pretty well close enough to walk if you want to
August 15, 2015

William Aitkenhead

Absolutely perfect,,,,super smooth from point of arrival and uplifting car on departure. Couldn't have been easier
August 13, 2015

Mrs J Kett

Quick easy and frequent buses
July 26, 2015

Steve K

The intructions to get to the parking need updating, the final turn off is much closer to the last roundabout. The bas driver was aware it was wrong - please update. Everything was very good, bus pick-ups etc. all went as expected
July 14, 2015

Miss S Henderson

ok apart no reg0nse my car
June 22, 2015

John Boyes

The Airport Parking Shop gave me access to a great value package at just over £42 for twelve days parking at the Long-Stay Car Park adjacent to Edinburgh Airport. All went smoothly on the "out" leg of my trip but on my return I was faced with a barrier not rising and a message displayed saying I owed them £64. This was quickly resolved by the remote operator but I must say I could have done without the initial shock. All's well that ends well but the experience prevents me awarding full marks. However, I'll certainly use the Parking Shop's services again.
June 20, 2015

Mr D Garvie

Was great once we found a space Really good bus service & excellent how the ticket box knew my reg Put our minds at ease that we were in the right place Thanks
June 16, 2015