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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Edinburgh Flying Scot

Margaret Brady

I won't be booking with Flying Scot again as this is second time had to wait for bus back for car but this time it was 40 mins before it came. I phoned they said we had just missed bus but even then it still should have been quicker then 40 mins as they advertise every 5 mins. When I complained at office wasn't getting anywhere although I wasn't the only one that wasn't happy; others said they wouldn't book with them again. It would have been worse if it was the other way round and we could have missed flight.
May 20, 2019

Graham Davidson

Horrendous!! Some of the worst driving I have ever witnessed. It started with a high speed reverse out of parking bay seven before my partner could even get our 7 and 5-year olds seat belts on, followed by a high speed dash through various lanes and speed bumps. When we asked the driver (large tattoos on the back of his head) to slow down a bit, we were completely ignored and the driving style was unchanged. Absolutely disgusting driving / service.
May 17, 2019

Laura Carlin

Very helpful staff. Quick, good value and short distance to airport. Driver was there on our return.
May 16, 2019

Lindsay Fraser

When I arrived the car park was full, so I parked where I could and went to reception, man driving the shuttle came in and was very rude to me, telling me to move it and that I had just abandoned it. On return I had to wait about 40 minutes in the freezing cold with my daughter for the shuttle. When taken to car park, in reception, small bald man looked very stressed, shoved me the car key and told me my car was round the corner of reception, which it was although parked behind another, blocking me in. I put the ignition on to heat the car whilst waiting on someone to come and move the one behind me, they had left mine in gear, with no handbrake on and it jerked, thank God it just missed the car behind me. I would never use this car park again, staff are rude and I wouldn't trust them with my pride and joy ever again.
April 14, 2019

Natalie Martin

Absolutely horrendous....... picked up car tonight. Flat tire. Big nail in it. Travelling with young daughter , pulled in st junction outside car park. Tyre was on the rim! Husband walked back for help. Dismissive and unhelpful. While waiting for AA witnessed the treatment of other card being reversed at speed in the car park on gravel, terrible treatment of peoples cars. My car is absolutely covered in crap, will NEVER advise anyone to use this car park.
April 11, 2019

Deanna Aird

❌⚠️AVOID FLYING SCOT PARKING AT EDINBURGH AIRPORT⚠️❌ Have left my car with loads of damage, parked it in such a position I wouldn’t see until I left then refuse liability “as I left the car park” considering it was 12 at night and pitch black with two young children to get home I had no chance of seeing it! Absolute scumbags!
April 11, 2019

John Davey

This company is run by utter crooks. My car was damaged during it being parked here and Flying Scot have washed hands entirely of this. When they give you the blue piece of paper which you think is for your return journey, this is actually a damage status check YOU have the request. Otherwise, they can do what they want to your car and they will not entertain a repair. Trading standards have been notified of this, and like many others 1 star is 5 too many. Avoid like the plague, actually the plague would have had a more satisfactory outcome as at least you would have been treated with sufficient respect to have your corpse tossed into the street.
April 10, 2019

Joan Mulvey

Great service from Flying Scot as per usual. Don’t have anything negative to say about them except that they would perhaps reward when used often.
March 26, 2019

Jim Davidson

First class, couldnt fault it at all.
March 16, 2019


****Worst Experience I’ve ever encountered with airport parking***** I recently went on a 3 day trip to Venice and left my car with flying Scot Edinburgh. I left a sealed envelope in the car which contained money. In return to the vehicle, I checked the centre console where the money was left and to my disgust the money had disappeared. I went in to report it straight away before I even turn the ignition and the boy who was on the desk phoned director of the company (Patricia). Patricia basically stated that it was my fault for leaving it in the car and that there wasn’t anything she could do about it. I received an email few days later stating that I should have reported it before I left the premises?? I hadn’t even turned the ignition before I went in to complain. Ive still not heard anything from this company in regards to this matter. They ignore emails and telephone calls and even ignore the police. I would avoid this company at all costs if you don’t want things stolen from your car or damage done to your car. They are nothing but criminals Cash stolen from the car was £500. Yes that may have been silly on my part, but this company is advertised as a SECURE car park. I’m now going to national papers to report this in the hope nobody else has to experience this.
February 17, 2019

Julie Hutton

We use Flying Scot regularly and find the service reliable and friendly. Sometimes staff have taken extra care, and one discovers the car engine running with heating on when returning to the premises. This is very welcoming after a journey, and especially when arriving early morning or late at night. Thank you Flying Scot.
December 27, 2018

David Lunan

Courteous and efficient
November 7, 2018

Jim Didcock

The pickup from the stance was unacceptably long/delayed. Flying Scot were notified as requested on leaving the departure hall and despite being located approx half a mile distant (less than 2 mins) took 35 mins to arrive against their stated time of no more than 15 mins. Another group using them contacted them after 20 mins waiting to be told that only one bus was in operation and there would be no more than a further 15 mins before pickup. When the bus finally arrived 35 mins late to pick us up no outgoing passengers were dropped off so the explanation offered of bus availability, although possible, was irrelevant. There was no apology offered and the drivers attitude was bordering on rude. All this at 10.30pm after long flights, with young children and elderly passengers at 3°C. I have used Flying Scot before but for the few pounds cheaper than their rivals will never do so again!
October 31, 2018

Santo Bruno

I don't know where they parked my car while I was away (perhaps under a lamp post) but when I picked it up on my return from holiday the car was literally covered with birds droppings, everywhere!! Had to drive straight to car wash.
October 27, 2018

Mrs Frances Calder

this was the worst experience we have ever had! we waited over 40 minutes for a bus which never arrived. i phoned three times to the Flying Scot only to be told by the answering machine to go to stance 7 for the bus. i complained but got no satisfaction ......i cannot be bothered going into the whole sorry episode again with you but we will never use this car park again and will warn anyone the same. totally feel let down and spoiled the end of the holiday.
October 19, 2018

Douglas Hamilton

Do not leave your car with them. If you do, it will cost you hundreds of pounds for damage done to your car. Must be the worst park I have ever used.
October 1, 2018

George Kesson

Parking changed from flying Scot to low cost with less than 24 before departure. Low cost 1.5 miles from airport and only one shuttle bus running. 15 minute wait before departure but a 35 minute wait on arrival at stance number 7.
October 1, 2018

Gordon Nelson

Have used Flying Scot many times before and have been impressed by their service. Unfortunately something went wrong last night. Cannot blame the staff as they were trying their best to help but they were obviously understaffed
September 27, 2018

Alan Dean

Excellent service and helpful friendly staff.
September 15, 2018

Lawrence dowie

23.50 Sunday night. 30 minutes after calling, bus turns up. Tell driver we are not happy. Then begins a tirade of threats and abuse. My five year old is almost in tears. Driver even threatens to take us to police because I said I wanted to record the conversation. Pay a little extra and avoid this company.
September 5, 2018