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Ewan Kirkpatrick

Perfect, no waiting about and when I came home they had washed my car (£4.00)and it was sitting right in front. What more can I ask for.
February 10, 2010

James Stevenson

We always use this one for Edinburgh Airport. It is very close and the mini-bus service is very prompt.
February 9, 2010

Tania Chamberlain

Was impressed that I didn't have to wait for transport to or from the car park to the airport. Staff were also very helpful.
February 1, 2010

Robert Tait

I found the people at booking in helpful and efficient. However I found the woman on duty when I picked the car up to be very rude. Firstly she refuse to give me my car as I did not have a yellow slip then when I explained I had never been given one I was told this was rubbish and I had obviously lost it. I was very disapointed with the valet service. I asked for the top level they had available and was told this would involve the inside of the car being cleaned and also that the tyres would be dressed and alloys fully cleaned. The tyres were not dressed the alloys were not cleaned. There was evidence that the car had been washed but large areas had been missed. The inside had been dusted but there was still dirt below the matts which would suggest they had not been romed for hoovering and marks on the doors and central armrest which had clearly not been cleaned and polished. after being accused of lying bu the person at the desk I did not relish the task of facing her again to complain and left, choosing to voice my complaint by this review and not using them again.
February 1, 2010

James Hutchison

The car park staff were polite & the service was good value & efficient.
January 29, 2010

Grace McCulloch

Lowest priced and very close to the airport, so no worries about traffic jams. By the time I got to the stance for re-collection, the bus was there - and the drivers were really nice and helpful too. 10/10
January 28, 2010

laura mitchell

quick service to and from airport. Bus on demand therefore no running to catch bus on time. friendly service. didnt get the car wash service but thought it was a good idea!!
January 27, 2010

Craig Nicol

Excellent parking, I always go here. Prompt buses to the airport, great value, friendly staff and you car is always ready to go when you return.
January 26, 2010

Penny Skett

Excellent. Prompt, efficient service and very good value for money.
January 26, 2010

Iain Smith

Very efficient, but hardstanding at reception very poor. This meant we couldn't put our cases on the ground as it was very wet and muddy.
January 26, 2010

jacqueline reader

very good service, staff are very approachable and nice people. Bus driver very chatty which I like hate when its silence and you feel you cannot ask anything, cost is very good too. thanks
January 25, 2010

Lynn Dinsmore

Have used Flying Scot several times, chose them for our trip this time as the price quoted was much cheaper than competitors and they are very close to the terminal. The service on arrival was fast and efficient and our car was delivered to us at their office door on our return, would use them again and gladly recommend them to others.
January 25, 2010

Heather Mae Hill

Flying Scot was convienient being so close to the airport. Friendly efficient service and good value.
January 23, 2010

Christine Middleton

I found this site on a comparison website and found it to be really cheap compared to others around. It was easy to find with really good directions given by the website and it's literally two minutes from the airport itself. There was no problems at all - we arrived at 3 in the morning and handed over the keys, loaded the luggage into the van and we were off! When we came back it was a simple matter of phoning the number on the card and a van was sent to pick us up. I would recommend it to anyone.
January 18, 2010

Lesley Toms

When I arrived the service was excellent - taken very promptly to airport. However, when I returned to pick up my car (after having to come back to Edinburgh by train as flight was cancelled and a friend gave me a lift direct to car park)I had to walk to my car, about 70 yards away, over the muddiest area you have seen then climb into my car via a rather large puddle My boots are really filthy - not to mention the mess transferred into my car. Must admit, I was not amused and would think twice before I booked this car park again.
January 14, 2010

Gillian Henry

Everything fine apart from the condition of the car park ie. not properly cleared from ice and thick with sand which made it very difficult to pull suitcases through and resulted in lots of sand being trailed into the car.
January 13, 2010

Ariel Makowski

Trip from the airport was exellent. Thank You very much.
January 13, 2010

Jean Hunter

Convenient location. Speedy and efficient service and pick up after flight. Car was valeted and awaiting us, engine running and heating on, for our arrival back to minus 12 degrees!
January 9, 2010

Hunter Lloyd

We booked car parking at Edinburgh Flying Scott but unfortunately due to the collapse of Globespan we were unable to fly from Edinburgh. However, the parking operator was very understanding and allowed us to cancel our booking and only charged a small cancellation charge. The service we received was excellent.
January 7, 2010

Gordon Mair

Excellent friendly service, had my car warmed and running when I arrived on a freezing winter night.
December 14, 2009


I have used Flying Scot several times in the past and have always found them very efficient.
December 13, 2009

Judith McDonald

The convenience to the airport terminal makes Flying Scot the easiest option. This is backed up by a very good and prompt service
December 7, 2009

Stephen McPhie

Service was friendly and efficient. Courtesy bus arrived quickly.
December 4, 2009

andrew kane

first class service and customer support .............. no other way to start and return from any trip in my opinion
November 30, 2009

Brian L Clarkson

We were very pleased with the service we received and would have no hesitation in using Flying Scot again.
November 29, 2009

WWT Gowans

Excellent! Worked very smoothly.
November 24, 2009

Jenny Lamb

Impressed by efficiency & competitive price
November 23, 2009

Irene Dalrymple

Excellent service, easy to book, helpful staff, very close to airport. Would certainly use Flying Scot again.
November 1, 2009

Andrew Alexander

Our experience with Flying Scot was excellent with speedy efficient service and pleasant helpful staff.
October 28, 2009

Iain Campbell

Excellent service ! Everyone pleasant and courteous and only waited a couple of minutes for tranfer from airport.
October 26, 2009