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Lynne dent

Excellent, efficient all round service.
April 25, 2012

Andrew Georgopoulos

used shuttle economy on-airport car park - convenient and good value for money.
September 8, 2011

Trevor Lewis

Very good service provided.
September 3, 2011

Gary Ogden

Very good car park with excellent shuttle bus service to departures area and from arrivals. Unusually this is the cheapest car park but the best to use as the bus loads up from this end so those nearer the airport are loading onto a nearly full bus. The ANPR didn't work on exit but the staff were very efficient with allowing us exit when we provided the booking reference.
August 16, 2011

Andrew Wood

East Midlands Shuttle Economy 1 (formerly Long Stay 7) And that is the only problem! There was no advisory e mail from Essential saying that the carpark had been renumbered. The airport signage had been amended (although something prominent pointing out out the change would have been useful e.g. road directions could have pointed to the alternative rout from the A42/MI without entering the main entrance)and led to use driving around the perifery of the airport looking for a non existant carpark. The shuttle bush drivers were equally frustrated being flagged down by confused drivers. Other than that good value for money and will use again.
July 18, 2011


Big problem is finding the carpark.The directions provided direct one to carparks 6 & 7. In fact the carparks are numbered 1 & 2. It is then necessary to drive around looking for for a space to park. This can take some time. In its favour is the transfer which is frequent and quick.
July 10, 2011

Nicholas Watson

A short distance from the terminal building, but after we had parked up there was a shuttle bus waiting and took us to departures. On our return it was not clear where we had to go but we asked a driver of a staff bus who said we should have been told by the driver who dropped us off where to go. Much to our surprise he asked which car park we needed to be at and he took us there - a credit to the staff who work at EMA. Many thanks.
July 1, 2011

Alan J Fawcett

The parking was good once we were able to find it. The signage was very poor -- no signs actually read "long term 7" If I had not researched the lat / long coordinates to enter into the GPS we would have been in trouble at 04:00 that morning.
June 30, 2011


Was fantastic and prompt, would recommend and will use again.
June 13, 2011

geoffrey mark laidler

On arrival getting into the car park was fine catching the shuttle bus was very quick to the terminal. On our return we caught the shuttle within 10 mins of landing & were at the car park within a few minutes. Getting out of the car park was not easy, a long queue had formed with only one exit barrier working, here everyone was experiencing problems getting out nearly everyone had to speak to the control centre for whatever reason, althought we had pre paid when I entered the ticket into the ticket machine it came up as saying we were in the wrong car park, an operator spoke to me asked me my name & the barrier lifted up to let us out, all in all not a bad experience but there needs to be more exit barriers at busy times.
June 9, 2011

steven justice

fantastic service, we will with out doubt use this parking again, the only problem we had was when i put my ticket in the machine to open barrier to get out the machine told me i was in the wrong carpark, dont know what happend as i payed for car park 7 and that where we parked. so it was a quick press of the service button on the machine and it was sorted by the guy on the desk.
June 8, 2011


It was very good and easy to use and well sign posted coming out of departures to find the bus bay. I will always use this car park when flying from East Mids airport.
June 7, 2011


All in all a painless and easy experience. Shuttle busses are regular and clean with friendly drivers.I look forward to using this service in future.
June 5, 2011

D Howard Buchanan

I judge a car parking service on how quickly its bus can get me out of the hideous environment of a modern airport back to my car. As only 40 mins. passed between touchdown and pressing the starter, yours was a winner. Try doing that with the cheapest option at Stansted. Value for money is a different matter.Even with a lottery win, I would always go for the cheapest option as I consider all airport parking to be grossly over-priced. It was no coincidence that the late Mr. Gosling, one of the founders of NCP, owned the largest yacht in private hands at the time. When Stansted got going it cost only 50p.a week to park. A couple of years later, when private operators took over, the price increased by 1500% in one jump."Indefensible" and "obscene" were 2 of the terms employed in my complaint letter to the BAA at the time and I have had no cause to regret them since.
June 3, 2011

Anthony Bishop

We had no problems either leaving or returning.The bus drivers were helpful and regular.
May 25, 2011

Barrie Doyle

The whole thing worked very well with the exception of lack of information with the procedure after reaching the carpark. It was not clear that you find your own parking space, keep your car keys and go directly to a bus without seeing anyone to check in. Other people we met who had not used the service before were having the same difficulty.
May 23, 2011

Steve Mortimer

All good except one major thing. On our return we were dropped off apparently at car park 7 but it was not the right place. We spent half an hour searching for our car until finding it in the car park next to the one we had been dropped off which appeared to have duplicate lettering.
May 19, 2011

Annette Hope

Very good service - went without a hitch,
May 18, 2011

terence hoyles

Instructions to find car park good. Parking spaces good, Shuttle service good, Pre paid ticket no problem, Please could you mark the exit clearer, we were in row K and turned left heading to gate only to find cars parked against the fence with no exit lane.
May 18, 2011

john graver

fairly quick and short bus service with helpful drivers.
May 9, 2011

Michael Storr

Everything worked fine except car park 7 was closed with signs directing us to park 6. On return the barrier would not let us out and I had to phone the office and give them my order reference.
February 28, 2011

Mr Look

Qiick to get in, overspill area was great, bus transfer quick and non nonsense - will use again
November 3, 2010

Andrea Wright

Great. easy to find. Regular, friendly bus service.
October 31, 2010

Andrew Giverin

I mistakenly entered the wrong departure date - a week later than I needed - I rang the call centre immediately afterwards but they refused to provide me with a refund. Very disappointing.
October 23, 2010

Ian Henderson

Esay to get to, very frequent shuttle buses to the airport and also economical price. Would certainly use again.
October 24, 2009

Paul Lally

Very easy and efficient. I particularly appreciated the information displayed onboard--e.g. which particular bus stop we were approaching. No problem validating ticket on return, despite my fears. Two slight concerns: (1) I was charged £1 or so more than the sum quoted when i booked online, and (2) the car park barriers seemed to take an age to operate, which caused a bit of a queue.
October 7, 2009

Mike Waplington

A nothing special car park really. Lots of spaces but nothing that directs you to where empty ones are upon arrival so you drive around and around until you do find one. Spaces not clearly delineated so parking a bit haphazard. There seems to be too many ways to get your exit authorised which leads to delays. Overall very average in my view.
September 18, 2009

stephen sharp

The location of car park 7 should be explained better. Too far. I never noted the bus stop ID, on a piece of A4! I was not prompted to. From leaving arrivals to getting in my car took 45mins - longer than the flight! My car was next to the last bus stop in the most distant car park. I will probably never fly from E.Midlands airport again. Regards, S Sharp
September 8, 2009

J Carveth

Very good service and very cheap. The car park is a bit of way from the terminal so leave yourself some extra time but the transfer coaches were regular and quick. Easy and quick to pick up the ticket when we came back. I will use this service again.
August 31, 2009

Michael Chesterfield

Good car parking at East Midlands, well signed and regular transit bus service. Be nice if the drivers would assist loading cases into the luggage bays, quite a change after coming from overseas where this is the norm, infact the drivers seem to quite gloat watching the passengers struggling, or is this me being cynical?
July 1, 2008