Waggon and Horses Bristol reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Waggon and Horses Bristol

Gaynor Thompson

Arrived, parked and transported to Airport within minutes. Had a blip coming back with timings, however quickly resolved and they refunded the whole amount of parking. Will definitely use again and would recommend, excellent customer service.
November 3, 2017

Avril Masterton

Great service, have used waggon and horses every time we fly from Bristol. Easy to book, pleasant and very helpful staff. Transfers take about 10mins.
October 25, 2017

Phillip Tucker

Myself and my family have used the Waggon and Horses for a few year and have been very pleased with the service up till this last time, We arrived late,(2.30 in the morning) after being delayed for two hours, was picked up promptly, and taken to the compound to pick up our car, on the way home, I noticed that the flasher lights were going very quick , and thought that it must be a bulb gone,as we didn't get home to Devon until 5.15 in the morning , didn't look at it until the next morning. Were I found that the front of the car was damaged and the flasher lamp was missing, We are very disappoint with the service this time as no mention of the car being damaged while you had it in your compound, and as we hadn't check it when we picked it up , there was no way we can prove that the damaged happen while in your care. Mr p tucker
October 8, 2017

Delyth Mosey

Absolutely amazing this is the first time iv used wagon and horses and it certainly won't be the last, excellent service
September 8, 2017

Stephen Bird

We parked with Waggon & Horses from July 29th to August 5th 2017 and although we were delayed by the M5 traffic jam and a bit late arriving, they were not a bit phased and were very helpful. We were quickly transported to Bristol Airport without any fuss and caught our flight as planned. When we came back from our holiday into Bristol Airport we rang them to be collected and within 15 mins of ringing, the transport arrived and collected us and another 3 couples. when we arrived at the depot our car was parked up and ready to go. A quick inspection showed that the car had been looked after and had only clocked up a few extra miles from when we had dropped it off. Overall, we found the service excellent and friendly and would definitely recommend them. We will certainly use them again, Steve Bird.
August 25, 2017

Simon Rees

My wife booked this company for our holiday to Bulgaria. Great communication, great price and topped off with great professional and efficient service. Great easy directions on the booking details, and on our arrive were made to feel reassured that our car was in safe hands, and our transfer to a Bristol Airport was going to be a breeze, which it certainly was. We had verbal and printed instructions and guidance as to collection arrangements on our return to the airport the following week. Once we'd got our cases, a quick call and in what seemed like only 5-10 minutes we had been picked up, returned to the company premises and with my car keys handed to me and quickly on our journey home to South Wales. Highly recommended company to use for business or pleasure transfers to the airport.
August 12, 2017

Suzanne kinsey

Fantastic service first time we used this company and all went smoothly would use again .
August 9, 2017


Warning do not use these, we were very disappointed with the service. We traveled up from South Wales with no problem what so ever, parked car and we were transported to airport. All was well until last night of holiday we received a recorded message saying our car was leaking diesel and that the fuel pipes were leaking, we returned the call to tell them to try and sort it for us before we returned, when we returned we could clearly see that the pipes had been scraped across a rough service witch had caused a split in fuel pipe. There was no offer of help what so ever until rac arrived to see the full damage done to our car, he said it was clear the car had been damaged, we were offered a lift to a near pub and lift back until the insurance was sorted to try an get us home due to the damage, it's been a week an still my car is not fixed. I have heard more occurrences since being home, it was a disgusting end to our holidays, they have given back our fee for parking but no offer to help with damage to car which they caused it, also takes ten days for the refund to clear what a joke.
July 15, 2017

Christopher Warren

Good points: it's convenient for the airport, it's reasonably cheap, pick up to and from airport was carried out in good time. Not so good points: as mentioned in other reviews the miserable guy who picked us up must have bunked off from charm school. No conversation, no smile, nothing. You really felt he was on the verge of doing something violent! Our car was boxed in on our return but rather than trouble Mr Misery I clambered in through the passenger door.
April 19, 2017

Louise wellington

Absolutely fantastic service. Easy check in. Friendly staff and quick and easy pick up. Will be recommending to all family and friends.
January 16, 2017

Ian Macleod

Cheap yes, cheerful, no. They didnt damage my vehicle. Thats a plus. On arrival at the airport i called them to arrange shuttle to pick up the car. Was answered by a guy who said 10 minutes and hung up on me. Rude. After 25 minutes (it was 10.30 pm, -3 and we had a child in a wheelchair with us) i called again being quite reasonable. The lady who answered said "how long is a piece of string" in reply to my ETA request! They sent another old gebtleman who was appologetic. Over an hour after we landed we arrived in the car park to our frozen van. Terrible attitude and shambolic business. Id never use them again. Pay a bit more and go elsewhere. Pay twice as much if you need to, especially if returning late with kids etc.
January 5, 2017

James Lees

The service was absolutely amazing with Waggon and Horses. We arrived and the check in process was so easy. The minibus was waiting to drop us off which only took 5 minutes to the airport. The same on the way back happened, picked up the cases, they were waiting where we were dropped off and straight back to the head office and we were on our way. Great service, price and customer care. Will be definitely using again...
August 30, 2016


Used Wagon and Horses for the first time in August and were really impressed. Will be using them again in October.
August 12, 2016

Christine Salter

Excellent service, easy to book online and good value. Book early as they are busy!!!
June 30, 2016

Peter Hanks

I have, at various times, used all the other “off site" Bristol Airport parking companies, but the Waggon and Horses has proved to be the best. Efficient and friendly service (even at 4.30am) with helpful drivers and a clean and tidy mini bus, and only a five minute drive from the terminal.
October 7, 2015

Mr Leslie Phelps

Had a very short wait before being taken to the airport and upon return was given a time of be there in six minutes it was not as long as that,upon arrival at car park car was there waiting and had keys and on way home within five minutes,EXCELLENT SERVICE.
September 22, 2015

Helen Luke

Excellent. No problems at all. Will definitely be using again.
September 13, 2015


Used these guys several times, always been good - reliable and prompt.
September 13, 2015

Mr David K H Gray

Drop off went very smoothly but pick up was a complete shambles. In the end we were collected by another company, so looking for the Wagon and Horses minibus didn't work. Ringing the mobile number didn't help either: 'We're full and will collect you on the next trip.' My 75 year old mother was very cold by the time the whole mess got sorted 40 mins later.
September 1, 2015

Mrs W T Davies

Great little carpark though was told we could have got it cheaper booking direct but hey ho was still happy with the £49 for 11 days...lovely chap loaded our suitcases made conversation and was very pleasant on the airport journey shame the same couldn't be said about the misery who picked us up! Rolling of the eyes and sighing that he had to put our suitcases into the mini bus followed by the slamming of the taxi door..being a lone parent with 2 kids and an elderly parent i didnt think it was too much to expect the miserable sod to lend a hand having said that i would use this company again but hopefully said miserable sod would have retired!!
August 12, 2015