Bristol ASAP Meet and Greet reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Bristol ASAP Meet and Greet

Alison M Meredith

Didn't meet us at airport we had to pay an additional cost of £104 to park else where. Left us to pull 4 cases and as I am disabled and had my 81 year mother with me disgusting service
May 22, 2018

Francis Paul Bowditch

Excellent service from start to finish.
May 12, 2018

J E Fletcher

Park & Go contacted us a couple of weeks before our trip to say that they were transferring our meet and greet booking to A4 meet and greet because ASAP meet and greet had let some customers down. Everything was fine for our airport transfers and full marks to Park & Go for being proactive and saving us any hassle.
May 3, 2018

Richard Ayres

We had arranged a "meet and greet" parking arrangement about a month in advance. Five days in advance we were told this was not available. Would we prefer to switch to long term parking or have our money back? We were told that it was only a short walk from the long term parking since it was immediately opposite the terminal building. On arrival we found work being done in the car park, with poor signposting and dead ends , making it necessary to reverse a considerable distance. Eventually we found a space which resulted in a ten minutes walk, pulling cases over rough ground. We used Park and Go to avoid hassle. THe opposite is what we got.
April 21, 2018

Bethan Jones

An excellent, value for money parking experience.
April 17, 2018

Caryn Mitchell

Very efficient both when we arrived at the airport and when we returned following our holiday.
April 16, 2018

William Thomas

No issues at all. Prompt,excellent service at departure and return.
April 14, 2018


My flight from Geneva was cancelled, so I sent my brother to pick up the car on my behalf. My brother rang ASAP 30 mins before arriving and was told to call again once he was just outside the airport. Once my brother arrived at the airport he rang again, only to be told that the driver will be another 30 mins. 35 mins had passed and my brother rang and was told that they would be another 30 minutes. My brother had no confidence in ASAP Meet & Greet and said he would drive to the ASAP’s site to pick up the car himself. He was given the address and when he arrived 20 mins later, he was told by ASAP that he would need to wait another 15 minutes while the car was retrieved from the compound. No apology was give when he finally picked up the car. I complained and I got an email back blaming me for the problem and it said that I should apologise to them. Worst customer services I've ever had. I will never use them again.
April 11, 2018


shocking service DO NOT EVER USE they did not return my car and 100s other for 2 days we had to get a bus from Bristol airport to home and back to Bristol to collect the car we found the car in a field with no gates or cctv so not secure some cars are parked in lanes on the rd we waited in the airport for 7 hours on our return to be told we cant have our car please spare your self the stress its a scam
April 9, 2018

Michaela Rose

I arrived back at Bristol Airport at 01.00 on Saturday 7th April. Another passenger travelling with 2 young children under the age of 4 had used this service for meet and greet. The company would not come and deliver her car back as the employee was sick and they had no one else to cover the service! They expected this young lady with 2 children to either get her own way home or wait until the morning! They had no contingency plan for this situation and all in all very poor service and really unprofessional. I spoke to them myself as the poor lady was so distressed. I ended up driving her and her children home myself as it was completely unreasonable to expect her to stay and wait with two distressed young children. I would warn people against using this company if this is how they deal with unexpected scenarios.
April 9, 2018


An absolute nightmare...nobody answered the phone, eventually when somebody did we waited up to 4hrs only to discover the keys had been lost. Our daughter rescued us by driving a significant way @ midnight with the spare set of keys. We then had to make my way to where the car was parked, thankfully it was there. So, I'm significantly out of pocket and missing a set of keys - I'm trying to make contact to sort it out - SO, DONT USE - BOOK AIRPORT PARKING Unfortunately, many other travellers were experiencing the same issues as us, probably some with worse stories to tell!... the only up side is we all helped and supported each other with lifts and calls to help reunite them with their cars.
April 8, 2018

Agnieszka Ziemba

No one pick up phone when try ring on arrival. Tens people waiting for there cars. Finally rang police. They lost cars , completely didn’t know what’s going on . AVOID!!!!
April 8, 2018

Laura Triptree

Brilliant service from drop off to pick up. Person met us 2 mins after arriving at Bristol and took car away. Phoned once we had luggage and car was back as we arrived in car park. Easiest it has ever been and very affordable. Will definitely use again
April 6, 2018

D J Eames

Hi - perfect service both ends in terms of logistics. Only issue was that the friendly gent who dropped the car off is clearly a big smoker and it took until the M5 to get rid of the smell. Not an issue as single traveller but can’t use for next trip as i’ll Be with my family and young kids.
March 30, 2018

Jane english

Excellent service including a nice warm car on freezing night on my return . Have used this several times every time superb service845a
March 20, 2018

Mrs Annie Massey

I was. Really satisfied with the service. It did what it said on the packet. Perfect and no waiting game, pleasant and efficient drop off and reception. Thank you
March 20, 2018

Ashley Griffiths

Hello We were very happy with the service at Bristol Airport. Made our holiday a great deal easier. Will use again soo Thanks A Griffiths
March 19, 2018

Mrs Valerie A Barrie

Excellent service! They arrived promptly to pick the car up and then the car was there in 5 mi utes of the phone call, to be collected! So quick and convenient. I will use this all the time!
March 14, 2018

Jeff Pennell

Really good friendly service. Car collected quickly from us at the express pick up and brought back quickly on return.
March 11, 2018

Liz Gadd

Totally denied all knowledge of the booking when I phoned to complain/get a refund after the holiday. Hung up on me 15 times on the morning of the pre-booked, confirmed by email booking. Couldn't care less about the fact that they didn't turn up.
January 17, 2018