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Christmas Quiz: Where should you really be spending Christmas?

  • 15 Jan, 2020
  • Franki Napolitano
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christmas quiz

Whether you’re a creature of habit and love to do the same thing each year or a bit of a free spirit and happy to spend Christmas wherever feels best, we’ve all wondered what Christmas would be like somewhere else.

If you feel like you need a little inspiration on where to spend the big day, either this year or to plan for the next, take our quiz to see where spending Christmas would suit you best.

Your ideal weather on Christmas Day?

snowy weather

If you could, which one of these would you most want to replace your traditional Christmas lunch with?

Christmas food

How far are you likely to want to travel for Christmas Day?


How traditional would you consider yourself on a scale of 1-10, 1 being not at all traditional?

Who do you tend to spend Christmas with?


What's your favourite thing about Christmas?


Which is your favourite Christmas accessory?

Where should you spend Christmas 2018?
New York

Visit New York for a festive buzz this year!

You need an exciting city escape! Somewhere to still enjoy the festive buzz, while also getting away for a week or so.
Dominican Republic

Not fussed by being at home at Christmas? Why not spend a couple of weeks in the Dominican Republic?

You seem less bothered about being home. The Christmas break is a great chance to get away for a week or two to explore a far flung country while getting a bit of sun!

ooh, you could spend Christmas in Iceland!

Looking for somewhere magical to spend the festive period just outside of the UK? Iceland is the place for you with amazing scenery and a slight twist on the traditional UK Christmas routine.
Your sofa

Sit back, relax and enjoy Christmas at home this year

Why leave home comforts when it's your favourite? Sit back, relax and enjoy your Christmas at home!

Why not spend Christmas exploring a beautiful UK city like Exeter?

A great UK city with a lot of character. Somewhere to explore over the Christmas period, while still staying close to home!

Share your Results:

So, how close to the mark were we? Have we inspired you to try something new? Let us know below.

Merry Christmas!

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