Fee for Aberdeen Airport drop-offs

  • 30 Oct, 2014
  • Jurga Sefton

Drop off fees at Aberdeen Airport

It will now cost £2 to drop off passengers at Aberdeen International Airport, it has been announced.

The charge for Aberdeen Airport drop-offs and pick-ups will apply for a stay of up to 15 minutes in the airport’s forecourt. The decision has been made in an attempt to address local congestion and safety concerns.

The forecourt is managed by an ANPR system which recognises number plates, and exit barriers which will control the duration of the driver’s stay on the forecourt. Those who exceed the maximum stay time will be issued a PCN (penalty charge notice).

Motorists who will be staying for more than 15 minutes will be advised to use the Short Stay car park facility. To compare Short Stay and Long Stay parking prices at Aberdeen airport, click here.

*Information known to be correct July 2017*

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10 responses to “Fee for Aberdeen Airport drop-offs”

  1. Again the money grabbing CAA, want to inflict more charges to the public, in the name of safety and congestion, what a load of rubbish…………
    If they can’t police a measly 80 metres of parking areawith wardens proberly for the past few years that they need to introduce this it just shows their incompetence

    So i assume the traffic wardens will be removed due to the introduction of the ANPR cameras to identify drivers, so you can rip off the public and save on warden cost also.
    Wish they would just admit they want extra funding because they are greedy, they would get more respect than feeding us the safety/congestion issues BS.

  2. What is safe about explaining to a friend that he has to find a phone to call the long stay bus? The phone being located somewhere outside at the front of the airport that he had never visited before.
    We’ll just wait for him and block up the long stay carpark entrance as we will not be paying for the privilege of couriering Aberdeen airports customers.
    The other alternative is tell him to walk to the roundabout and pick him up from there, hardly safe and definitely not a contain beater.
    This just prices that Aberdeen airport do not care about their customers, just trying to wring them off their last pennies before they leave. Just visited their website where they are singing about all the paid options for pickup and dropoff of friends and family at their crappy little colloquial airport.

  3. I picked up my son and his girlfriend who were standing at the pick up area at the airport which took all of 5 mins.from the time I got my ticket till I was at the exit barrier and got a shock when I had to pay a pound to exit, even Union Square in the centre of Aberdeen gives you 10 mins.before you have to pay. I think they should review this charge to give you 15 mins.for drop off /pick up you can still go through the security cameras which I understand is for safety of the travellers and the airport but come on this is a ripoff. Please review this please.

    • Hi Donald, it might be worth passing your comments on to the official airport so that they can review the situation. I don’t think it’s been a hugely popular decision to introduce this!

  4. The forecourt described below does not appear on the airport map
    Quoting from their website –

    As of 7 January 2015 a charged forecourt area will be implemented at Aberdeen Airport. The forecourt, will be managed by an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system and exit barriers to control how long customers spend on the forecourt. There will be a £2 charge for those staying up to 15 minutes. Drivers wishing to use parking facilities for more than 15 minutes are advised to use the Short Stay car park. Vehicles that exceed the 15 minute stay period will be issued with a parking charge notice (PCN).

    Picking up or dropping off
    The inner forecourt is reserved for authorised vehicles only. The outer forecourt is for private vehicles and courtesy buses. Access to the forecourt is clearly signposted on the airport approach road.

    • Hi Peter,

      The map you refer to is on the Aberdeen official website and so we are unable to advise where the forecourt is / why it isn’t on the map.

      If you need clarification, feel free to contact the airport directly on +44 (0)844 481 6666

      Hope that helps!


  5. Greedy greedy greedy. It seems that just everything in Aberdeenshire is subject to greed and mismanagement, thankfully I am only visiting. I won’t be using this airport again.

  6. What a criminal rip off today. Picking up my mother from the KLM flight I wasn’t expecting to take long. Especially since I saw the aircraft landing just when I passed the Hadigan roundabout. It took slightly longer to disembark the aircraft, but we were soon on our way. So I thought. At the barrier, I dropped two pound coins without the barrier opening. Realising the barrier wasn’t budging, I contacted the assistant. Only to find out that I had been there for just over 15 minutes. Pay £ 10.00!!! How’s that service I wonder? If you’re unlucky for the aircraft taking a bit longer to disembark, you’re screwed. Aberdeen airport is getting more and more ridiculous.

  7. This is a trap to get money out of people I drove in and never got out my car drove up to lowered barrier and was kept there against my will for twenty minutes while they demanded £2.00 from me before they would let me go while I was there I witnessed two other drivers have the same problem when I refused they said they would get the police I told them to after about ten minutes someone came and said its your lucky night the police are busy he put the money in himself and said you could go this must be against the law or should be I will be looking into this

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