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Christmas: Expectation vs. Reality

  • 20 Jul, 2021
  • Franki Napolitano
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Ah Christmas, a time of happiness, generosity and general merriment.

This season, the internet will be awash with blogs on the “Best Christmas Markets”, “The places you MUST visit” or the “Alternative Christmas traditions” so this year, we thought we’d take a tongue in cheek look at The Christmas Expectations vs. Realities, and we can almost guarantee you can relate to some of them!

Below you’ll find 16 of the most exciting things about Christmas, but with a swift click or swipe to the right, you’ll reveal the reality to the expectation.


You've waited a long time for this moment. You've spied the box that looks suspiciously the right shape and you've left it until last to unwrap
The bitter, bitter disappointment you feel, whilst trying to keep up the "Thanks, this is just what I wanted" act.

Crisp air,  fresh snow and a glorious sunrise are the perfect combination for a Christmas morning walk
Unless you live in the UK as this will more than likely be your view. Along with grey clouds of course

Whether you like it or not, a perfectly cooked Turkey is a must at Christmas...
Until you end up mucking up your timings and burning the bird. Ooops!

We anticipate a classy affair, a few drinks and casual chat with the Senior Management
Then Will in Sales gets involved and it all goes to pot

Clear, snow lined roads make for a beautiful journey home for Christmas...
...Only in the movies. This is more like it.

"This year, I'm going all out and putting lights everywhere. It will be my very own Grotto!"
10 minutes in

We all have our favourites and are filled with glee when we first hear them on the radio!
But then, it's 2 weeks in and we are all like…

Ah the novelty Christmas Jumper! They always seem like such a great idea!
Novelty wears pretty thin, pretty quickly; you just get itchy and hot!

We've all been there...
...and then this happens...

Christmas is the best time to get the whole family together; what better than spending the most festive day of the year with the whole gang?
Until it descends into chaos and the cousins start fighting over presents. Poor Luc is always picked on

We say it every year... "Christmas Shopping starts in September!"
Before you know it, it's December 23rd and we're like....

Christmas begins with that early wake up call from the kids* in the house (*big or small, any fan of Christmas is the same!)
But we feel more like this... 9am is a perfectly acceptable time to get up, thanks!

Surely when you purchase such beautifully crafted Christmas crackers, you're sure to receive a ruddy good prize inside?
...Or not.

Always having the good intention of buying pretty wrapping paper and spending some time and effort creating bows and making the gifts look beautiful....
But we run out of time and do a bodged, rushed job. To top it off, we'll just stick a grey post it on it as we ran out of gift tags...

A beautiful Christmas tree is the perfect centrepiece for any festive home, and with so much inspiration out there....
Why do we feel our just ends up looking like this in comparison? Poor effort guys, really poor.

The build up, the anticipation, the look of wonder in children's eyes when you tell them Father Christmas will be stopping by!
How was it ruined for you?! Check out the video above to see how our dreams were shattered...

Oh, the Lynx set one was a sore subject in the office having happened one too many times to the poor guys..!

Do you have a funny Christmas experience to share? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below.

Photo credits go to Moni’cam for the drive home, Alishav for the Christmas lights and newkidfish for the crackers. Extra credit goes to the APS team for being fantastic sports and being part of this, too!

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