Christmas: Expectation vs. Reality

  • 05 Dec, 2016
  • Franki Napolitano
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Christmas: Expectation vs. reality

Ah Christmas, a time of happiness, generosity and general merriment.

This season, the internet will be awash with blogs on the “Best Christmas Markets”, “The places you MUST visit” or the “Alternative Christmas┬átraditions” so this year, we thought we’d take a tongue in cheek look at The Christmas Expectations vs. Realities, and we can almost guarantee you can relate to some of them!

Below you’ll find 16 of the most exciting things about Christmas, but with a swift click or swipe to the right, you’ll reveal the reality to the expectation.


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Oh, the Lynx set one was a sore subject in the office having happened one too many times to the poor guys..!

Do you have a funny Christmas experience to share? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below.

Photo credits go to Moni’cam for the drive home, Alishav for the Christmas lights and newkidfish for the crackers. Extra credit goes to the APS team for being fantastic sports and being part of this, too!

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