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Best reactions to flight delays

  • 19 Jul, 2021
  • Franki Napolitano
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Our favourite reactions to flight delays

It’s inevitable sometimes, but delayed flights do happen and boy are they annoying! Some people take to social media to rant about the disruption to their trip, others however find more creative ways to pass the time. We scoured Instagram for the best reactions to flight delays and we weren’t disappointed! Take a look for yourselves;

10. Playing Pilot ✈

Loti doesn’t seem too bothered by the easyJet delay at Gatwick; she got a first hand view from the cockpit. Lucky lady!

9. Girls Trip! 👯‍♀️

Their flight may have been delayed 3 times leading to a location change and they still had to jump in a 2 hour Uber, but these ladies seem in pretty good spirits about it!

8. No paps, please ✋

Oh kids, we feel ya! Your flight’s been delayed, you’re tired, you missed your tea date with your teddy and you won’t be back in time to catch the latest episode of PJ Masks that you missed whilst away.

7. What a rush (of blood to the head) 🤸

We think there should be a dedicated yoga room at airports; it’s not only a great way to pass the time, but it’s really beneficial before a flight to loosen tight muscles and prepare your mind and body. Headstand practice to pass the time is optional, though…Must mean there’s not a lot to do to pass the time at Belfast International!

When your flight is delayed 3 hours…

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6. Putting on a Show 🎻

What a wonderful way to pass the time! Doing something they love whilst making other, possibly frustrated and miserable, passengers happy with the gift of music. Bravo!

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The Camerata du Léman orchestra from Geneva, Switzerland, were on their way to Venice last week, when their flight was delayed. They then decided to treat fellow passengers by playing an impromptu concert of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.” The photographer traveling with the orchestra who shot the video, Pascal Bitz, told BuzzFeed News that it was just for fun, but “all the passengers came around the musicians. It was awesome.” 🇨🇭🎻🎶💖 (📹: @pascal_bitz) – #orchestra #classicalmusic #music #violin #violinist #cello #cellist #strings #vivaldi #fourseasons #concert #livemusic #musician #musicians #classicalmusician #classical #musicianlife #musiciansofinstagram #instamusician #instamusic #musiclovers #delay #flight #flightdelay #airport #airports #geneva #switzerland #swiss

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5. We wouldn’t mind a delay if we got to watch this every time 💪

There’s just something magical about watching acro yoga. The trust, the elegance, the strength. Awe-inspiring!

Bit of wonky h2h on the bridge. #acro #h2h #gatwick #delayedflight

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4. Just eat all the food! 🍜

Kid, you’ve got the right idea. I eat when Im stressed, too…


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After monkey mountain we started the loooong trip to Phuket. We took a van back to Bangkok(4 hours) to the airport, our flight was delayed twice (first 40 mins, then 1 hours 15 mins) and we finally took off more than two hours past our original departure. A group of tourists from China were slightly obsessed with our kids and had a photo shoot with them, even picking up Quinn. (Junie would have no part of being in their photos!) It was pretty funny. We ate their home made jack fruit treats they gave the kids, pretty tasty. After the 1.5 hours flight we took another van to our hotel (1.25 hours). We left at noon and got to the hotel at 11:30pm. Kids were amazing, not much whining or crying involved. #travel #travelers #theferals #The_Feral_Fam #flightdelay #bangkok #thailand #phuket #airportphotoshoot #tourists #kidswhotravel

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3. I mean, you did fall asleep… 🤷

Rule no.1 when you go away with the lads. Don’t fall asleep as things like this WILL happen to you. Rookie mistake made here at Luton, mate!

When your flight gets delayed. #buckaroo

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2. “Judgey Cat, Judgey Cat, why are you staring at me?” 😼

It’s a lovely photo, but the cat is creepy and judgey nonetheless. Especially if you were snacking on one of the pastries above…

1. Who doesn’t love a board game!? 🎲

Yes, people may be annoyed at the sound of others having fun, but so what? Rather than sit and wallow in anger and frustration, these guys are using their new spare time to enjoy themselves and create a pleasant atmosphere in Heathrow T5. And I’d totally want to join in with them, too!

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