20 Must See Ridiculous Reviews!

  • 15 Jan, 2020
  • Franki Napolitano
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We trawled the net for the best Ridiculous reviews left by holiday goers - enjoy!!

We’ve all read them; complaints about a hotel, beach or attraction that seem too ridiculous to be real. We’ve also all seen those memes with witty captions to make a point, or get a laugh… Well, we love both of these internet crazes, and so have put together 20 Must See, Ridiculous Reviews! Using our own memes with the hilarious comments we came across, we have created the perfect procrastination for a Friday! 

The People;

Ridiculous Reviews - too many beautiful women around, it made me feel awful about myself

Topless women everywhere meant my husband was always distracted - Ridiculous Reviews

went on a Celebrity cruise...saw no celebs

Bought €5 Ray Bans, turns out they were fake

Ridiculous Reviews - No one told me I needed my passport at the airport!

Please don't use me as a pillow on the plane, random stranger


The Places;

If I'm afraid of heights, I shouldn't go in a hot air balloon?

No lava coming from that volcano; it must just be a mountain

Brochure showed the sand as yellow...but it was white

bed was too comfy so I slept all holiday

Ridiculous Reviews - Had to queue outside in the heat and there was no air con

Disneyland was awfully touristy - Ridiculous Reviews

The Food

Ridiculous Reviews - Ate so much free buffet food, I gained 5lbs

I don't like Indian food - when in India - Ridiculous Reviews

Greek food is everywhere in Greece - Ridiculous Reviews

Annoyed that the biscuits in the hotel room weren't bigger

The Animals;

Ridiculous Reviews - Please tell the sad looking zoo animals to smile; they upset my kids!

Ridiculous Reviews - No one said mosquitos bite...

Ridiculous Reviews - Stayed on a farm and kept awake by cows mooing all the time

Ridiculous Reviews - Ahem, the aroused elephant made me feel inadequate.


Did you laugh as much as we did reading these?! We hope so!

Just to round up, have a quick read on the ridiculous reviews of these tourist attractions..!


Ridiculous Reviews of tourist attractions, including one person who said Big Ben wasn't that tall

Had a good laugh?! Head over to @TravelPains for more brilliant memes and Travel Bug Bears!

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