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Ms Tracey Law

Was close easy to find would recommend
April 2, 2018

Tina Fishburn

Used this car park mid September when we had a few days of rain. Arrived to a plot of land with giant potholes knee deep in mud,as we pulled into the car park a mini bus followed us to our car park space,the driver shouted to us to stay in the car as the mud was so bad. He came to the car in waterproof trousers and knee length wellies and carried the cases to the car (he couldn't wheel the along the floor as there was too much mud) I reluctantly got out of the car and tiptoed to the bus in my white converse trainers,once inside the mini bus I had to sit with my feet off the floor as the mud was all over the floor. On our return we were horrified to see that the cars parked on the end of the rows were covered from the bottom of the car to the roof in thick mud. Don't use this car park its basically a plot of wasteland with no tarmac and the owners obviously have no concerns for their customers.
December 6, 2017

Patricia brayfield

Dreadful experience.... traveled out on 11th September on an early flight. The advert advised that the shuttle run every 10 minutes and the transfer time was 5 minutes. We arrived at the car park at 3.45am and found there isn't a barrier it's a man with an iPad but there was a problem with a car 3 in front of us which took quite a while to resolve. Once we got to book in we were told to follow the mini bus to find a parking space. On entering the car park was very surprised to see this was basically rough ground with loads of pot holes and as it had been raining an absolute mess. The bus pulled up right by a huge puddle at least 6ft wide and the driver offered no assist an e with trying to keep the luggage out of the puddle. The cases which were full size cases so not as easy to carry had the wheel covered in mud and I was very annoyed that my new pumps with white soles were covered in mud. We then sat on the bus waiting for additional cars to come in and park. By the time we left and transferred to the airport it was well past 4.30 so from arriving at the airport it had taken 45 minutes to transfer..... not what was advertised. On returning we had to wait approx 10 minutes for the bus which is fine but as it was raining again the driver advised th e car park was still basically flooded. I have got to say the state of some of the cars parked on the end of the rows was shocking, every time a car or the bus went past they had to go through pot hole full of muddy water which splashed up the cars, these cars looked like they had been on a rally. Our car was parked up one row but we had to manoeuvre around puddles again and the back of my car was covered in muddy splashes. At no point did the advert say this was parking on rough ground, you expect it to be tarmaced for the. Amount of money we paid. I can honestly say I would never use the short run car park again and have rated it as such. Everything I have said is a true reflection of our experience
October 5, 2017

Paul Wright

POTHOLE PARKING The car park is in a muddy field full of potholes and is not suitable for anything but a 4x4! The vehicle was covered in mud splashes when picked up. They did not meet the 10 minute pickup schedule when we returned, and from arrival at the bus stop to our departure was 17 minutes. The staff were polite and helpful.
October 2, 2017

Alan Gaye

I cannot fault the helpfulness of John who was amazing, on our return taking us straight to the car and even putting our luggage into boot. However, to call this a Carpark is way off the mark. It was a complete mud bath, there was no way you would ever wheel a suitcase through the potholes and mud, we were unlucky that it had been raining but even in a dry spell it would be full of potholes. I would say it was only the staff that should be congratulated!
September 29, 2017

David McKernon

I am sorry to say that despite the convenience and good price the whole experience is totally ruined by the condition of the car park surface. We booked to park for two weeks Sept. 13th to the 27th. Both on arrival and departure (midnight) the surface was absolutely atrocious full of hundreds of pot holes, puddles and in places (our space) thick mud. A warning about these conditions would have prepared us to wear our wellies or to cancel the booking I understand that the very wet conditions have led to this situation but some recompense should be offered - say£25 for a complete valet of our our vehicle
September 28, 2017

Lars Albert

I won't be coming back. Car park is covered in potholes and mud puddles. My shoes and my car were miserable when I left the car park.
September 28, 2017

E Ulliott

The staff are excellent, so helpful, but they are working in an impossible situation. This parking area is not fit for purpose due to the poor quality of the surface which results in mud++ everywhere and pools of water. Not a surface you can wheel a suitcase on or walk on without getting in a mess.
September 22, 2017


very close to airport, staff very friendly, especially John who took us the airport. Door to door service, picked us up from car and took us straight to the airport. On arriving back at Birmingham, bus was already waiting. Only problem was the state of the car park, very muddy.
September 11, 2017

Margaret Lowther

Coming from the NE we followed the typed instructions and arrived at the car park without any bother. We were met at the gate and told exactly where to park, a minibus arrived immediately to take us the short distance 4 minuutes, to the airport. On return the bus arrived immediately at stand A and took us to our car, apologising for the wet ground as there had been heavy rain. He stopped at our car, giving us paper mats to protect our car mats. We found this car park to be one of the best we have ever used. It has immediate access to the M42 without the bother of airport traffic. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone.
September 10, 2017

Richard McGuire

Couple of things to note first. Easy way to find the place on sat nav is input the Premier Inn Birmingham NEC. B37 (note the Airparks site says B40 as the postcode but use B37 and you will get to the right pace. The car park entrance is opposite. Car park itself is rough, and can be very wet and muddy after any sort of rain. That said, check in was very smooth. Staff at the entrance tell you where to park and then send the mini bus out after you to pick you up. Drop off is at the far end of arrivals/departures so you may have a bit of a walk for some check in desks. Thing I like about ShortRun is that unlike all other off airport parking firms, you keep your keys. You know exactly where your car is and nobody else drives it. Far too often, you here stories of cars being dropped off in supposedly secure car parks, only to be driven elsewhere for storage. Return pick up was swift, (no need to call anyone) and van driver dropped me off at the car, even offering to put my case in the boot for me. First class service al round, and will be using them again next month despite them being £25 dearer than competitors offering non refundable advance deals.
August 23, 2017

A Matthews

Very easy, 5 minutes bus ride from the airport drop off point which is right outside the terminal. Same pick up place on return and the buses run every 10 minutes. We didn't have to wait going or on return, the minibus was there waiting. The park we used was right opposite premier inn hotel.
August 23, 2017

J Simmonds

Easy to use service staff really helpful and only a few minutes drive to the airport. Will definatly use in the future.
August 21, 2017


I really enjoyed my ShortRun experience. Thanks to the Car park direction emailed to me by the company I could easy find the car park (my GPS was not updated). I was welcomed by a very friendly staff and got all explanations I needed. At my return in Birmingham I was took in charge by Jon very lovely guy. He even washed my car because it stayed for several days under wind and rain and was a little dirty. Thank you for this attention Jon. I certainly will come back. J'ai vraiment apprécie mon experience dans cette compagnie. La réservation était simple, le mail de confirmation avec des informations nécessaires (surtout le détail du trajet pour arriver sur le parking, mon GPS n'était pas mis à jour). L'accueil est bien sur place, on vous explique encore une fois si vous avez besoin. Mais surtout au retour j'étais très agréablement surprise de tomber sur un Monsieur (Jon) très sympa qui a même passé un jet d'eau sur ma voiture qui a pris des saletés depuis plusieurs jour! Je reviendrai avec plaisir. Merci beaucoup.
July 9, 2017

K Finley

Manhoor and Brian (AKA Batman & Robin), were great upon arrival. Very friendly and not afraid of having a chuckle with us. Dropped back to our car upon our return. Couldn't have been easier. Location of car park and frequency of pick-ups was perfect. I will definitely use them again.
June 21, 2017

june wilson

Good value. Someone was there to greet you and told where to park then straight on mini-bus to airport after about 10 mins. On return mini-bus was waiting for us and we were heading back to car park in 5 mins. Droppped off right outside our car. Only thing is the surface of the car park is not tarmac and there are potholes and when it rains its not good. Cars can get a bit dirty with the spray so i advise not to have your car valeted beforehand. Would use this car park again though.
June 11, 2017

A Whitehead

Door to Door service on both occasions. Couldn't ask for better!
June 7, 2017

A Pierce

Very close to airport. Good service. I was fortunate that the van was waiting when I arrived back. I overheard that others had had to wait quite a long time. I could carry my car keys with me, unlike some car parks where you are asked to leave them. I would choose this service again.
May 29, 2017

C Penhallurick

Finding the place was ok - directions provided were good. The place itself although secure (fences and floodlights) had a somewhat uneven earth surface. This was ok when we arrived as it was dry (although the wheels on the cases did pick up some dirt). On our return, however, there had obviously been some significant rain as some areas of the car park had very large puddles - and in fact some people's cars were totally surrounded by puddles which they had no option to wade through. Drop-off to and pick-up from the airport were fine - no lengthy waits. The staff attitudes ranged from good/acceptable to indifferent. Overall ok - but I have had better experiences at other Birmingham Airport Car Parks so probably wouldn't use ShortRun again.
May 20, 2017

Derek say

Efficient and value for money but the car park is a poorly surfaced mess...absolute quagmire in the rain, luggage had to be carried.
May 19, 2017

M Havasi

May 14, 2017

V Mcbrien

Very good friendly staff, helped us right away when we came back to a flat battery. Bit difficult to find as it was not as near to the airport as I would usually prefer , but the bus was there quickly and it was no hassle at all
May 14, 2017

R Bradbury

Postcode given took me to the wrong place, but managed to find anyway by following signs to Premier Inn. Very dusty, so money saved will have to go on getting the car cleaned. Having said all that, it was easy to book and lowest cost, staff were courteous and bus was on time in both directions.
May 12, 2017

Peter Hayward

This car park is off-airport (and thus cheaper) but only 3-4 minutes drive from the terminal building. The minibus service appears to be frequent. On arrival, a minibus was waiting at the point where cars were being parked, and on our return journey one turned up within 5 minutes and dropped us right by our car. The car park surface is just gravel, but it seemed sound and free of puddle-collecting depressions, although as we travelled during a dry spell, I can't guarantee it would be puddle-free after rain. There are few facilities at the car park, and in particular nowhere to shelter in rain, but if they always pick you up at and return you to the spot where your car is parked, that doesn't matter. We'd have no hesitation about using it again.
May 10, 2017

S Joinson

Thank you very much !
September 17, 2016

Pippa Neal

Excellent service, bus waiting when I got out of the terminal, chatty, nice driver Dave was great dropping me to my car. Like that the car park was so close so only a short bus ride. Car park surface could be better but does not make a difference to the good service and staff. I would use again and much cheaper than the airport carparks.
August 28, 2016


Great service, from the lovely welcoming gentlemen at the entrance & the exceptional driver is very friendly & professional. Hassle free service. Great team Only complaint my car had been valeted & was filthy from the dusty car park on my return. You should offer free car wash on the way out.
August 14, 2016

Mark Whates

I have recently used parking at Heathrow and used two different companies. But neither gave the service I received from Short run at Birmingham. Efficient polite and a joy to use. Would not use any other when flying from Birmingham.
July 25, 2016