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Mr P Wintersgill

No problems on arrival but had to wait 20mins when we arrived back.
February 14, 2016

Steve Gerrish

Upon arrival l had to wait longer than the 20 minute expectancy time for the Maple Manor driver to collect my car. An then upon return, l rang them to say id been through Security, an was on my way outside, then my girlfriend said she needed to go to the toilet before the journey home. Once finished, we headed outside for the friendly gentleman to return my keys and give my the £2.50 for exiting the car park... when we tried to exit it said we had to pay £20 to leave as my car had been there for some 17 minutes!! I emailed their Head Office explaining what had happened an they basically didnt want to know other than offering me 10% off next time l use them! Turns out the friendly gentleman was hiding behind a fake smile as he knew id be getting the charge at the barrier, which was almost the same as what l paid for the weekend! Terrible service, wouldnt recommend to anyone! Ps this was for Stansted Parking
February 14, 2016

Nicole Kemp

No problem dropping the car. Getting the car back on the other end is a different matter. Be ready to wait at least 30 minutes from the moment you call, all depending on weather conditions and traffic so I was told. I have a car tracker and in reality it took them 5 minutes to get to the airport. I rang to have an explanation and was told, this is all normal as it is all in the terms and conditions (the small prints that nobody reads) and the reason they cannot get the cars quicker is that they only have 10 minutes to turn around once they deliver the car because of the drop off car park charges. I will never use them again and nor do I recommend them.
February 10, 2016

Mrs K Ball

When we landed and was waiting for our luggage we rang the number we was given to meet our car. We got our luggage and headed ou.t 20 mins to half hour we stood in the cold and rain waiting for our car. We were not the only couple waiting a long time, but there was a couple that got there car first and never rang till they was out the building. Due to this put more time on our journey home. I'm not sure if we will use this service again as when I pay the amount of money I did for a service that is meet and great I do expect to be meeted with my car as I come out the airport. Many thanks
February 9, 2016

Ayley Harris

Absolutely disgusting service we waited for 1 hour in the rain with several other people waiting for our car!! Would never ever use this service again!!!!!!!
February 7, 2016

Andy Springall

Having followed all the instructions to the letter on our return to Birmingham Airport we had to wait for half an hour in freezing conditions for our car to be returned. When I made two calls to ask when my car would be delivered I received no help what so ever, I was told that it was on it's way and the delay was due to the cold weather freezing up the locks, this has never happened to my car before! Overall a disappointing end to the holiday, I would not use them again.
January 21, 2016

Jack Thomas

Extremely disappointing experience, from drop off to collection. The price was good, but it represented no value. On entry, we had to wait for a representative to collect our keys. On collection, we had an hour’s wait (advised at 20 minutes). I was told on the phone my car had a flat battery, hence the delay. When the driver turned up he didn't know anything about a flat battery. Having been in touch with customer services since, they confirmed this was a mistake thus admitting they were late for no reason! My wing mirror had been ripped off, and was hanging loose, they gave the excuse that when the driver closed the door it 'fell off'. A quarter of a tank of fuel had been used, so I’m not sure where they took my car to be parked, but it must have been some distance. I have a fuel injection warning light on my dashboard now, which wasn't on their when i left the vehicle with them. The foot well was disgusting so the driver clearly had dirty footwear. Now I will have to take the car to a garage to look at the dashboard warning light, and fix the mirror. The cost of this will be several hundred pounds. I wish I had just got a train to the airport now!
January 20, 2016

Mrs P Williams

I can't fault Maple Manor. I have used them the last three times I gave travelled. Their admin procedures are efficient, and their staff are charming.
January 19, 2016

J Naranji

I have just had a VERY Bad experience with this company and would urge any lone women travellers to avoid this company. My reasons are as follows :- Got into b'ham airport at 1am with my 2 sisters. Bare in mind there was just us 3 women. We waited 20 minutes for our car. The driver who came with the car didn't give any explanation as to why he was late. I told him I was not happy with the delay and asked for his supervisors name so I could speak to the head office about this. He said he wouldn't give me his name and then threatened me that he would not give me an exit ticket and that there was no other way of leaving the car park !!! I got into my car and switched it on and a message flashed up telling me that the tyre pressure was very low in one of the tyres. I suspect that was why he took 20 minutes to bring the car back. I told him that when I dropped the car at the airport there was nothing wrong with it. The driver bringing my car back said nothing about the tyre problem. We were going to be travelling on the motorway for some 70 miles to get home so it was very dangerous of the man not to tell me that there was a problem with my car. The man in question then carried on using absusive language towards us and was behaving in a threatening and menacing way as he knew we were on our own in the middle of the night. We finally spoke to the head office before leaving and even though I will be making a written complaint about this I would urge any lone women to stay away from this meet and greet company. This was a very scary experience.
December 24, 2015

Peter & Kay Aldersley

I cannot fault Maple Manor Parking. They were there to greet us. Very quick and simple procedures. Courteous. And on our return only waited 5 minutes and Immi was there with our car and he was the perfect gentleman. Perfect!! - will certainly use Maple again.
December 20, 2015

Paul Dalling

Maple Manor Meet and Greet Service Birmingham Airport: 20 minutes away from the airport we telephoned to say that we were on our way and duly arrived at airport drop off car park at 3 am on 7th October 15. A representative (with ID) was waiting in the car park to collect our car. They took photos of the bodywork from every angle before driving it off to park it. On our return a week later we telephoned Mapel Manor outside the terminal building having collected our luggage. We had no signal at the baggage carousel so expected to have to wait a few minutes but by the time we had walked to the MM car parking bays our car was just arriving. I know there are some negative comments on their site but these are fairly old. From my experience I couldn't fault them.
October 14, 2015

colin hooker

Arrived at the airport not having been able to call ahead as requested. The parking handler Nadia was charming and could not have been more helpful. She went the extra mile to assist us and dealt with the situation in a very professional manner. Have used the company several times before at Gatwick and apart from a couple of fairly long wait times have always found them to be very good. My car was delivered back in about 10 mins from calling them when I had picked my case inside the terminal.
October 10, 2015

Mr G Ward

All a great service
July 9, 2015

Mr W Nichols

Perfect service would not go anywhere else.
June 10, 2015

Ms J Evans

100% efficient and friendly service. "Meeter" was there on my arrival. On return, I phoned as soon as I collected my luggage, and by the time I walked briskly to the parking area, my car was being parked. Would not hesitate to use next time I fly from Birmingham, and look forward to similar experience when I use the Heathrow service next month.
June 5, 2015

Mrs P Evans

I have used Maple Manor for many holidays and can honestly say I have never had a problem with them. Spot on service keep up the good work.
April 29, 2015


great service
April 7, 2015

Derek Symm

Rung 15 minutes before we arrived, waiting for us at the airport. Rang when we got our luggage, went out to car park where car was waiting for us. They couldn't do any better.
February 13, 2015

Mrs S Hayler

This is the first time I have used the Meet and Greet service and it was fantastic! I would highly recommend it as it was hassle free, exactly as described and made our holiday departure and arrival a pleasure and not stressful in any way. With an early flight and three children in tow, this was superb and an excellent start and finish to the holiday!! I will definitely use this service again.
December 22, 2014

Rich smith

Many thanks to Amo for helping us out at short notice of our predicament after being let down by another meet and greet company. Because of Amo's politeness and helpfulness we would highly recommend Maple Manor to other people wishing to use your service. Amo was a gentleman and top man on this occasion and very big thanks!!
December 12, 2014

Mr S Belcher

Although the booking and a change to the booking was efficient, on arrival it took 3 calls to maple manor to ensure he arrival of a pick-up driver. When they did arrive, the changeover was efficient as was the delivery back to Birmingham Airport at a slightly earlier time then we had estimated our arrival and exit from the baggage claim area. Maple manor was the few services which advertised the availability of a pickup from the disabled parking section of the drop-off point.
December 2, 2014

Simon Lewis

Just used this company for the first time and would use and recommend them again Followed instructions as per email for drop off procedure with no faults whatsoever On the return I waited until I had picked up my luggage before phoning as per email Had to wait for about 15 minutes before car arrived but was told by the valet attendant who apologised that because it was a very frosty morning the the car would take longer to arrive When vehicle arrived the valet attendant again apologised for the time I had to wait before handing over the keys
November 25, 2014

Mr P Brindley

Great exactly as it said on the tin, drop of then there when I walked out. Would use again
November 13, 2014

Michael Healy

Excellent service. My flight was delayed and then landed at Stansted instead of Birmingham so transferred by coach arrived 20hrs late and was unable to notify maple parking as no signal on coach.. arrived Birmingham spoke to the maple rep and my car arrive in 6 min thank you maple will use you again...
October 26, 2014

Rachel gualano

Absolutely brilliant third time we used this parking company cannot fault in anyway will always book with this company
October 13, 2014

debbie marsh

Beyond disappointed. I telephoned 25 minutes prior to arrival at the airport. Told by a curt operator to ring when closer. I telephoned when 20 minutes away and was told to ring when closer. I telephoned when 10 minutes away - advised 15 minutes before arrival as there was traffic ahead) and was told a driver was despatched and to park in Bay 9 which I did. The driver did not arrive. I telephoned again and was told a driver was minutes away. The driver did not arrive. I telephoned again, now close to gate closurer time, and was put on hold while they contacted the driver - no-one came back to me. I ended up leaving my keys in my car, unlocked to ensure I could check in at the gate. I was too late and the flight had closed. I will ensure all my colleagues, who regularly fly from BHX, are advised of the lack of customer care.
October 13, 2014

nigel Byrne

We were met at the drop odd point as arranged. A really nice guy, no hassle, very pleased with the service and price!
July 21, 2014


It was OK, thanks.
June 13, 2014

D M Measures

Excellent service. We had an early morning flight which meant arriving at the airport at 4am. Rang the number provided 10 minutes before we arrived. Friendly voice the other end who re-iterated the drop off point which was relatively easy to find. Their rep was there about 5 minutes after we arrived by which time we had got our luggage out of the car. He was friendly and welcoming even at that time of the morning. He took numerous photos of the car, which was only a week old, and wished us a lovely holiday. We were heading into the airport terminal within 10 minutes of arriving at the car park. On our return, we called the number provided as we were coming out of the terminal, once again a clear, friendly voice told us to make our way to where we dropped the car a week before and told us the car would be with us within 10 mins. In fact it entered the car park soon after 5 mins. Apart from it being a bit dirty (probably due to dirty rain). No damage or scratches, had added less than 5 miles. We were away and on our way home within 15 mins of calling them. First time I have used a Meet and Greet and was a bit worried but needn't have been. Would definitely use them again. Thank you Maple Manor
March 22, 2014