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Tracy Tomlinson

No complaints. Quick to pick you up and my car was fine.
May 13, 2018

A Stone

Service was great. Polite and friendly good value for money. The only negative is the distance from the airport, so travel and wait time was a bit longer than ideal.
May 12, 2018

Eleanor Gregory

A quick and efficient service. Polite and friendly. Would use them again.
May 11, 2018


we travelled and booked with birmingham I can park and ride, having used them on 3 other occasions and were very satisfied with their service. on 2nd May 2018 we were travelling to Krakow; our journey from Stone, Staffs, to Tysley took 2 and a half hours, instead of 45 mins due to complete standstill on the M6. We arrived at I can Park and Ride, having only 45 mins to get to Birmingham Airport before our flight gate closed. The staff on duty bent over backwards to ensure we would arrive on time. Our driver, Jamal, assisted my wife on arrival at the airport, with her case; right up to bag drop. I can only praise the professional service we have received every time we have used this service and we will have no hesitation in using them again. Would recommend them to anyone.
May 10, 2018

Marc Sowka

Reception staff were good and friendly. Price is only the reason I would use the company again. On both the outward and return journey the driver just sat in the mini bus while I had to load all our suitcases and secure them along with other passengers. Again for both journies the driver tried to avoid the speed limit at all costs! He regularly did 55mph in a 40mph area. Its was 4am and there was no traffic, it just made my 4 year old daughter worried.
May 10, 2018

Mr A Jones

They charged an extra £5 for the baby we had that took up no extra bus space (on lap). Also car was completely covered in bird s**t, like they've somehow trained birds to do it.
May 9, 2018

John Birne

It was further away from airport than expected Thought car parking surface wasn't best People great, no probs with the service Rang immediately on landing as had no luggage to collect. Perhaps wait a bit long and could park on outskirts knowing plane due Good over all value
April 24, 2018

A Dermont

Very good service. Prompt pick-up by a verypleasant driver.
April 8, 2018

Emma Kyle

Very good service. Would use again
March 29, 2018

Mrs Lynsey Willis

Fast and efficient check in process. 15/20 minute shuttle each way. Bus waiting for us on arrival back despite delay in reclaiming our luggage.
March 19, 2018

Mr C Poole

Friendly, fast and cheap! Awesome.
March 16, 2018

Dean Tipton

Staff are very nice, I will definitely be parking there again and I would highly recommend:-)
March 12, 2018

Valerie Faull

Convenient and fairly prompt pick up. Car was safe.
February 26, 2018

Sue Mcdonnell

Very smooth transfer service. Lots of minibuses to take/collect from airport so not much hanging around waiting for transfer bus. Car park is a bit of a way out from airport (15 mum drive) and on 1st impressions looks a bit ropey as it's on an industrial site but we couldn't fault it as the business is very professionally run and cheap compared to other airport parking so we would definitely use again..
February 18, 2018

Darren Whittington

Superb service no waiting time and return bus came as soon as we called. Be aware that the car park is 20 mins from the airport (which is clearly stated). For us it just added 20 mins onto our journey.
February 15, 2018

Robert Gray

Firstly, the paperwork i printed off, named the company as "Skyparking", slightly confusing. In the smaller printing, the car park being used was noted as being changed to a another address / car park, after a certain date and just before i was due to go. Fortunately, i noticed this just prior to going, some might not. Found the car park via Sat' Nav', no problem. Staff were fine. On return, with paperwork in hand, at Birmingham airport at about 11.30pm, i phoned the number given on the paperwork, only to be told by the advisor on the other end, that i had phoned the wrong number and my car was not with them. Very confusing. The advisor was helpful and texted me a alternative number to phone. Fortunately, i still had power on my phone. This number turned out to be the correct number. A minibus soon turned up, but again, the writing on the minibus, did not correspond with the paperwork titles.So asked the driver if he was collecting for my car park. He did not recognise the address i gave for this car park, but said my name was on his phone and he showed me. Fine, good enough for me and i went with him. Yes, he took me to the right car park, but how does the driver not know his own car park address in vocabulary ? In the office, i pointed out the incorrect phone number on the paperwork. The receptionist totally saw this too, on my paperwork and was as baffled as me. On actually walking to my car to find it in the yard, it was very dark and many dirty dirty puddles. Something that could be better.
January 30, 2018

Sarah Pope

Pretty bad. The car park is full of holes which were massive puddles at the time so I struggled to find a place to park my car where I could get my daughter out of the car without standing in a deep puddle. On my return my car was boxed in and so it took 35 minutes to exit the car park as the car in front of me wouldnt start and the keys to the car behind me couldnt be located. I had to wiggle out sideways in the end. Not great with a 2 year old at 6.30pm!
January 29, 2018

Ed Stagg

The nicest guys! courteous, funny and accommodating - would really recommend them. Minibus was waiting for me as I arrived at the airport on my return and everything was dealt with in good humour in a very efficient manner. Brilliant - well done guys
January 27, 2018

Neil Bolton

This was the worst airport parking experience I have had, by a city mile. We had reserved space a couple of months in advance. Got to the site specified in their booking confirmation in plenty of time, to find the entrance barricaded with old tires. Called their number, and got a recorded message saying leave a message at another number. Did so, and we were called back (quite promptly, I admit). They said they had moved to a new address (Hay Hall?). We had never been notified of this, though they had our address, email, and phone. We asked how to get to the new address. The guy said it was far too complicated to explain over the phone, and basically hung up. Nor was there any signage at the barricade, not even saying "Moved to Hay Hall", let alone a map. Fortunately we had satnav, unlike the two young women who arrived at the proper site - several miles away - at the same time as we did, and had spent over an hour driving round Birmingham in the early morning rain asking for directions from whoever they could find, and arrived completely freaked out. And even when we were there, and had pointed out how late we were running, they took nearly quarter of an hour to get us loaded into their van and on the road. Since we had allowed plenty of time for our flight check-in the 3/4 hour delay didn't cause us any problems with our flight, apart from worry and, to put it mildly, annoyance. Not sure about the other 2 customers, who were still hyper-ventilating when we all made it to BHX. I find it quite astounding that any service company could change an arrival point without warning their customers well in advance. Almost as incomprehensible is the failure to post directions along with a "Moved" notice, and allowing their employee to answer enquiries without a script to read from to advise callers how to get from the old site to the new. We were seriously concerned, flying home from our holiday, whether the company would still be in business, given such appalling customer service practices. Fortunately for us - not necessarily you - they were, and to be fair the pick up from the airport was quick and trouble-free, apart from an unlit parking area that concealed huge puddles as we staggered back to the car. Incidentally, I note that the company's website is still giving driving directions to the old address. Beware !
January 26, 2018

Julio Demoura

Site location and conditions very poor
January 13, 2018

Maree Stephens

Great low price, helpful staff in office and car was kept safe and sound. Quick mini bus ride to airport. However the drive to the airport was SHOCKING the driver drove so fast and aggressively. I was terrified!
November 30, 2017

Noel Cockayne

Excellent price and great service. The pick up was already waiting for us upon leaving the airport! Recommended.
November 28, 2017

Angela Edwards

I Used this car park this weekend and the service provided was 1st class ..its cheap and reliable . Polite and friendly people ... Once I landed I rang them and was picked up and taken to car park to collect my car I would use this company again
November 21, 2017

Jonathon Tuckley

Approach to car park had us wondering if this was a good idea but very helpful, friendly staff, easy drop off and efficient transfer to airport. On return called as requested after collecting our bags and within 5 minutes mini bus transport arrived to return us to our car. We were later than anticipated returning to the airport but this was no problem, the driver being friendly and helpful. I wil be using this company again.
November 15, 2017

Mrs Lisa O'mara

Unfortunately not a great experience and won’t be using their service again. Shuttle service is advertised as running every 15 minutes but we waited at least 30 minutes (on both outward and return journeys) while the driver awaited the arrival of more customers to transfer. Under different circumstances this might be acceptable, however when the journey takes 20 minutes and you have a plane to catch, it is not.
November 5, 2017

Mr Florin Tanasa

Easy and simple! I wish all parking to show so good servicing.
October 25, 2017


AVOID AT ALL COSTS:- There is no structure in the car park. Very unprofessional staff and system. Upon return. The car was not moved to the front as they stated. The transfer driver left all the customer to get their luggage off the minibus. (Which was kindly removed by another customer). They also left our car door unlocked. Also a customer with mobility issues was told they needed to retrieve their car from lane 9 at 5am in the morning when it was pitch black and very far from the reception. As there is not much lighting. And the car park is very uneven. So in the rain there were many massive muscles to try and avoid which was near impossible. Use APH instead.
October 24, 2017

Krishnachaitanya Davuluri

October 22, 2017

Mrs Susan Greenford

This was not as I have previously found Purple Parking! I was unhappy with the site layout, Being left in the dark and on uneven surface to find a van at the back of the Park. The layout was difficult to follow, the wait for the taxi to arrive was 35 mins. ,having been told that I would need longer to get my bags from the carousel when I knew they were all coming off. It was not clear when I booked that I was being 'side tracked' to a site which was clearly not Purple Parking to another Will think twice about going to Birmingham Airport again because of this and indeed to use it elsewhere than Stanstead, Gatwick and Heathrow all of which were fine.
October 19, 2017

Terence Pearson

Service very good. Efficient and courteous. Only reason it's not a 5 is the lengthy mini bus ride.
October 17, 2017