Birmingham Blue Circle Meet and Greet (formerly Drive Fly) reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Birmingham Blue Circle Meet and Greet (formerly Drive Fly)


DO NOT USE. Our car was immaculate when left with Drivefly. It has been returned with thick mud splattered everywhere covering up damage to paint work and damaged sill. When asked by my husband what have you done to my car, agent laughed and said it’s only a car, mate! Agent then swore and called my husband names and became very aggressive. I asked for police to be called and the agent was bundled into a car by other employees as rushed off site. Terrible and frightening experience!
May 20, 2019

Scott Bakewell

Do not use, even if they are the cheapest! Returned home, internal and external damaged with scratches. They refuse to accept any responsibility even after photos were uploaded. Customer service is disgraceful. Car was park 15 miles away next to a construction site, came back like it had been on a rally track. Do not use!
May 17, 2019

Jennifer Cregg

Left my vehicle in the hands of Drivefly for a long weekend. Returned to find several areas of damage to the exterior of my vehicle, personal goods stolen (i-phone/car technical accessories) from inside my vehicle, along with my service history book and specialist wheel nuts gone. Apart from one scratch, they are avoiding all responsibility. Very upset & disappointed!
February 18, 2019

Miss A Beddis

The collection and return of my car was a very good service, I would question why my car did 20 miles whilst I was away, why some loose change had been taken out of it and why it was filthy!!! This company need to explain to customers exactly where their vehicles will be sercurly parked, if secure at all!!!
January 14, 2019

Ian Oldham

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. Arrived back to Birmingham late evening . Had to find the person with my key as we stood outside vehicle several minutes waiting. As a normal person I don't usually carry a torch with me when I come back off holiday so was unable to see around vehicle properly as the valet parking is quite dark. When I eventually got the keys the bloke just disappeared , i went to my car and drove home. In the morning I noticed mud all over it and even inside car . I then found the scratches. Now , I have had this car 1 and a half months (immaculate) and I now have SCRATCHES, DEEP SCRATCHES on my boot which now have to be repaired. I contacted them and surprise surprise they hide behind their clauses of checking vehicle blah blah blah . Now, I've calmed down now so all I will say is if you want your car to come back looking like it's been used as a tractor and then taken onto a stock car racing circuit for that added dent and scratch look then these guys are for you but, if you're someone who likes the original look of your vehicle as it sits outside your house right now then I advise you to steer clear of this incompetent run cowboy company who will take your money and disrespect your vehicle knowing they would get away with it. PLEASE PLEASE STAY AWAY OR AT LEAST IF YOU USE THEM TAKE A HUGE TORCH WITH YOU.
November 15, 2018


This is the WORST experience I have EVER had of a meet and greet - DO NOT USE! We arrived back and were kept waiting - It was a cold night and we have 2 young kids. When the car turned up my electronic key was not working albeit it was fine when I left the week earlier. So I had to unlock the door using the key which set the alarm off. I said that this was working when I dropped it off and they said not their problem phone the number on the card which I did who when they finally answered said that I needed to speak to the driver who dropped my car off. They both batted me back from one to the other. I finally gave up wanting to get the kids home and when we out all the luggage in found my boot would not shut at all? Completely broken. My car was also filthy - this is appalling appalling. As I said I have used several companies - this company should not be allowed to operate!
October 29, 2018

John B Smith

will not use you again
October 25, 2018

Bryan Smith

I have just used these for my car parking whilst on a weeks holiday. Firstly i must say when i dropped the car off, i was given a receipt with the number on to ring when coming back. I rang then went to collect the car, it was there no problem, was given the keys and a ticket to exit car park.I had to put an asleep three year old into his car seat and load the car with cases and pushchair, i then had a quick (no more than 90Secs) scan around car, all ok, until i went to leave the car park and put the ticket into the machine where it came up that i had £35 to pay. I immediately sought out the drivefly guy who said that it was my fault as i had taken to long to exit, he eventually let me out without paying the extra. So basically the car parking was ok but be very careful when picking you car up as he might not be in a good mood next time.
September 23, 2018

Shah Khan

They picked up my mercedes in error and returned it a day late with the inside covered in ash smelling of smoke, kerbed alloy and ray bans and hugo boss aftershave missing. They are thieves who will not look after your vehicle, or take accountability for any damage or theft either. I can't believe there are people like this. It disgusts me and makes me sad. Authorities have been informed.
September 16, 2018

Robert king

Wish I could put zero but can't.i Stress this do not use this company at Birmingham airport.we received our car back after holiday and back of key who bought car said he noted our complaint and took photo.when we tried to make a claim we was told nothing had been reported.also key ring in car broken no need for them to touch this.they have wiped their hands with us.only a small claim God help if you want anything looked like key had got wet and they had forced back off and broke it or lost it,I will never use these again.i seriously suggest you look at other reviews before you book.cheapest definitely not the best.DO NOT USE
August 31, 2018

Luke Hodson

Used my car cam to record them running my car between 3 locations, dumping it on waste ground on an industrial estate clocking up 17 miles while we were on a weeks holiday! The driver then drove it over the kerb delivering it back to us on our return, left standing in the rain waiting for the car which added insult to injury. Would never use again and will ensure everybody I know gets a copy of the car-cam footage, proven sharks out to make a quick £ with no respect for personal property.
August 23, 2018

S Das

I paid £143.36 for meet and greet parking at Birmingham Airport. On my return, I found my rear number plate was no longer attached to my car. I was told that it "fell off due to excessive heat". I am not happy with this situation and neither the explanation given was to be believed.
August 14, 2018


I’d advise anyone to stay well away, I had left a pair of Oakley sunglasses in my little compartment at the right of my steering wheel which were gone on my return (they had even took the warenty certificate out of the case and left it near my handbrake) emailed a complaint to be told I’d signed to say there were no valuables in the car and my mileage, However I had signed what the bloke told me was to phone half an hour before collection, he didn’t even take my mileage whilst I was there. So I sent another email explaining this and never even got a reply. Bunch of thieves
July 25, 2018

Sian Bench

Brilliant service! Drive straight in and was met immediately. Called once I had baggage and car was waiting for me with exit ticket. Perfect Thankyou! Will def use again 5*****
July 23, 2018

Philip Watkins

DON'T USE THEM! They offer secure parking - it's NOT! My car along with many others were vandalised. Not a word from Flydrive, only a call from NCP to say contact my own insurance company. I have had NO offer of compensation. You may as well pick a side street in Birmingham and take your chance. Where Flydrive store our cars is their responsibility not mine... very poor service. There was not even a Taxi organised by them to get us home.
July 5, 2018

Kenneth Elavia

Having previously used them without real issue, I booked again. My car was returned absolutely covered in Mud both inside and out. My wheels on the drivers side were both severally damaged with major lumps taken out by obvious hitting or curbing the vehicle. I have struggled to get the original photos they always take in order to do a comparison and also to access any form of sensible solution. I have further asked for more details on the company and its managers or directors and to date no response. Please be aware.
June 19, 2018

Dennis Leslie Ball

Prompt efficient service
June 19, 2018

Katie White

We paid for Driveflys meet and greet service as we have young children and wanted to ease our onward travel when we got back from our holiday. When we landed I received a phone call from an unknown number stating our car had been in an accident and written off. A driver had “moved our car” and crashed into a lamppost. All communication was through email as no contact numbers were available. drivefly do not offer a hire car as part of their policy so we struggled to get to work and had to rely on family to take our children to and from school. Appalling service, the last thing you want to happen when you’ve come back from a lovely holiday.
June 18, 2018

Mr J Newman

We arrived at the Valet parking car park and after waiting about 15 minutes asked why we had been waving at the attendant and he ignored me and served 3 other cars who drove in after us? The guy then said you have to walk to the Departures terminal with your luggage which was along the road, across the road and right round another road taking approx. 10 mins. We normally pay for Meet & Greet because my husband struggles with walking far and that is what we have always got, but this was not at all a proper meet and greet service. On the way back the same we had to walk all the way back to the car park with our cases to pick up the car. I would NOT recommend this service as a MEET&GREET but just a on site parking space where they then take your car away.
June 13, 2018

Jeremy Skingley

Always polite, prompt and helpful. We returned early and they handled that without an issue.
June 13, 2018