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You do not need to know my name

No problems with the parking. However, the automatic barrier system doesn't seem to cope very well with bookings which are pre-paid through a third party / tour operator. Although you get a ticket when you arrive, if you present that ticket on departure it tries to charge you again for the stay. The result is a log jam at the barries while you ring up the attendant to check your booking reference numbers. Looking around at the other cars leaving and the length of time they took, I suspect it wasn't just us having this problem.
May 10, 2013

Sue Shelton

Booked the night before I flew - couldn't have been easier. On the way home fifteen minutes after landing. Would use company again.
May 1, 2013


Very pleased, all went smoothly and very convenient at a great price.
April 4, 2013

Pamela D Gorry

Our stay was frpm the 17/03/13 to 24/03/13. The car park was easy to find (re: the instructions printed off when booking.) Took a while to find a space, way over the back of the car park. However, the transfer service mby bus was good. Did not have to wait too long. The only thing was upon arrival found that our booking had not gone on to the system. This when checking with the NCP Helpdesk in the terminal.
March 27, 2013

Ann Aldridge

Had a problem with the prepayment card issued at entrance, but called for assistance and quickly resolved. Parked the car and within a few minutes the bus arrived and dropped at departures. All very straightforward. Arriving back, the bus was waiting so quick transfer back to car park. Again issue with prepaid ticket on leaving, but assistance sorted it out quickly. So overall, very happy a d would recommend.
March 21, 2013

Colin Powell

Just the usual crap at the gate to go out. Having already paid, asked again by machine to pay again then press the button and asked for reference which is in my boot. Don't need it!
February 27, 2013


I was very satisfied with the bus service. It was running normally, although it was 04:00 in the morning during the heavy snow weekend!
February 11, 2013


good car park next to the airport. great price
January 29, 2013

R Linn

Booked easily online. Recognised car at booth on way in and bus picked up in 5 mins as stated. Again quick pick up on return and straight through booth on exit. Would recommend to anyone.
January 15, 2013

paul frank barczok

From booking to arriving at airport was fine but as 5-00 in morning finding an empty space was not easy but not the fault of the car park courtesy buses at departure and arrival were good all in all for the reasonable cost and close to airport a first class experience
January 13, 2013

Alison Stone

Very easy to book and no hassle at all when you get to the car park. No queuing up to hand in keys. Is right on the airport so very quick transfer. I always use this car park when flying from Birmingham.
January 12, 2013


Not the best of experiences. On arrival problem with barrier. Car park in the process of being expanded so currently inadequate signage re spaces and exit. When searching for a space ,dead ends so had to reverse numerous times. Needed further assistance to exit as requested a further payment. Overidden by staff
January 10, 2013

roger grimes

Excellent experience! Access from motorway very easy - well signposted and plenty of spaces, The courtsey bus arrived minutes after the previous one had left and we were in the terminal in no time. On returning to the car, once again the bus transfer was immediate and prompt, The ticketing system worked perfectly. The only slight disappointment was after exiting the car park the route back to the motorway was a little longer, but that was probably because I missed a signpost in the dark
December 17, 2012

Rob Thomas

We always use this car park and then walk to the terminal which takes less than 5 minutes to reach the Departures end of the building. That and its immediate access on to the road network make it the most convenient car park at any airport we use.
December 4, 2012

Bert Ewan Rayner

Number plate recognition system never seems to work in or out on this occasion. Very irritating particularly at night with it pouring with rain as the response to pressing the button on exit you seem to wait for ever listening to the recorded message. Signage within the car park is poor - finding the exit is guesswork again particularly at night. Overall customer service is poor.
December 3, 2012

Mr J Parker

the car park is very crowded and the surface is rough. The line markings are worn and as a result spaces seem to be all but a problem in a bigger vehicle. The number plate recognition system didn't work and I had to call to get let in and out. The operator seemed used to this and didn't delay our access or exit. other than that, its not far to the terminal
December 2, 2012


Excellent except the car park authorities never seem to have received my details from you so I always require assistance to enter/exit the car park.
November 27, 2012

Martin Harrington

All went very smoothly. Price was reasonable. Compares reasonably to a taxi as I only live in Coventry.
November 26, 2012

G. Corbett

Birmingham Long Stay 1 Car Park is very convenient for the Terminals. I missed the shuttle bus at the car park by about 30 seconds, so decided to walk to the terminal with my wheeled suitcase, which took about 3 minutes. No hassle at all. When exiting the car park with my car, I entered the parking ticket into the machine at the exit barrier and it flashed up a payment requirement of �43.99, however, I had pre-booked through Essential Travel and pre-paid �28, so a decent saving on book price. The only thing to remember is not to pay again when you put your ticket in to exit, but instead to press the 'Assistance' button on the machine and advise the human who answers that you have prepaid. They will then allow you to exit.
November 16, 2012

michael coram

Very convenient and secure BUT - there is always a problem with recognition of pre payment on entry and always aggravation when leaving - the machine will not recognise the ticket and displays usually double the amount I have paid. Yesterday I caused a 6 car queue whilst the problem was sorted !!!
November 16, 2012

J Hendy

Spent quite a while trying to find a space which could have been a problem if i had been held up on the motorway and had less time. Vehicle recognition didn't work on way in or out but phone was answered quickly. Would use it again.
November 15, 2012

Michael Purnell

Good overall experiance, as price was competitive and found a parking spot close to the terminal buildings. The only down side is having to pay just to drop off passengers and luggage, but that's a complaint against the Airport not Parking Shop.
November 13, 2012

Phil Bache

Generally OK except: 1. Number plate recognition could not read the car plate on entry, and no one answered the call button to help resolve the problem. Imagine the embarrassment with a queue of cars behind you waiting to enter the car park. 2. The 5 minute walk advertised is from the corner of the car park so more realistic is 15-20 mins, and we never saw a bus even though the frequency was advertised as every 15 minutes.
November 13, 2012

Bede F Hayes

There is work going on to the car park, but there was still plenty of space available. The buses were very frequent and on the return journey we were to only ones on it. The driver was still willing to take us rather than us having a long wait until it filled up.
November 12, 2012

William Shorten

Everything worked fine, no problems
November 1, 2012

Paul Loseby

Not over happy that the vehicle number recognition didn't work and I couldn't get out initially. When I spoke to the Asian gentleman on the other end of the intercom, I didn't even get a sorry, thank you or kiss my arse. I did expect a little courtesy.
October 14, 2012

Anne Redding

I always usw this car park and it is very good. The only one thing I would say is that although I always pre-book the vehicle recognition does not work and I always end up having to ring for assistance on entering and leaving the carpark. Also sometimes the message 'your call is important to us' can be irritating especially when you are just wanting to either enter or leave the carpark.
October 14, 2012

Samantha Fletcher

Hi, we returned from the Algarve last Sunday afternoon and had parked our car at long stay 1 for 1 week. When we arrived to park up the auto number plate didnt recognise our car and we had to ask for help but got in eventually. But on our return as we tried to exit the barrier having paid in full in advance the machine tried to tell us that there was an outstanding balance of �80.00. as you can imagine we were shocked and started to panic. we had to sit for a conciderable length of time whilst we waited for someone to help up after pressing the help button and cars started to pap behind us as they just wanted to go home as we did. eventually the gentleman we spoke to asked us for our reference number and he lifted the barrier. No explination but we was on our way. Whilst i understand these things happen it was just very frustrating to think that we had paid in full and was then being asked for more cash on our exit. all in all it was a bit of a rubbish way to end such a great holiday.
October 13, 2012

Patricia Hawker

Easy walking distance to the terminal, no need to wait for shuttle. ANPR needs reviewing as it never accepts my prepayment card, always asks for money on exiting - irritating having to quote booking number every time.
October 6, 2012

Dave Cox

Parking system work well, I was in and out with little delay.
October 4, 2012